V-Kei News

LP joker pic 【Vkei-News】June 1 release, Luv PARADE MINI ALBUM “JOKER” lead song “TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT” music video finally revealed!
●メイン_20231219_dt_0414nu 【Vkei-News】ν[NEU] major debut last album “N.ever” to be released on July 3 (Wed)!
S__176250882 【Vkei-News】Janne Da Arc & Acid Black Cherry avid artists to gather and perform on September 6 for a two-man cover band live!
●メイン_20231219_dt_0414nu 【Vkei-News】ν[NEU] premium live concert on June 8 has been added at short notice! The venue is not a live house BUT “Don Quijote Yokohama West Exit Store”!
_ABC6328_mainphoto 【Vkei-News】Former Janne Da Arc members you, kiyo, and shuji announced nationwide tour “you kiyo shuji TOUR 2024 “CONNECT””!
LP202406_re4 all 202404 【Vkei-News】Luv PARADE to release 1st MINI ALBUM “JOKER” & new artist photo revealed!
H.U.G_RGB_K 2024 【Vkei-News】H.U.G day 2024-H.U.G me- live and Fall tour announced!
1_集合 Psycho le Cému midashi 【Vkei-News】Psycho le Cému New Artist Photo & Nationwide Tour Revealed!
LuvPARADE__WEB pic 【Vkei-News】Luv PARADE Tour 2024 “WAKE UP and REVOLT” Streaming LIVE to be held!
You nicori solo 【Vkei-News】you solo live performance by former Janne Da Arc to be held  on May 9th!