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【LIVE MEMO】Takayuki Tazawa band-style solo one-man “Zan-shin” at Veats Shibuya 2023.09.17

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【LIVE MEMO】Takayuki Tazawa band-style solo one-man “Zan-shin” at Veats Shibuya 2023.09.17

Tazawa solo 20230917 koukoku

Takayuki Tazawa known for his powerful voice, active as a solo artist as well as the vocalist for numerous unit/bands such as fuzzy knot, Rayflower and, waive has revealed the band-style version of his solo live “Zan-shin(残心)” on September 17 at Veats Shibuya.
Since his lives were strictly solo with only piano or acoustic guitar for the most part of his solo career, this band-style live was first in a long time. (His first solo live was band-style) Though there are no future schedule for an encore of the band-style solo one-man yet, it is likely something will come up next year!

Tazawa solo 20230917 live photo 2

All photos except the venue photo are from 田澤孝介(@takayuki_tazawa)さん / X (twitter.com)


[Zan-shin( 残心 )Takayuki Tazawa band-style solo live]
Date: September 17, 2023 (Sun)
Venue: Veats Shibuya Veats Shibuya | ライブ&カフェ・スペース
Start: 03:30p.m. JST


〜SE 〜
02.カナリア (Canary)
03.生きてこそ (Ikitekoso)
04.夢の居場所 (Yume no Ibasho)
05.新月の心 (Shingetsu no Kokoro)
06.恋の彼方に (Koi no Kanatani)
07.赤い大きな月の夜 (Akai Okina Tsuki no Yoru)
08.夜に願えば (Yoru ni Negaeba)
09.Mechanism stupid
10.Wave Rider
11.蒲公英〜風に舞え〜 (Tanpopo~Kaze ni Mae~)
12.虹の袂 (Niji no Tamoto)
13.セセラキ (Seseraki)
14.キミのそばで (Kimi no Sobade)
15.ここに僕らの (Koko ni Bokurano)

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Takayuki Tazawa with support members

Tazawa solo 20230917 live photo 3

from L to R :  Hiroshi Ishikawa(Dr)/ Takuma Makita(Ba)/Takayuki Tazawa(Vo)/Daisuke Suga(Gu)/Tomohiro Sumikama(Key)

Takayuki Tazawa (田澤 孝介)
Official HP: https://www.takayuki-tazawa.com/
Official X(Ex-Twitter): 田澤孝介(@takayuki_tazawa)さん / X (twitter.com)
After residing in Waive、Strobe, he is presently active as a solo vocalist apart from the vocalist of Rayflower. With his entertaining emcees at lives and radio programs, he is also a talented vocalist with a powerful high tone voice. As for his recent solo work, on May 16th 2018, he has released mini album『Soen Nostalgia』sound produced by Keiichi Miyako. In 2021 he has formed a unit fuzzy knot with Shinji from SID.

Support Members:
Daisuke Suga (Gu) (菅 大助) Guitarist, songwriter and, active as sblood which is a unit with his younger brother.
Official HP: https://www.sblood-web.com/
Official X(Ex-Twitter): 菅 大助(@DaisukeSuga)さん / X (twitter.com)

Takuma Makita (Ba) (牧田 拓磨)  Bassist of wyse( wyse(@wyse_official)さん / X (twitter.com) ) and also active as a solo artist. 
Official HP: http://www.takuma-life.com/
Official X(Ex-Twitter): 牧田 拓磨(@TAKUMA_MAKITA)さん / X (twitter.com)

Tomohiro Sumikama (Key) (炭竃 智弘) Formerly an illustrator and active as a musician(song writing).
Official HP: http://dapproduction.com/
Official X(Ex-Twitter): 炭竃智弘(@sumikama_dap)さん / X (twitter.com)

Hiroshi Ishikawa (Dr) (石川 洋) Active as a drummer, supporting drums, recordings etc.
Official HP: https://ameblo.jp/drumonkey1981/
Official X(Ex-Twitter):   石川 洋(@drumonkey1124)さん / X (twitter.com)

Tazawa solo 20230917 live photo