Sanrio Puroland (Indoor Theme Park) Where You Can Meet Hello Kitty and My Melody

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Sanrio Puroland (サンリオピューロランド) is a theme park located in Tama city (West part of Tokyo). The worldwide popular characters such as Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and My Melody greet and entertain visitors. There are some rides, theaters and characters’ houses. At the “Entertainment Hall”, sometimes bands and idols hold their concerts. In April, D held a gig there to celebrate their band’s 13th anniversary.



“Welcome to Sanrio Puroland!”



It’s 25th anniversary.

20160611_3382  Puroland_5857Puroland_3785


At the food court, you can have such lovely plates!

Puroland_6373 20160611_5478


My Melody Ride “Mymeroad Drive”



Theater (Don’t worry! They have subtitles in English and Chinese. You can also check the lines of characters using App.)

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Enjoy shopping! There are not only Sanrio characters’ merchandise, but also collaboration items like Hello Kitty and Draemon.

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Funny, but cute <3

20160611_899 Puroland_6938 Puroland_8462 Puroland_3168

〒206-8588 東京都多摩市落合1−31

1-31 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo 20608588

 【Via Keio Line: Central Exit / Via Odakyu Line: West Exit】
①Take the South Exit of Keio Tama Center・Odakyu Tama Center Station and walk straight toward Parthenon Tama.
②Turn left at the Okanoue Plaza cross.
③You will see Sanrio Puroland in front of you. Please proceed to the entrance.

For guest who uses stroller or wheelchair

Guests come by train please follow the arrows and take a promenade to Sanrio Puroland.
* Please follow the arrows and take a promenade to the main Entrance at 3rd floor of Sanrio Puroland.
* There is slope for guest using wheelchair at the left side of the steps

Text source: Sanrio Puroland Website

Sanrio Puroland