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_PTY0019 luvparade 0709“This is the third time we’ve held this event and this time we had an opportunity to perform with different kind of bands. A lot of stimulation in just one day.”

As ZERO (ba) said during the encore, “DEVIL’S PARTY #3” hosted by Luv PARADE at Shinjuku BLAZE on July 9, 2023, was literally a “devil’s party” colored by bands with a different atmosphere. The word seemed like a declaration that this event will continue to be held widely in the future, and at the same time, it was a night when the band Luv PARADE, which is mainly based on cover songs, was able to fully feel the new possibilities and expansion of their activities.


H.U.G_Official_luvparade0709The band to perform first was H.U.G., who had just finished their first solo tour “H.U.G TOUR 2023 -LOVE THAT NEVER ENDS-” successfully. 5 members in white appeared on stage and were welcomed by cheers. ryo (vo) raised his right hand and in a high tone voice started the show with their new song “HELIOS” performed during their tour. The exotic melodies and H.U.G.’s ensemble, now fully awakened as a band, dominated the audience. Ryo skillfully used his lustrous voice and ferocious shouts, and Karyu (gt) creates a thick, profound sound with his forward-bending play style. Kazutoshi Yokoyama (manipulator, key & percussion), who controls the sound with his shiny stick, also drives full throttle from the very beginning. TAKEO (dr./PIERROT, Angelo), who was involved in the sequence, controlled the rhythm and MASASHI (Ba/Versailles), who controlled the groove, also transcended the framework of support and firmly conveyed the presence of the rock band H.U.G. to the audience.
The song “DROP” began with ryo’s words, “Let’s be thankful for the sun.” The accelerating instruments and ryo’s melodies intersected beautifully. “LOVE THAT NEVER ENDS” was a gentle, strong, and tender expression of love.
“We are a new band, and we have only been active less than a year. The other day, one of our senpai asked us if we were a HUGU(blowfish)…….[laugh],” he said with a laugh, and as the band resumed the live roared out the heavy groove of “WHO IS THE ROMEO”. During the interlude, the entire floor sank down and then jumped in unison with the stage! In the last song, the liberating melody of “HEART” filled the venue with love, and H.U.G. ended the stage to chanting calls of “H.U.G.!


_PTY9386 NoGOD 0709“I’m going to greet you in a way that other bands never do! KOBANBANWA!!!”

NoGoD appeared on stage with a loud greeting from the band leader Dancho (vo). K (Dr)’s wild drumming, hibiki (Ba)’s uninhibited bottom bass line, Shinno (Gt)’s edgy guitar, and Iyoda Kohei’s (Gt) shred guitar. The band’s explosive sound and skillful performance overwhelmed the audience from the first song, “Genyaku Seisho.”
“Let me show you missionary work at its best!” Dancho’s grim smile led into “What do you say”, revealing his high tone vocal that just was over the top!
Questioning themselves why they were invited to this event as the other bands are the “mass of sexiness” (H.U.G., Luv Parade) and “beauty (Moi dix Mois)”, the devilish (?) Dancho captures the hearts of the audience with his emcee.
“NoGoD, we do music PROPERLY. You can cover your EYES, but don’t cover your EARS,” as Dancho said before performing “mind’s eyes”. The band mesmerized the audience with their outstanding performance and dignified expression, intertwining heavy grooves and beautiful melodies.
The band overwhelmed the audience with “Kamikaze,” a killer tune with dramatic song development and melodic phrases and finished off with a high-speed number “Never fade away,” which started with Dancho passionately shouting, “Let’s prove that this genre will not disappear, Shinjuku-!” “Remember, we are NoGoD! “
With these words, the five left the stage after the raging performance.

[Moi dix Mois]

Moi dix Mois_1_0709A mesmerizing world illuminated in blue. The sound of a harpsichord played in the background. The members appeared on stage and took to their places, and when Mana (gu) appeared on stage and gracefully raised his blue crystal guitar, the floor screamed and cheered.

“Let’s all go deeper into the darkness.”

