【VG】LIVE REPORT|THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S TOUR 2018-2019 “THANK YOU FOR MYCLONE” Additional Show -Valentine Edition-

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THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S TOUR 2018-2019 “THANK YOU FOR MYCLONE” Additional Show -Valentine Edition-


Last autumn, THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S announced that their vocalist Nimo would be leaving in 2019. The BEST ALBUM of the current members was released at the end of November in 2018, and the nationwide tour that ran from December 2018 to January 2019 was very popular. Following that, an additional show -Valentine Edition- was held at Shibuya WWW X on February 9, 2019, on an unusually snowy day for Tokyo. There are few lives remaining with the current member lineup, and therefore the venue was packed with fans, even in the standing area, although there were seats in the venue.


As time passed, the venue became darker, until colorful lights illuminated the venue ahead of the members entering the stage. Drummer TSUKASA, guitarist kazuya, bassist ZERO, and guitarist SHUN. appeared after the audience started clapping, and after a while, vocalist Nimo came on to the stage. All of the members received big cheers from the fans. The special costumes on that day were their formal costumes that reflected each member’s individual character.


The first song was “in the sky” that was included in the BEST ALBUM as a new song. Nimo’s vocals were perfectly clear alongside the gentle sounds of each instrument. The sound filled the venue instantly, rising up towards the high ceiling. “I wanted to meet you, Tokyo! Let’s make today the best day! Let me hear your loud voices!” Nimo cried, and “SCANDALOUS”, their first release as the current lineup, followed. The fans swung their towels and sang with Nimo. The venue became heated at once. TSUKASA’s dynamic drumming and the powerful guitars filled in the floor for “ICARUS”, and the members and the fans headbanged harshly.


“Shibuya! Are you having fun? It is a Valentine Edition live today, and I want to make it a sweet night, so please enjoy till the end!” Just after the short emcee, red lights passionately illuminated the stage, and then “PERSONA,” characterized by mysterious guitar riffs, started. “PARASITIC EMOTION” which carries a dark mood with a sweet melody in the chorus followed, and the audience pumped their fists for “Deeper Than Black-Yamiiro no Tsubasa-“.


“Speaking of Valentine’s day, women give men chocolates in Japan, but in foreign countries, men give women presents. So, we give you this song.” Nimo delivered so, and the floor was wrapped with the wistful and sweet sound in “Vanilla”. ZERO’s plucking bass supported the deep sound. And kazuya’s mild guitars led to “Nemureru Mori no Prelude-REVOIR-“, in which the calm before the chorus and the motion in the chorus itself contrasted well with Nimo’s emotional singing. The dance tune “MOON & BUTTERFLY” made the audience jump around on the floor, and SHUN. attracted the attention of the fans by strumming on his guitar at the front of the stage for the guitar solo of “ADDICT”.


SHUN. took the mic and said, “Is it difficult for you to move because of the chairs? If the chairs are in the way, you should just throw them!” And, Nimo instantly responded to SHUN’s words, “Are you sure? All of the chairs will come flying towards us.” “No violence, please.” SHUN. made the audience laugh by his gentle words despite having a fierce look. Intense numbers were performed one after another, “REINCARNATION” was led by ZERO’s deep bass, and kazuya and SHUN. had a headbanging battle in “EARNEST GAME-2nd STAGE-“. In a sensational song “VOLCANATION”, Nimo got the fans riled up with rarely heard death vocals under the blazing orange lights that symbolized the energy on the stage and the intensity on the floor. “Show me your real self! Don’t hold back!” After Nimo’s cry, “MONSTER’S ROAR-WILD BOOST” which was one of the band’s wildest songs began. TSUKASA’s crushing bass drums excited the audience. With each roar from the band members, the fans responded with their own. The energy in the venue reached the climax.


