【Vkei-Guide】: HOLLOWGRAM Guitarist kazuya IN-PERSON INTERVIEW

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【Vkei-Guide】: HOLLOWGRAM Guitarist kazuya IN-PERSON INTERVIEW



This year HOLLOWGRAM released two albums, “MALUS” and “WILLS.” We were able to have a close up interview with guitarist kazuya, who is one of the composers of the band. (There is also a special guest in the latter half of the interview)



Please introduce yourself, and also, if you were to guide overseas fans around Japan, where would you recommend?

kazuya : I am the guitarist and manipulator kazuya of HOLLOWGRAM.  I would recommend Kyoto. Each of the seasons in Japan is very distinct and I think in Kyoto you can appreciate all four seasons.


For you, HOLLOWGRAM is your first official band. Can you let us know a little bit about your musical background before this band?

kazuya: I had been playing violin from when I was 4 years old to junior high school so I would say classical music was what got me started music-wise. But when you are in your teens, it’s that age when you want to explore more right? [laugh]  So, at that time I thought violin wasn’t my thing, and that is when I started playing the electric guitar.

I wanted to form a band, but in my home town I couldn’t find any members… so I thought ‘Why not go to a city!’  This is when I moved to Nagoya. I found band members there and formed a band, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. We disbanded pretty quickly.  Approximately 10 years passed before I joined the band I am in now.

VG : So that band is HOLLOWGRAM? Is that right?

kazuya: Yes.

VG: Since the name of your band “HOLLOWGRAM” came up, let’s move to the next question!

img_3647credit kazuya HG

Can you let us know how you met the other members and formed the band HOLLOWGRAM?

kazuya:  First, bassist yuki contacted me and asked me if I wanted to form a band. He asked because he knew that I had the skills for the synthesizer and to be a manipulator. yuki invited me to the meeting in Shinjuku and that is when all the members of HOLLOWGRAM met for the first time. So basically it was my first time meeting with the members with the exception of ryo-san and yuki who I’d known before that.

VG: You’ve known the two since you lived in Nagoya?

kazuya : Yes. From my Nagoya years.


Can you let us know about the other members from your point of view? Tell us about the first impression and the impression you have now of the members?

kazuya: shinya-san. Hmm…the first time I met shinya-san. Well, he seemed like a very easy-going guy. [laugh]

VG: [laugh] How about now? Has that impression changed as you got involved?

kazuya: Yes my impression has changed a bit. I had the impression that he was a bit rough but as I got to know him more, I thought he was the most thoughtful and mature person in our band.

VG: Sort of a brother you can rely on?

kazuya: Yes.

VG:Ok. Next, tell us about yuki.

kazuya: I already knew yuki way before the first meeting, but the first time I met him my impression was that he was a very humorous person.

VG: How humorous?

kazuya: He makes you laugh by surprise.

VG: You mean he creates a homey kind of atmosphere [before making you laugh]?

kazuya: Yes! And [when he does make you laugh] he does it unexpectedly!

VG: It comes out naturally for him. [laugh] How about Yumeji? How is he like?

kazuya: Umm, I thought yume-nii (brother yumeji) was a bit of a player. [laugh] It’s sort of awkward to say he’s like a player. More like he is a very outgoing guy. That impression hasn’t changed for me.

VG: Lastly, can you let us know about ryo?

kazuya: Hmm, so the first time I met ryo-san…I thought that he had a very distinct aura. That impression hasn’t changed but as I got to know him, I felt he was a very passionate person. He seemed more like a cold-blooded person at first.

VG: He seems cool but very passionate at heart. Before we go on to the Vkei-Guide questions, we had ryo think of a surprise question for you.

(From this point on, ryo joined the interview)

img_4098-credit kazuya HG2

VG : Thank you for coming. Please go ahead with the question.

ryo: kazuya, can you let us know how music has changed for you since you started playing in HOLLOWGRAM, compared to music before? What is music to you?

kazuya: Ah! A big question! Umm, well, first of all, there are so many differences between when I was making music alone and when I started making music for HOLLOWGRAM.  I think it is only in a band when the music that was only inside one’s world changes and evolves. Since I had been making music alone [before joining HOLLOWGRAM], I was surprised how that music came back in unexpected ways that just blew my mind!

