Misaruka’s rui has taken first place, but can you believe his next pledge!?

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Starwave Fest was held on March 29 at Shinjuku ReNY in celebration of Starwave Records’ 6th anniversary. Starwave bands participating in the event were entered in the Starwave Records Elections. Misaruka’s rui announced “Thank you for 1st place,” and, true to his word, took 1st place. He received many congratulations on his SNS and expressed his gratitude to everyone.

(3月29日に新宿ReNYを舞台に行われたStarwave Records生誕6周年を記念したイベント「Starwave fest」」。同公演では、Starwave Records所属バンドの人気投票「Starwave Records総選挙」も行われ、以前から「1位ありがとう」と公言していたMisarukaのruiが、言葉通り「1位」を獲得した。そのruiが、投票してくれたファンたちへ。

“I’m always saying things like ‘I’ll take 1st place’ or ‘Thank you for giving me 1st place’ on the internet. A lot of writers call me a big mouth because of it, but I was able to make those words a reality this time. It was all thanks to your support. Thank you so much.

The time leading up to the elections was hectic, to be frank. I got caught up and said “I’m going to be number 1” before the event happened, so I was relieved that I was able to make good on that promise. Of course, receiving this honor means that not only do I have to act the part, but I’ll also have to work to be the face of Starwave Records. It’s been nearly half a year since that day, but it still makes me happy to hear “Congratulations on winning first place.” I’m happy to be in the spotlight again.

On August 8, Misaruka will perform a one-man show at Shinjuku ReNY, where I took first place in the elections. We’ll show you what it means to be number one by mobilizing as much passion as possible. “What? You’re going to mobilize hundreds of people’s passion?” you say. “You’re not going to make good on your promises!” you say. What are you talking about? I’m number 1! We’re going to pack Shinjuku ReNY.” (rui-sama)

We’ll have to see if Misakura can truly make good on their promise.

Misaruka is in the middle of their 12-month consecutive plans (for more details, visit http://misaruka.syncl.jp/?p=custom&id=19448263).


総選挙へ迎えるまでの期間は、正直必死でした。(ライターに)煽られる形で、先に「 1位」を公言したのもありますが、僕は勝負事に関しては「一番になりたい」人だけに、有言実行出来てホッとしています。
もちろん、今回「1位」を取ったからには「その栄誉に相応しい活動をしていかねば」と胆に命じていれば、今は「Starwave Recordsを代表する顔」になれるよう努力し続けています。



They are performing 4 free one-mans in their 2016 tour “-Reunion- ~rin Presents Day~” starting in April. Only the Sendai Space Zero show on April 19 and Niigata GOLDEN PIGS BLACK STAGE show on April 20 remain. rui said this about the two one-man shows.

“The free one-mans on this tour were each produced by one of the members. azami will be in charge of the Niigata show. We’ve been planning special things that you can only experience at each show. I played drums at the last show, and we’ve made special videos exclusively for those days. Look forward to what the Sendai and Niigata shows have planned for one night only.”

In addition, they’ll unveil their new look on May 10 at Ikebukuro CYBER. In June, they’ll embark on a coupling tour “Ayakashihime” with SHAPE SHIFTER. They have all sorts of other special plans in store. For more details, visit their official homepage.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how big of a talker rui may be. The fact is that we need more people like Misaruka’s rui in the scene who can actually fulfill their dreams. rui-sama, please keep talking big.

(4月はMisaruka ワンマンツアー2016年「-Reunion-」~rin Presents Day~」と題し、無料ワンマンを全国4ヶ所で行っている。残りは、4月19日の仙台Space Zeroと20日に行う新潟GOLDEN PIG BLACK STAGEでの公演を残すのみ。このワンマンについて、ruiがこう語ってくれた。

さらに、5月10日には池袋サイバーを舞台に「新衣装お披露目ライブ」も行えば、6月には、SHAPE SHIFTER×Misarukaカップリングツアー「妖姫-あやかしひめ-」も決定している。他にも、いろんな「この日だからこそ」の企画を実践しているように、詳しい内容は、Misarukaのホームページをご覧になっていただけたら幸いだ。