Said Seth (vo) who appeared last on stage. The metallic riffs began to rampage and the floor shook their heads in unison with “Material Death,” as the bewitchingly beautiful world of Moi dix Mois was unleashed.
The noisy, heavy twin guitar of Mana and Ryux (gt) raging amidst symphonic sounds were ear-splitting.
“Tonight is “DEVIL’S PARTY”. It’s a devil’s party. It is a sabbat. Let’s take you to a deeper world of darkness.”
Seth lead us into “Wichcraft” with Hayato’s (dr) tight and light drumming, Sugiya’s (ba) solid bass line, and Mana’s pleasant picking harmonics. The choir echoed through the venue, and the floor was heated up with “Solitude,” with Seth’s lascivious layering of bewitching melodious vocal, followed the wild and elegant “Beast side,” and the upper tune, “Dead Scape”.
The symphonic roar of “Ange ~D side holy wings~” enveloped the venue, brought the majestic world of Moi dix Mois to its finale.


_DVL3002-Taka 0709The last to appear, of course, was Luv PARADE, appeared in black attire were greeted by the utmost cheering from the audience. The electro sound effects leaned directly into the synthetic sound, and TAKA (vo/defspiral) with his withering purple stole, slowly clapped his hands, “Shall we go?”
_DVL2711-karyu 0709

The heavy bass sounded like a serpent crawling on the ground. The band quickly drew the audience in with covers of “Poker Face (Lady GAGA)” and “Toxic (Britney Spears)” that were so bewitchingly sublimated into their own that it would not be too much to say that they were Luv PARADE’s songs.
“Welcome to DEVIL’S PARTY! You all can’t get enough of the fuss yet, RIGHT?”
TAKA led the way with “BAD GUY (Billie Eilish),” a song with a lewd aroma. ZERO (ba) layered grooves to TSUKASA’s (dr) precise beat, and Karyu’s (gt) built wall of distortion.
_DVL3635 Zero 0709When Taka’s lustrous vocals are added to the music, any song becomes Luv PARADE, and the band’s nostalgia was just captivating.
“DEVILS’ PARADE (D’ESPAIRSRAY),” with its slow and pacing groove, followed by “My Heart Will Go On (Céline Dion)” which overwhelmed the audience with their spare and dignified expression.
After the announcement of the next one-man live, “Dub-I-Dub” was interspersed with happy yet somehow devilish festivities that gave a sense of Luv PARADE’s identity, and the floor became a melting pot of excitement with the insanity of “MIRROR (D’ESPAIRSRAY)”.
“The story has just begun,” introduced TAKA to the last song, “The Never Ending Story (Limmahi)”. The straight melody and edgy performance seemed endless, going on forever and ever.
_DVL3596 tsukasa 0709

The encore started with “Sk8er Boi (Avril Lavigne)”. The floor swayed vertically with all its might to the beat, which somehow felt light even though its center of gravity was low, and the heated atmosphere remained the same to the following “DEATH POINT (D’ESPAIRSRAY)”. The heat from the stage and the floor culminated in a shouted call and response, and the devil’s feast came to an end.
Luv PARADE has also announced their one-man live at Veats Shibuya on September 9, the date of when D’ESPAIRSRAY was formed, and will play more D’ESPAIRSRAY songs than usual. Keep your eyes on “DEVIL’S NEW WORLD” to see what they have in store for us!



03. DROP

01. 現約聖書(Genyaku Seisho)
02. What do you say
03. mind’s eye
04. 神風(Kamikaze)
05. Never fade away

■Moi dix Mois
01. Material Death
02. Witchcraft
03. Solitude
04. Beast side
05. Dead Scape
06. Ange〜D side holy wings〜

01. Poker Face/Lady Gaga
02. Toxic/Britney Spears
03. BAD GUY/Billie Eilish
05. My Heart Will Go On/Celine Dion
06. Dub-I-Dub/Me & My
08. The NeverEnding Story/Limahl

09. sk8er boi/Avril Lavigne

Tickets are now on sale for this performance archive!
Ticket purchase: https://parade.zaiko.io/e/devilsparty0709
Japanese / English available
(Tickets on sale until 20:00, Tuesday, August 8, 2023)


Live report by: Fuyushogun (冬将軍)

Live photo by:Misato Koyama (ODD JOB LTD.)

Translation by: Vkei-Guide


September 9, 2023 (sat)
Venue: Veats Shibuya
Open 16:00 Start17:00
[Info]Siren Enterpriseサイレン・エンタープライズ03-3447-8822