VG: That must have been a quite an experience!  When you were making songs alone, were you making them for your next band?

kazuya: Yes, I had been making songs so I could prepare for the band I would join in the future, and sometimes I made music just for fun. I haven’t had people listen to them though. Just been doing things like that.

VG: ryo, since you are here today, can you let us know your first impression of kazuya, and the impression you have now?

ryo : What a small voice, and skinny guy! Was what I thought.

kazuya: [laugh]

ryo : Also, he had this soft atmosphere surrounding him. I met him through friends and acquaintances. Well, when I met him for the first time, kazuya didn’t seem to be the typical manly type of person. That has not changed and that’s still the impression I have, but as I got to know him more, I found out that he has his own sort of “persistence” that doesn’t change. He really never bends it. He has this unbending belief which I found out about as we made things together and that changed my impression of him. I began to feel I can trust kazuya, and day by day, there were more things that I wanted to entrust to him, which eventually turned into a firm trust towards him. This was a big change.

VG: kazuya, you seem to be quite happy. [laugh]

kazuya: Yup.[laugh] (delightful but shyly laughing)

All: [laughs]

VG: [laugh] Let’s go on to the next question.

img_3643-credit kazuya HG3


So, in HOLLOWGRAM, Yumeji, Yuki and you, the three of you compose music. Kazuya, you also have a role besides making music. What is “Main instrumental program” ? What exactly do you do?

kazuya: Well, after someone brings the demo, the sound of each part is added, and after the vocals are added, I add a few sounds at the end [of the production process]. It’s sort of like adding a subtle touch to the songs.

VG: A subtle touch?

kazuya: Yes. In the recent album, hmm, I tried to decrease those touches so there are not many examples, but for example, the sound of xylophone, piano, and the sound you hear far in the background, those are the special effects I add in the songs.

VG: Oh, I see. Thank you.

HOLLOWGRAM released two albums “MALUS” and “WILLS” in January and July, respectively. Please choose one song you recommend from each album and share with us why you recommend the song and a story about the song.

kazuya: Oh, hmm. Can I recommend one of my songs?

VG: Of course.

kazuya: From “MALUS” I recommend “Sentimental Issues”.  It may not quite be a story but this song is the second song that I made in this band.  ( *The first song was “adolescent”.) I had been putting this song aside for a while since I didn’t think it was the right time.

But, I thought that if I remake the song now, it might get better so I made some adjustments to the song and I think it worked out well. So, I think if I had released that song in an earlier stage, I would have regretted it.

VG: ‘At an earlier stage,’ do you mean if that song was included in the first album?

kazuya: Yes, that’s right.

VG: How about “WILLS”?

kazuya: It would be “kalmia”. With this song, I made it from orchestra . I had the idea of the melody in my mind but, I wanted the ensemble of the orchestra and the ensemble of the vocals to be on the same level. One of my good friends sang the temporary lyrics and we adjusted the melody little by little together so this song is a memorable one.

VG: So the “White Penguin” that’s written along with your name in the “song by” section on the lyric card is that friend? Is that right?

kazuya: Yes!!

VG: Ok.[laugh] In the limited edition of “WILLS”, you challenged yourself to do a self- cover. What made you think about trying to do a self-cover?

kazuya: Well…. ( Thinking )

ryo: Um, simply we were thinking of something we could include in the bonus track that fans could enjoy and it turned out this way.

kazuya: Yes, exactly!!

All: [laughs]

VG: I got the chance to listen to your self-cover “mistletoe”, and the sound effect was interesting! What made you create this image?

kazuya: Thank you! I made it so I could use the Famicom game sound. I’m not a vocalist or anything like that, so I arranged it to fit my image. That is why it turned out with that sound effect. Also, just singing the song didn’t suit me and I really wanted the listeners to enjoy it.