Following the heavy numbers, the members showed smiles for the poppy, positive song, “PLAY”. The members played pranks on each other on the stage in time with the playful and cute music of “Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru – STARDUST EXPRESS-“, finishing with the audience joining in the ending chorus. The fans also added their voice to “Jougen no Tsuki no Orchestra –Stella Note Magic-,“ filling the venue with magnificent sound and elegance. “I think the bond between THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S and MYCLONE (THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S’ fans) became much stronger during this tour. Everything has an end, and I am thinking about how much I can continue building the great music of this band until the end, so please support us until the end.” Nimo delivered his current feelings. “Lastly, let me sing one more song toward the future that will continue.” And then Nimo started singing “Hikari no Sekai”, illuminated by the spotlights as piano notes filled the air. The fans and the members supported Nimo as he was occasionally too overcome with emotion to sing during certain parts of the song. The stage was covered by the blue and white lights, symbolizing how THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S will walk toward the future. Even though the paths will be separate, they will still be shining brightly for each member as they go their respective ways. The main set ended with such a gentle yet bittersweet impression.


Responding to the encore calls, the members came back to the stage, wearing the special T-shirts made only for that day. SHUN. expressed gratitude to the staff and the fans, and after that, the other members shared their feelings and showed their gratitude one by one. The members ended the live with melodious songs, “Nanometer no Surechigai”, “NOCTURNE”, and “SEVENTH COLOR”. “Let’s go to the final together! Thank you! This has become the best memory! I love you all!!” Nimo’s feelings spilled over in this show.


Nimo’s leaving has never been thought of as negative. All of the members of THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S are approaching the change of their lineup with a positive attitude, and aiming at the best ending. There are only three remaining shows which will be in April in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. The last show with the current members will be held at TSUTAYA O-WEST on April 27. Please do not miss the last brave figures of the current members.


TEXT: Chika Yoshizawa

PHOTO: mio nagasaki



  1. in the sky
  6. Deeper Than Black-Yamiiro no Tsubasa- (~闇色の翼~)
  8. Labyrinth
  9. Vanilla
  10. Nemureru Mori no Prelude-REVOIR- (眠れる森の前奏曲~REVOIR~)
  12. ADDICT
  17. PLAY
  18. Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru -STARDUST EXPRESS- (銀河鉄道の夜~STARDUST EXPRESS~)
  19. Jougen no Tsuki no Orchestra –Stella Note Magic-(上弦の月のオーケストラ-Stella Note Magic-)
  20. Hikari no Sekai (光の世界)


  1. Nanometer no Surechigai (ナノメートルノスレチガイ)



昨年秋にヴォーカルNimoの脱退が発表されたTHE MICRO HEAD 4N’S。2018年11月末に現メンバーでのベストアルバムをリリースし、12月から1月にかけて、全国ツアーを回り、大好評で終え、その追加公演-Valentine Edition-として2019年2月9日、東京では珍しく雪が降る中、渋谷WWW Xにて特別公演が行われた。現メンバーでの残り少ないライブに、着席スタイルであったものの、後方の立見席まで会場はすぐに満員となった。




この日1曲目を飾ったのは、ベストアルバムに新曲として収録された「in the sky」。穏やかな演奏にNimoの声が澄み渡り、一気にサウンドが会場に広がり、高い天井に向かって音が昇っていく。「会いたかったぜ東京!最高の1日にしようぜ!大きい声を聞かせてください」とNimoが叫び、続いて始まった曲は、現メンバーになってから初のリリース曲である「SCANDALOUS」。ファンはタオルを振り回し、Nimoとともに歌い、一気に会場に熱気が増していく。そして「ICARUS」では、TSUKASAのダイナミックなドラムに力強いギターサウンドが会場を満たし、ステージ側もフロア側も頭を振り乱す。


「渋谷!楽しんでますか?今日はValentine Editionということで、甘い夜にしていきたいと思っているので、最後まで楽しんでください」とショートMCを挟み、赤いライトが情熱的にステージを照らすと、ミステリアスなギターリフが印象的な「PERSONA」、そしてダークな雰囲気からサビで一気に綺麗なメロディーになる「PARASITIC EMOTION」と続き、「Deeper Than Black~闇色の翼~」では、フロアにたくさんの拳が突き上げられた。


