【VG】Soan Project – 3rd Mini Album Release Interview

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VGSoan Project – 3rd Mini Album Release Interview



VG : Vkei-Guide is a web magazine that guides overseas people to Japan through the Visual-kei music culture. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Japanese summer”?

Soan : Yukata & fireworks. If you go to see the fireworks wearing yukata, it will be a delightful experience.

Temari : Mosquito coil.

Akuta : Suika-wari (watermelon smashing game). This is very unique to Japanese culture. A blindfolded person smashes the fruit that has a diameter of approximately 30 cm with a stick, and all of the participants eat it when it is successfully split.


VG : The concept of Soan Project is “Emotion” and “Tranquillity”. If we replace “Emotion” with positivity and “Tranquillity” with negativity, what kind of situations in your daily life do you react positively or negatively to?

Soan : If I hear or see something interesting that gives me an inspiration, I positively research them. But I am negative towards the stuff I am not interested in.

Temari : Positive about something I like or spontaneity. Negative to do something I don’t feel like doing.

Akuta : I am positively trying to accustom myself to running 10 km. I can be quite negative around people.



VG : The titles of Soan Project’s works are profound and complex each time. Please tell us the story behind the title of your new release “Seiren naru Kyousou, Jyoumyaku ni Ategau. Doumou naru Kyousou, Doumyaku ni Utsu. (静廉鳴る共奏、静脈に宛がう。動猛成る狂想、動脈に射つ。)”.


Soan : Similarly to the human brain having a right and left side, Soan Project has “Tranquillity” and “Emotion”. They are contrasting but ever present side-by-side. We named it by the fact that they are yet “a pair”.

Temari : We always name the titles based on the ideas of “Tranquillity” and “Emotion” which is the theme of Soan Project. I am not sure how overseas listeners translate the titles as they consist of complex Japanese expressions and coined vocabularies. But what I did this time was to transform our two contrasting musical approaches into words. The image I had was of a “torus”, just like blood circulates from the heart to arteries, arteries to veins, then flows back into the heart. “Circle” represents a perfect figure in both mathematical and philosophical fields. I put my wish for our music to be circulating around the human body and also this album to be the “perfect masterpiece” of Soan Project.


VG : Please pick up one song from each album, “with Temari” and “with Akuta”, and tell us your favourite part of it.

Soan : “Shuuaku naru Kemono Hanatsu Ya, Chishi wo Motte Yahi wo Hofuru (醜悪なる獣穿つ矢、致死を以て野卑を屠る)” with Temari. “Nigotta Hitomi (濁った瞳)” with Akuta. I composed these unique defining songs by visualising the characters of Temari and Akuta as vocalists.

Temari : It’s hard to choose one but shall I say “Tojou, Zetsujou, Nettaiya (吐情、舌上、熱帯夜)”? I appreciate Soan-san’s aggressive yet diligent attitude in this song.

Akuta : “Ajisai ga Mata Saku Koro ni (紫陽花がまた咲く頃に)” is my favourite. This is the first song in this project that made me shed tears when I listened to its completed version.



VG : “Ajisai ga Mata Saku Koro ni (紫陽花がまた咲く頃に)” has two different versions, one in each project. There is a new attempt to artfully link the lyrics written by both vocalists. How did you come up with this idea?

Soan : Originally I was thinking to perform this song at our anniversary gig as it is the only opportunity where “with Temari” and “with Akuta” interact on the same stage. So I wanted to compose a special song in which every member from both projects join and build a utopia where fans can also embrace their togetherness. This is how I intended to shape this song.


VG : Your music contains various ethnic vibes, such as Latin or Japanese taste. Which country’s ethnic music do you like the most?

Soan : Latin music is one of my favourites. Its passion touches my heart. It would be appreciated if you could help me with discovering various types of music.

Temari : Besides Japanese folk, I like Celtic music.

Akuta : It’s a musical instrument, though I like the sound of sitar. Readers of the world, please recommend me your favourite ethnic music.


VG : It seems you have fixed guest musicians now. Please tell us the reason why you chose to keep the current members?

Soan : We met each other through the same events and I sincerely respect them because each of the artists has their own belief and style. So, naturally the supporting members of Soan Project remain the same.



VG : What is the concept of your new black costumes?

Soan : We started with white costumes and I wanted to depict the gradation by dying them black. It symbolises the trajectory of Soan Project from white to black decadent beauty.


VG : Please tell us the details of “M∞Card” which will be sold at venues throughout the tour.

Soan : It is a music card and our very first MV can be downloaded or streamed with it. You may not be familiar with it even within Japan but I believe it will become one of the most popular media tools in the future. I hope you enjoy it as it will include our interviews and other content along with our MV.


VG : What “Visual-kei” means to you?

Soan : Magic that transforms me to ideal self.

Temari : Stylistic beauty.

Akuta : Could be my own ideal image.



VG : Soan Project “with Temari” and “with Akuta” will be performing on the same stage on 30th September at Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!! Then each project will be touring around Japan including major cities and others. Please express your enthusiasm towards this nationwide tour.

Soan : It will be the first time for Soan Project “with Temari” and “with Akuta” to gather since my birthday gig. I am delighted to be able to tour around Japan from Sapporo to Hakata. I have belief in my music and will continue expanding my range alongside my dearest members. And then, I am hoping to perform overseas in the future.

Temari : There are some cities where we will perform for the first time. At “with Temari” show, I wish we could break the stereotypical thoughts on acoustic gigs in a good way.

Akuta : After we finished creating the trilogy of our albums, Soan Project is totally invincible. I would like to cherish every song in the tour and hope to go abroad eventually.


Translated by Kaoru Nagata



































Soan: 1番最初が白から始まり、黒に染まっていく様子を描きたく、今回は黒を基調とした衣装になっています。白の退廃美~黒の退廃美というSoanプロジェクトの軌跡です。



Soan: Soanプロジェクト初となるMVなどが収録されたカードになります。日本でもまだメジャーな存在ではないかもしれませんが、どんどん流行ってくるツールの1つになると思っています。MVだけでなく、メンバーのインタビューなど内容盛りだくさんになっているので、良かったら手にしてみてください。







VG930日の新横浜NEW SIDE BEACH!!での共演後、それぞれのワンマンツアーは東名阪以外も含まれるということですが、ツアーに向けての意気込みをお願いします。