VG: Did you get any feedback from your fans?

kazuya: I had people say it was interesting!

img_4100-credit kazuya HG4

A few years have passed since you first set foot on the stage. How has it changed for you looking back on past acts? Also what do you want to challenge yourself to do at lives in the future?

kazuya: HOLLOWGRAM uses many sounds besides the sounds of the instruments. So, when we first started, the volume of the synthesizer was set a bit too high at lives, and so that left the liveliness weak. [Because of that] recently I’ve been consciously adjusting the sound at lives. I’d like to try out many things. Maybe bring in keyboards, or maybe even a violin somewhere in the future. [laugh]


Ok, let’s move on to the next question. Overseas Visual kei fans have been increasing in the recent years. Do you see overseas fans at HOLLOWGRAM lives or in-store events? Or, have you ever received any messages?

kazuya: Nope. Not for me yet.

VG: ryo, I believe you have in your past bands right?

ryo: Yes. I haven’t done any lives abroad but, I have many overseas fans who send me birthday messages and videos. Also, many overseas fans go through the trouble of buying CDs and goods [where they end up] paying delivery charges that are about the same as CD prices. I am very thankful.

VG: Thank you.


kazuya, have you ever gone overseas? If not, where would you like to go?

kazuya: I haven’t yet. There are many places I want to go. I am interested in Egypt. I even used titles like “Pyramid” and “Sphinx” in my early demos! [laugh] As I said before, I haven’t been abroad so I don’t have much information other than the ideas that I made in my mind by myself, but sometimes those images run around in my head when I’m making music! [laugh]  I imagine the sound with the idea of a pyramid and create the ensemble of a song from it.

VG: That sounds interesting! How about for lives? Where would you like to go?

kazuya: I would like to go to many places. Personally I like British bands so I would like to perform at places those bands play in.


This year HOLLOWGRAM released a two albums, and [at the moment] you have some lives scheduled up until January 2017. What would you like for overseas fans to take note of when they see HOLLOWGRAM?

kazuya: These are just my own thoughts, but I always try to make songs that are new to the ears and I would be very happy if people come to see us, whether they’re from overseas or if  they’re already here [in Japan], to get the feeling that ‘this band [HOLLOWGRAM] is a band that has something new [that they usually don’t hear overseas].’ I’m not very good at explaining but I hope my words get across.


Finally, in representing HOLLOWGRAM, please share with us your message to fans abroad.

kazuya: I believe that HOLLOWGRAM is a band that can change its color, sound, and atmospheric presence with each piece of work we release. I am confident that we can present something that will be even better than the recent release “WILLS” in the future so please check us out!

VG: Thank you. ryo, since you are here as a guest today, can you give us a message to overseas fans as well?

ryo:  kazuya has a talent for transforming his sense and world of imagination into the form of music. I believe that that is what he is good at and what I am not good at, and there are also things that I am good at that he isn’t so [because of this] there are things that only

HOLLOWGRAM can create. I am sure that HOLLOWGRAM will be more interesting in the future. Please check us out, we would highly appreciate everyone’s support!

VG: Thank you very much!



Interview & Translation by: M.Kawaguchi

Live Photos by: Reiko Arakawa(zoisite)

Artist Photos by: Intetsu

Special Thanks: ryo (HOLLOWGRAM)



< HOLLOWGRAM live information>


Title:見る幻に毒を盛れ(Miru maborosi ni doku wo more)2016 dieS 5days

(HOLLOWGRAM, dieS, emmuree)

Date:Oct 28(fri)


Open: 6:30p.m./ Start 7:00p.m.

Ticket: adv.3,000yen / day 3,500yen (drink ticket not included)


【Band ticket】

Band tickets will be sold at each of the band’s booth at venues.

※Band tickets are not available for HOLLOWGRAM


Title:Will-o’ the Wisp 03 (one-man)

Date:Nov 12(sat)

Venue:Yokohama BAYSIS

Open: 5:30p.m./ Start: 6:00p.m.

Ticket: adv. 3,800yen /day 4,300yen (tax in/ drink tickets not included/ tickets needed from 3years old)

Playguide: Lawson Ticket: 0570-084-003 [L code:74811]

e+ (now on sale)


Title:HOROSCOPES 2016 (horoscopes:04)


Date:Dec 10(sat)

Venue: Shinjuku LOFT

Open: 18:00p.m / Start: 18;30p.m

Ticket: adv 4,000yen / day 4,500yen (tax in/ drink ticket sold separately 500yen)


Shinjuku LOFT : (Tel) 03-5272-0382 ※Tickets sold everday from 15:00p.m.~22:00p.m. ※For reservation you must be a member of LOFT(Membership fee needed)

e+:  http://eplus.jp

Lawson Ticket: L code:75107 http://l-tike.com

Information:Shinjuku LOFT 03-5272-0382



Title:Moreau’s palette 02 (one-man)

Date:Jan 21(sat)

Venue:Hatsudai DOORS

Open: 5:30p.m./ Start: 6:00p.m.

