wyse_A写2020 【Vkei-News】wyse to appear on a TV music program to perform their new song “Brand New World” !
atomwyse2 【Vkei-News】wyse’s collaboration tour with Tezuka Production announced!
wyse_newphoto 【Vkei-News】wyse tie-up songs is decided & unveiled their new artist photo!
RUIDOxREX_top 【Vkei-News】RUIDO×REX SPECIAL NIGHT2018: 「Ishizuki Tsutomu(ex:FANATIC◇CRISIS)× wyse」in Tokyo and 「CARESS × wyse」in Osaka announced!
0303session LIVE REPORT |“Memories of Blue” wyse/LAID Two-man Live
wyse 【Vkei-News】wyse announced their major debut for the first time in 16 years