V-Kei News

7 【Vkei-News】‘TAKA’ Lead Vocal of ‘defspiral’ invites you to join the event of J-Rock lover, J-Rockaholic PARTY
SchwarzStein 【Vkei-News】Schwarz Stein: Additional one-man in Osaka and Nagoya announced! (with Special guests!)
ggg_photo2017 【Vkei News】gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy 2nd album “In incontinence” released!
flyer-M.A.D0807 【Vkei-News】New artist photo for MEJIBRAY/Arlequin/DIAURA event tour “M.A.D.” revealed!
the third place Additional live schedule for 3-man live 『the third place』 starring Takayuki Tazawa, Yuki Sakurai, and Kaya announced!
Schwarz Stein Oneman LIVE wIncubus Gardenx  ‰ïêFa’JREX  ŠJêF18:30  ŠJ‰‰F19:00   “–“úF4,500‰~iDr‘ã•Êj Solo artist Kaya’s decadence unit Schwarz Stein will release their best album in autumn!
2017.07.02〜 アマンジャク。 【Vkei-News】Latest information from Amanjaku.
スクリーンショット 2017-06-29 22.10.43 【Vkei-News】 The pioneering Visual-kei supporting app 「VisUnite」 is organising an innovative and diverse Visual-kei music festival 「VisUnite Fest Special Edition」!!
【Vkei-News】Newly formed FAZ will perform revival oneman show 『Feel the PARADOX』 on 26th August and release their new album 『PARADOX』 on 30th August. What concepts will 『PARADOX』give us!?
DIAURA 2017年2月解禁 オフィシャル写真 【Vkei-News】Updates from DIAURA