Ticket: adv. 4,000yen /day 4,500yen (tax in/ drink tickets not included/ tickets needed from 3years old)

Playguide: Lawson Ticket : 0570-084-003  L code :To be announced later


Title:Will-o’ the Wisp 04 (one-man)

Date: Jan 22 (sun)

Venue; Hatsudai DOORS

Open: 5:30p.m. / Start: 6:00p.m.

Ticket: adv. 4,000yen / day 4,500yen (tax in/ drink tickets not included/ tickets needed from 3years old)

Playguide: Lawson Ticket : 0570-084-003  Lコード:To be announced later









一也: ホログラム、ギター&マニピュレーター一也です。日本のおすすめスポットは京都ですね。四季がハッキリあるのって日本独特だったりすると思うんですが、京都はどの季節に行ってもそれぞれ楽しめるかなと思います。



一也: 4歳ぐらいからバイオリンを始めて中学生ぐらいまでやっていました。なので音楽始めたきっかけはクラシックだと思います。でも中学生ぐらいになってくるとやんちゃになってくるじゃないですか。(笑) バイオリンってちょっと違うかなと思ってきまして。そこからエレキギター始めました。


VG: それがHOLLOWGRAMという事ですね?

一也: そうですね。




一也: 最初はベースの攸紀さんから連絡がきて、「ちょっと(バンド)やってみない?」って誘われて。(僕が)打ち込み、マニピュレーターなどをできる事を知っていたので誘われました。で、「じゃあみんなで集まるから、新宿で集まろう。」ってなって、集まったのがHOLLOWGRAMのメンバーです。その時みんな初対面状態でした。 ryoさんと攸紀さんは元々知っていましたけど。


一也: そうですねー。名古屋繋がりです。




一也: Shinyaさんから。えーとー・・・最初会った時。そうですねー。うーん・・・。(悩む)



一也: 思っていた性格とはちょっと違いましたかね。最初は少しおおざっぱかなぁ~という印象でしたが、



一也: そうですね。


一也: もう(最初のミーティングの時には)知っていたのですが、初めて会った時は実はとてもお茶目な人だなぁと思いました。


一也: ふとした瞬間に笑わせてくれたりとかですかね。


一也: そんな感じですね。そういうところが不意にでます!

VG:自然とでるんですね(笑) では、次に夢時さんはどうでしょう?

一也: えーと、夢兄(ゆめにぃ)は、まぁ、チャラそうな兄ちゃんだなぁ~って思いました。(笑) チャラそうな兄ちゃんって言ったら変ですけど。










一也: そうですね、次にバンドやる為に一人で作ったりとか、あとは遊びでちょっと作ってみたりとか。誰に聴かせるってわけでもないんですけど。そんな事していましたね。


ryo :(最初は)なんて体と声が細い男だろう。と、思いましたね。


ryo:で、ふにゃふにゃしているな~と。友人・知人を通して初めて会ったという感じですね。 当時の自分から見て、一本の筋が通った骨太な印象がなくって、それは今でもその部分が大きいし、変わっていないんですけど、変わったというのは、自分が「こだわる」という事に関しては曲げないですね。本当に曲げないですね。そこは芯がしっかりしているというか、一緒に物づくりするようになってすごく印象が変わったところですし、信頼できるな、ここはゆだねたいなと思う事が日に日に増えているので、壮大な信頼感が生まれましたね。それが一番大きいですかね。


ryo : いやぁ(笑)でもバンド活動開始当初は「ギャー!」としか言っていなかったからね。(笑)

一也: えへへ。(照れ笑)




HOLLOWGRAMの作曲を夢時さん、攸紀さんと3人で担当されていますが、一也さん作曲以外にMain instrumental programという役目を果たされていますが、具体的にどのような事をされているか教えて頂けますか?










