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【VG】Tsukasa Mogamigawa – “Tsukasa no Tsumetai Niku Soba Ondo” Interview

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【VG】Tsukasa Mogamigawa – 「Tsukasa no Tsumetai Niku Soba Ondo」 Interview



VGEver since your debut 3 years ago, you have been carrying out a wide range of activities. Please tell us your thoughts over these past years.

TsukasaEvery single experience was amazing. Of course I have been through both good and bad times but all of them shaped who I am today. I am most grateful to my fans and staff for supporting me for last 3 years.


VGYour new costume is again so brilliant. Please tell us your favourite part.

TsukasaThe colour blue symbolises the part of the title of my new single 「Tsumetai (means cold)」. It was my first time wearing a blue costume and I like it as it gives me a fresher look.


VGThere are two animated characters on the regular edition’s CD jacket – the one on the left is you but what about the other one on the right?

TsukasaHis name is 「Sukodama kun」. “Sukodama” means “many” in Yamagata dialect.

(Note: Yamagata is a prefecture where Tsukasa is from in Japan. “Many” is pronounced as “Takusan or Shikotama” in standard Japanese and it is endemic to “Sukodama” in Yamagata dialect.)

The reason why he is wearing a sumo wrestler’s mawashi-belt is because the word “Shiko(tama)” sounds similar to sumo wrestlers’ “Shiko” exercise which they perform before the match. His hobby is working as a boatman of river rafting ride on Mogami River. He is like a pupil of Tsuka-taro (Tsukasa’s animated character). I put a spell on him to provide “many” happiness as my guardian angel. To tell you the truth, SHUN. from THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S got the idea from the title of my 2nd anniversary dinner show 「Ai to Roman wo Sukodama Kimi ni (means Many love and romance for you)」 and suggested me to create this mascot character.


VGYour new single is the “Ondo” music and it fits with Japanese summer festivals. What do you like to buy from food stalls when you go to a festival?

(Note: Ondo is a type of Japanese folk music genre, traditionally played at Obon festival and people from a local community dance along with the music.)

TsukasaA crêpe, chocolate-coated banana and dondon-yaki.


VGWhat song, besides your new single, is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Ondo music?

TsukasaBenibana Ondo, Hanagasa Ondo, Doraemon Ondo, Arale-chan Ondo and Maifo Ondo

(Note: “Maifo” is the abbreviation of THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S.)


VGPlease tell us the details of “Tsumetai Niku Soba” noodles you have produced this time.

TsukasaThis delicious local soba noodle dish is very popular and some people even come to Yamagata all the way from other prefectures to enjoy it. Every Niku Soba restaurant’s car park becomes full at lunch time even on weekdays. It is a simple dish – local soba noodles with chicken broth topped with juicy mature chicken and spring onions, but still has a full of taste. My mother’s sister’s husband living in Kanto area loves this “Tsumetai Niku Soba” and says there is no point of him coming to Yamagata if he does not have it. I hope I’ve made it clear just how delicious it is??


VGNow, please tell us the points we should check out in each song.

Tsukasa「司の冷たい肉そば音頭 (Tsukasa no Tsumetai Niku Soba Ondo)」 – Easy choreography that anyone regardless of age or sex can follow. Also the part in the song where it repeats “Soba soba♪”, as I think this chaotic phrase might stick in your head.

「日本のおばけだよ (Nihon no Obake dayo)」 – It’s a dance tune that we can all enjoy together.

「恋の街 (Koi no Machi)」 – It’s an elegant tune about grown-up’s memory of love.


VGWhat is the reason why you added the word “Japanese” in the song title of 「日本のおばけだよ (Nihon no Obake dayo, means Here is a Japanese ghost)?

TsukasaEven though I mention about Halloween in the lyrics, I put more emphasis on Japanese horror so it made more sense for me to name the title “Japanese ghost”. Also, the chorus perfectly matches with the rhyme of the words in the song title.


VGHave you ever thought if there were ghosts in real life? Please tell us your experience.

TsukasaWhen I am in a big trouble but somehow I manage to get out from it, I feel like as if my ancestors saved me, so I kind of believe that spirits may exist only in a good way. On the other hand, I have never seen or sensed any spooky or psychic sort of ghosts so I do not really believe in them. But if there are any evil spirits, I think I am not going to provoke them.


VGYou compose music and also write lyrics. In what kind of situation do lyrics and melody spring to your mind?

TsukasaWhenever wherever. I record melodies on my iPhone straight away when I get an inspiration, then at home I put flesh on the bones. I do the same for my lyrics but I quite often do my creation during the tour of THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S.


VGHow are you coping with your hectic schedule being a drummer and Enka singer?

TsukasaAs I am not really good at handling multiple tasks at the same time, I switch myself to one mode and try not to think about other things. I take concentrated approach.


VGFinally, please express the appeal of Enka as an Enka singer for overseas readers.

TsukasaIt’s been 3 years since my debut. My ambition is always high and has never been thwarted. I have a dream to perform as an Enka singer in the world and of course as a rock band. I would like those overseas Enka fans and rock lovers to take this opportunity to get to know me, Tsukasa Mogamigawa – the world’s first Visual-kei Enka singer.


Translated by Kaoru Nagata











しこたま、の、しこ、から四股を踏むという無理やりな理由でお相撲さんのまわしをつけています。趣味は最上川舟下りの船頭さん。つか太郎の弟子的な存在で、たくさん、しこたま幸が降ってくるように願う、何気に守り神的なところもあります。誕生秘話として、最上川 司2周年記念ディナーショーのサブタイトルの「愛と浪漫をすこだま君に」から、すこだまくんというキャラクター作ったら?という、THE MICRO HEAD 4N’SのSHUN.さんからのアイデアだったというのがあります。























司:いつでもどこでもです。思い立ったらすぐ録音、っていう感じでiPhoneに録って家で肉付けをします。歌詞も同じような感じですが、割とTHE MICRO HEAD 4N’Sのツアーの移動中も多いです。






司:デビューして3年ですが、まだこれっぽっちも野望は欠けておりません。ロックバンドでもそうですが演歌歌手としても世界のステージで歌いたいという夢があります。純粋に日本の演歌が好きな海外のファンの方もロックが好きな方もぜひこの世界初のビジュアル系演歌歌手の最上川 司を宜しくお願い致します。