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Kra 15th Anniversary Live [ideal scheme~いまも、あの時も支えてくれた全ての人に~すべてうまくいくよ、大人も子供もみんなでメルヘン!]


Kra, who create an original world of their own with ‘fairy tale rock,’ marked their 15th anniversary with a show held at TSUTAYA O-EAST on September 11, 2016. Taking photos and recording video are usually prohibited during shows, but an exception was made during this particular one. However, it seemed that most of the fans wanted to enjoy the music rather than shoot photos or video while the band performed various songs, from early songs to some of the latest songs, as a compilation of their 15 years of activity. The fully-packed venue was buzzing with excitement from start to finish.

(メルヘンロックという独自の世界観を作り出すKraが結成15周年を迎え、そのアニバーサリーライブが2016年9月11日にTSUTAYA O-EASTにて行われた。通常、撮影や録音は禁止とされるものだが、この日は特別にライブ中通して撮影可というバンド側からのサービスがあったにもかかわらず、撮影するより音楽を楽しみたいというファンが多く、15年間の集大成として初期の曲から最新の曲まで演奏され、満員の会場は終始熱気に包まれていた。)


The members, wearing new costumes created with the motif of astronauts, entered the stage one by one as fans clapped to the poppy opening music that transformed the venue into an amusement park attraction like those in Disneyland. The concert started off with their latest song “Uchuu Traveler” after Keiyuu shouted, “15th anniversary show! Let out your voice!” It was the first time the song was performed as the single hadn’t yet been released at the time, but in spite of that, the audience helped jump-start the show by adapting some potential set choreography in a series of claps and call & responses. In “Samayoedo Yoru,” bassist Yuhra created energetic beats by skilled slaps, as drummer Yasuno got the audience fired up by a combination of sounds and gestures. Guitarist Taizo also engaged in a guitar battle against Yuhra, each impressing the audience with a number of improvised solos.



“Welcome to our show! Kra is now 15 years old, and it is our third year in junior high school. We are still naughty boys, but we will be calm when we are 20 years old, because 20 is the age of grown-ups. I want Yasuno to be calmer. Yuhra still has a childish mind.” Keiyuu said, but Yuhra responded in retaliation with, “Keiyuu has an adult mind, but your body is still…” Yuhra’s suggestive words triggered loud rounds of laughter from the fans. Kra is known for the long emcees, with all of the members joining in to share their thoughts with their fans, as well as to get their audience to laugh. Fans have come to appreciate the long time Kra take to entertain them with their often silly stories in addition to their musical performances.



In the wistful and mysterious song “Ai no Wakusei”, Keiyuu’s emotional voice was reflected in the purple lights that lit the stage, before many colorful penlights were taken out to repaint it and the stage was illuminated by seven colors for the following “Niji wo Koete.” The audience swung their towels and shouted in accordance with the lyrics in the hyperactive song “Ah Tension Please.” The dark and heavy sounds were contrasted with the bright sounds in “artman, enticing a mosh fest to break out on the floor. The band gave their fans momentum with a consecutive number of heavy songs. “Ashitaya” brought the chain to an electrifying finish, mixing Kra-ish power and cuteness, with Keiyuu giving a round of applause to the fans for their effort and energy at the end.



“We are going to perform as Kra until our bodies cannot move, so please support us until then. We would like to present this song to you for always supporting us.” With those words, Keiyuu started singing “Buriki no Hata,” accompanied only by Taizo’s guitar, as the last song of the main set. As the rest of the instruments joined in, so did notes of sweetness and happiness, and from the floor, the audience added their voices to the melody as a large choir. The members took time to listen to the fans’ vocals, Keiyuu eventually responding to the fans’ feelings by serenading them in a-cappella. It was at that time that the importance of 15 years and the bond between the band and the fans were made clear.



When the members came back to the stage after the long encore call, “Ryuusei Signal” restarted things with no emcee. Keiyuu’s gentle and smooth voice echoed in the venue that was illuminated by penlights like a night sky. The danceable number “Circus” and fresh and bright tune “Tatoe” followed, “I no naka no…Ari?” then prompting both band members and audience alike to run about wildly with its upbeat tempo as all were able to enjoy Kra’s world freely. Finally, silver streamers flew through the venue in “Extra Kingdom”, ending the show on a cheerful note. And so begins Kra moving towards their 16th year. “Let’s continue forward! Follow us at your own pace, fast or slow, as we won’t leave anyone back! Thank you very much!” Keiyuu delivered his gratitude, and Kra’s story for 15 years was closed.



TEXT: Chika Yoshizawa

PHOTO: Official


  1. Uchuu Traveler (宇宙トラベラー)
  2. Karma (カルマ)
  3. Samayoedo Yoru / Karasu no Makura (彷徨えど夜/カラスノマクラ)
  4. Ai no Wakusei (愛の惑星)
  5. Niji wo Koete (虹を越えて)
  6. Jounetsu (情熱)
  7. Toki no Ressha (時の列車)
  8. Ah Tension Please (あーテンションプリーズ)
  10. Bastard (バスタード)
  11. Artman
  12. Darling in the Dark (ダーリンインザダーク)
  13. Usotsuki (嘘つき)
  14. Ashitaya (明日屋)
  15. Briki no Hata (ブリキの旗)


  1. Ryuusei Signal (流星シグナル)
  2. Circus (サァカス)
  3. Tatoe (例え)
  4. I no naka no… Ari? (井の中の・・・アリ?)
  5. Moshi Ashita Haretanara (もし明日晴れたなら)
  6. Mata Au Hi made (また会う日まで)
  7. Extra Kingdom (エキストラキングダム)


Live Information

“Uchuu Traveler”(宇宙トラベラー)RELEASE LIVE TOUR 2016

“Ah Tension Please”(あーテンションプリーズ)

Oct. 18 (Tue) Fukuoka DRUM Be-1

Oct. 19 (Wed) Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH

Oct. 29 (Sat) Machida The Play House

Oct. 30 (Sun) Shizuoka Sunash

Nov. 4 (Fri) Kobe VARIT.

Nov. 5 (Sat) ESAKA MUSE

Nov. 7 (Mon) KYOTO MUSE


“Krastmas Eve -Konya ha Kimi to Sugositai-”(ケラスマス・イヴ~今夜はキミと過ごしたい~)

Dec. 24 (Sat) Asakusa Koukaidou