一也:「MALUS」は「Sentimental Issues」ですね。これはエピソードというのとはちょっと違いますけど、このバンドを始めて2曲目に作った曲なんですが、ずっと眠らせていたんです。(※1曲目はadolescentだそうです。)その時にはなかった曲が今だったら良くなるかもと思ったんですね。曲を練ってやり直したら良くなって割と上手くいったんではないかなと思う曲です。なので、その当時出していたらちょっと自分の中で後悔していたかもしれないですね。







VG:では、歌詞カードの「kalmia」の作曲欄に一也さん以外に記載されているWhite Penguinはその仲の良い友達ですか?


VG:わかりました。(笑) 今回の限定盤のアルバムでセルフカバーしましたよね。セルフカバーをしよう!となったきっかけはあるのでしょうか?

















ryo: 俺はありますね。海外でのライブとかはないですけど、応援してくれる海外のファンからはバースデーの時にメッセージや動画を送ってくれたり、あとはCDと同じぐらいの配送料を払ってCDやグッズを注文してくれたりとかいらっしゃいましたね。嬉しいですね。




一也:海外には行った事ないですね。行ってみたい所は沢山あるのですが、エジプト行ってみたいですね。昔デモ音源作る時に、タイトル「ピラミッド」とか「スフィンクス」とかつけてるぐらいです(笑) もちろん一度も生で見た事ないですし、何の情報も自分の中には無いんですが、曲を作る時に割と頭によぎる事が多いのです(笑)自分の中でピラミッドをイメージした音にしたり、曲のアンサンブルだったり良くあります。










ryo: 一也は自分の頭の中にある感覚とか世界とか音にして形にしていく事に秀でてた才能を持っているので、彼が得意としている事で、彼にないもの、その逆で俺にない、不足しているものはホログラムでしか産み出せないものがあります。より今後面白くなっていくと思うので、是非全力で後援を宜しくお願い致します。

VG: ありがとうございました!


Interview & Translation by: M.Kawaguchi (Vkei-Guide)

Live Photos by: Reiko Arakawa(zoisite)

Artist Photos by: Intetsu

Special Thanks: ryo (HOLLOWGRAM)




公演名:見る幻に毒を盛れ(Miru maborosi ni doku wo more)2016 dieS 5days

(HOLLOWGRAM, dieS, emmuree)

公演日:Oct 28(金)


Open: 6:30p.m./ Start 7:00p.m.

Ticket: adv.3,000円 / day 3,500円 (drink別)


公演名:Will-o’ the Wisp 03 (ワンマン)

Date:Nov 12(土)

会場名:Yokohama BAYSIS

Open: 5:30p.m./ Start: 6:00p.m.

Ticket: adv. 3,800円 /day 4,300円 (tax in/ drink別/三歳以上チケット必要)

プレイガイド: ローチケ: 0570-084-003 [L code:74811]

e+ (now on sale)


公演名:HOROSCOPES 2016 (horoscopes:04)


公演日:Dec 10(土)


Open: 18:00p.m / Start: 18;30p.m

Ticket: adv 4,000円 / day 4,500円 (tax in/ drink別 500円)


新宿 LOFT : (Tel) 03-5272-0382 ※Tickets sold everday from 15:00p.m.~22:00p.m.


e+:  http://eplus.jp

ローチケ: L code:75107 http://l-tike.com

問い合わせ:新宿 LOFT 03-5272-0382


Title:Moreau’s palette 02 (ワンマン)

Date:Jan 21(土)

会場名:初台 DOORS

Open: 5:30p.m./ Start: 6:00p.m.

Ticket: adv. 4,000円 /day 4,500円 (tax in/ drink 別/ 3歳以上チケット必要)

プレイガイド: ローチケt : 0570-084-003  L code : 公開予定


公演名:Will-o’ the Wisp 04 (ワンマン)

公演日: Jan 22 (日)

会場名:初台 DOORS

Open: 5:30p.m. / Start: 6:00p.m.

Ticket: adv. 4,000円 / day 4,500円 (tax in/ drink 別/ 3歳以上ちえっと必要)

プレイガイド: ローチケ : 0570-084-003  Lコード:公開予定