「バレンタインというと、日本では女性から男性にチョコレートを贈る日ですが、海外では男性から女性に贈る日です。ということで、僕たちから皆さんにこの曲を贈ります」とNimoが伝えると、「Vanilla」で会場は切なさと優しさに包まれる。ZEROの指弾きベースが低音をしっかりと支えていく。そしてkazuyaがギターを優しく奏で、「眠れる森の前奏曲~REVOIR~」へと繋がった。サビまでの「静」とサビの「動」がコントラストする印象的な一曲だ。Nimoは狂おしいほどの想いを込め、エモーショナルに歌い上げていく。そして、ダンスチューンの「MOON & BUTTERFLY」でファンを踊らせ、「ADDICT」ではSHUN.はギターソロでセンターに立ち、激しくギターをかき鳴らし、会場の視線を一気に奪った。


SHUN.がここでマイクをとり、「椅子で動きにくいですか?椅子が邪魔なら投げちまえ」と叫ぶと、Nimoがすかさず、「大丈夫ですか?こっちに全部椅子が飛んできますよ」と突っ込む。すると、「暴力はやめよう」と強面のSHUN.の優しい発言に会場では笑いが巻き起こる。そして、ここから激しい楽曲たちが続き、「REINCARNATION」ではZEROの低音が曲を先導し、「EARNEST GAME-2nd STAGE-」では、kazuyaとSHUN.のヘドバン対決。そして、煽情的な「VOLCANATION」では、燃え上がるようなオレンジのライトの中、通常あまりデスボイスを使わないNimoがデスボイスで激しく煽る。ステージ側の高揚感と会場の激しさを象徴するかのようだ。「お前たちの本当の姿を見せてくれ!遠慮すんじゃねーぞ!」Nimoが荒々しく叫ぶと、THE MICRO HEAD 4N’Sの中で最も激しい曲の1つである「MONSTER’S ROAR-WILD BOOST」が始まった。TSUKASAの激しいバスドラが会場を煽り、メンバーが吠えればファンも吠える。会場のヴォルテージは最高潮に達した。


激しさの次は、ポップな前向きソング「PLAY」で、メンバーたちに笑顔が溢れる。そしてステージ上でメンバー同士が絡み、遊ぶような可愛さのある「銀河鉄道の夜~STARDUST EXPRESS~」では、ファンの歌声が会場いっぱいに響き渡る。ファンがいてこそ完成するという「上弦の月のオーケストラ-Stella Note Magic-」では、優雅な雰囲気に包まれ、壮大なサウンドが広い会場に満たされていく。「このツアーでTHE MICRO HEAD 4N’SとMYCLONEの絆がさらに強くなったと思っています。すべてに必ず終わりがあるもので、僕は最後の最後までこのバンドのいい曲たちをどれだけ伸ばしていけるかと思って歌っているので、残りのライブもよろしくお願いします」とNimoが今の想いを述べた。最後に、「まだまだ続いていく未来へ向かって1曲歌わせてください」と伝えると、ピアノの伴奏に合わせてスポットライトを浴び、「光の世界」をNimoが歌い始めた。途中、感極まって歌えなくなるNimoを優しく見守るファンとメンバーたち。そして、青と白のライトでステージは光に包まれる。それは、今後のTHE MICRO HEAD 4N’Sが歩んでいく先、別々の希望という光差す方へ導かれていくような、優しくも切ない印象で本編が終えられた。


アンコールコールに応えて、メンバー全員がこの日のために特別に作られたTシャツに着替えて再度登場。SHUN.がスタッフとファンへの感謝を述べると、そこから一人ずつ今の想いと感謝をそれぞれ述べ、「ナノメートルノスレチガイ」、「NOCTURNE」、「SEVENTH COLOR」といったメロディアスな楽曲たちを最後にファンへ贈った。「一緒に最後まで駆け抜けようぜ!ありがとう!最高の思い出になったぞ!みんな大好きだー!」Nimoの感情が溢れ出たライブとなった。


Nimoの脱退は、決して後ろ向きではなく、THE MICRO HEAD 4N’Sメンバー全員がしっかりと前を向いて活動をし、最高の最後を目指している。残りのライブは4月に行われる東名阪の3本のみ。現メンバーでの最後のライブは4月27日TSUTAYA O-WESTにて行われる。現メンバーでの最後の勇姿をぜひ見届けて欲しい。