【V-Kei News】Sick2 Losing One Member

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Dear Sick2 fans, unfortunately we have very sad news for you…
On May 7th, it was announced that the band’s guitarist Yuzu will be leaving due to personal reasons after their one-man live on July 21st at Takadanobaba AREA.
The members have discussed this together with the angency several times but decided to accept his withdrawal.
Moreover, he will be retiring from band activities afterwards.
There are some good news too though: According to his comment on twitter he is planning to work as composer for anime songs in the future, so we may hear from him again!
Let’s wish the remaining members of Sick2 as well as Yuzu good luck with their upcoming projects!

この度、Guitar Yuzuが一身上の都合により7月東名阪ワンマンをもってSick2を脱退することとなりました。

Source: Sick2 Official Blog, Yuzu’s Twitter