V-Kei News

Kaya_Main new photo 0314 crop 【Vkei News】Diva Kaya to challenge in crowdfunding for DIVA special cover album “DRESS”!!
flyer-DIAURA1 【Vkei-News】DIAURA’s First Asia Tour “New Identity” to be Held!
ACME 【Vkei-News】FAKE STAR presents ACME’s U.S. Debut at Anime Milwaukee
_MG_0483 オフィシャルアーティスト写真 【Vkei-News】DIAURA MV of 15th Single “MALICE” Unveiled!
Rayflower_2018As small cc 【Vkei News】Rayflower:Details of Mini Album 「ENDLESS JOURNEY」and trailer for their new songs revealed!
Rayflower_2018As small cc 【Vkei News】Rayflower : New artist visual and announcement of Mini Album「ENDLESS JOURNEY」release !!
awakeness-dive_jacket 【Vkei-News】DIAURA “Gumin no Hi” & “Dwango.jp” Campaign! Vol. 1 Distribution of “Awakeness Dive” for Free Initiated!
ACMEzesshououkapromo ACME Reveals Full Music Video for “Zesshou Ouka”
CHISA 【Vkei-News】CHISA (ACME) Makes U.S. Runway debut at Anime Expo, Live Music by American DJs Voia, James Landino, and Mitomoro
Kaya_201807_b artist photo 2-1 【Vkei News】Veils raised for diva Kaya’s new artist photo for the refreshing Summer single 『Monday Monday』!