About Vkei-Guide

-About Vkei-Guide-

Vkei-Guide guides you about Japan and release information about Visuale kei, a Japanese culture through out the world.

Vkei-Guide is the first Visual-kei guide media for foreigner who visiting Japan. 

Vkei” is an abbreviation “Visual-kei” which is expression one of style of Japanese rock band and musician. It’s artistic genre is not only about music, but also entertain us by expressing an aesthetic and an outlook of the world through visual such as makeup and fashion. Already there is so many fans in the world, who know about Visual-kei, having fun, and they hope to visit Japan to watch a Visual-kei gig one day. We disseminate the Japanese culture of the Visual-kei to the many countries and people, we are aiming Visual-kei to be one of the global culture. At the same time we aim to get more secure and fun trip in Japan.





We hope foreigners will love Japan through Visual-kei.

Recently, foreign tourists have increase rapidly in Japan and major sightseeing spots are filled with many tourists. Information site is gradually developing where nowadays you can see information site with multiple languages. Now I think it is easier for tourist to prepare for traveling. However, we though these sites doesn’t not provide information about Visual-kei so much. We will provide an sight seeing information that is unique from other normal tourist website. It may not be an major sightseeing spot but it will introduce spot where Visual-kei fans will be excited to visit to. Also we will provide an useful information you should know before going to an event. Please enjoy your special cross-cultural experience where you can’t experience with ordinary traveling.






Our mission is to help people to come and experience Japanese live and event freely.

When people attend event in foreign country, often people do not know where to go and what to do. When people are in trouble (when people having difficulty), often people do not know who to depend on. Currently, there is no website or no organization which can help to solve the issue. Since Visual-kei is very unique, there are many fans who visit Japan to attend the Visual-kei event and it has great reviews in the world). We are here to change to solve this issue.





Vkei-Guide website

Future post (tentative)

Introduce foreign Visual-kei bands which focuses in Japan
Live and event report
Information on event venue and information about Visual-kei shop
Sell and purchase Visual-kei live event for you.
Post valuable information for Visual-kei fans
Introducing Japanese food and city by Visual-kei bands (video)
Traveling guide information for those who want to visit Japan
and more….



and more…


Our Dream

From Japanese culture to global culture

Visual-kei was born around 1970s, where the history seems short compare to other genre. In other words, there’s a possibility where Visual-kei scene can create a huge movement in near future. Nowadays, a lot of Visual-kei bands are born inside and outside of Japan. Of course, there are bands that are originally made by non-Japanese people who have influenced by Japanese Visual-kei bands like “dir en grey” and the “GazettE”. Some of them has come to Japan to play at gigs. We wish all Japanese and oversea bands becomes widely accepted so all bands can easily come and go around the world, and Visual-kei can actively perform through out the world.

Fill a gap of information

We provide information mainly in English and sometimes in both English and Japanese. We may also write articles in some other popular languages.

Create a spot as a holy place for Visual-kei

Once, the bridge called Sangu-bashi in Harajuku was a famous meeting place for Visual-kei fans, especially costume players of band members. Now, Sangu-bashi is not the place like that any more. We don’t have such a wonderful, exciting spot in Japan. Vkei-Guide will make a place as a holy place where fans can gather and enjoy having a chat about Visual-kei in the future.










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