LEZARD 20160620

A band, from which the vocalist left, declared their intention to continue the activities! “Keep the place where we can meet the fans!”

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The final show of “15 Iko oneman tour” (15 shows in total) commemorated the third anniversary of LEZARD was held at Shinjuku ReNY on June 19 (Sun). The tickets were sold out, and the venue was so crowded that the door was not able to be closed. The show started with a killer tune “Kamisama Ikasama”, and the members showed their spirits summing up their activities for three years, creating the unified space with the fans as usual. The band performed 24 songs in total until the last song “Kokoro no Connect” for about three hours.

(LEZARD始動3周年を記念した「15行こーワンマンツアー」(全15本)のファイナル公演が6/19(日)新宿ReNYにて開催された。チケットはSOLD OUTしており会場の扉が閉まりきらない程の満員御礼。キラーチューン「カミサマイカサマ」で幕を切ったライブは、いつも通りファンとの一体感ある空間を作りあげつつ、3年の活動を集大成するような気迫を見せたステージでもあり、ラストの「ココロノコネクト」まで実に全24曲、約3時間に渡る怒涛のライブが展開された。)


Because the vocalist Lime left the band on that day, the other members, Kousuke (Gt), TACC (Ba), and natsume (Dr) stayed on the stage after the curtain call with the four members, and Kousuke, the leader of the band, delivered to the fans who would have mixed feelings, “We named the band LEZARD so that we can rise up any number of times no matter what happens just like a tail of lizard which can regenerate even if it has been cut. We will find a credible vocalist. Please support us from now on.” The show ended as clapping and cheering warmly arose from the fans toward the “oath”, “LEZARD will keep the place where we can meet the fans.”


After the show, the schedule for the talk event becoming the usual event “Shabe riza” which have been determined to be held at Osaka for the first time other than Tokyo was disclosed, in addition to their new visual. Moreover, their participation in live events has already been disclosed. LEZARD declared their enthusiasm and resolution, “It may take time to find the new vocalist, but we won’t stop our activities.”, and must excite the V-kei scene more than before.


Comment from Kousuke (Gt)

LEZARD will go forward facing toward. LEZARD will be only three members until we can meet a credible vocalist.

We determined not to stop our activities with resolutions even if the band consisted of only three members.

We do not intend to show half-hearted performances at shows starting from July 10. I want to make the most enjoyable show with DAPPY (the fans of LEZARD)! Show us DAPPY’s underlying strength!





Comment from TACC (Ba)

The meaning that we rise up any number of times even if no matter what happens put into the band name, LEZARD. Moreover, the musical bond which we have expressed to the fans since our starting. We did not have an option that we should stop our activities. I think that it is important to continue. I think there would be many hardships in the future, but I want to overcome one by one. Let’s go see the fantastic scenery together! Please support LEZARD from now on!



Comment from natsume (Dr)

LEZARD, which has rushed headlong and has raised our voices, lost the precious “vocal”.

However, we determined to retrieve the lost “vocal” again.

In order to retrieve the lost “vocal” again, I think there would be more hardships than before, but it is a crucial stage of regenerative power of “lizard” from now. Very lovely “vocal” can be heard after we overcome this hardship.

Therefore, let’s face forward and walk together, LEZARD and DAPPY, so that the lovely “vocal” can be let out!






■Riostar Records Presents Shaberiza~Kinkyuu DAPPY Meeting!!~

– July 16 (Sat): Shinjuku Loft PlusOne ~Tokyo version~

– August 29 (Mon): Loft PlusOne West ~Osaka version~

Open/Start: 5:30p.m./6:30p.m.

Advanced ticket: 2300 yen / Ticket at the door: 2800 yen *Necessary to order one drink (500 yen and over)

*This is not a live performance, but a talk show.

Priority ticket sales are available at e-plus until 6p.m. on June 25 (Sat).

(Riostar Records プレゼンツ しゃべリザ~緊急DAPPYミーティング!!~

・7/16(土) 新宿ロフトプラスワン ~東京編~

・8/29(月) Loft PlusOne West ~大阪編~

開場 17:30 / 開演 18:30

前売 ¥2,300 / 当日 ¥2,800 ※要1ドリンクオーダー(¥500以上)



■Kousuke Birthday Event

“Ham Ham Choukaigi EPISODE IV ~Aratanaru Kibou~”

August 9 (Tue): SHIBUYA REX

Open/Start: 5:00p.m./5:30p.m.

Advanced ticket: 3500 yen / Ticket at the door: 4000 yen (drink fee excluded)

Priority ticket sales are available at e-plus until 6p.m. on June 25 (Sat).

(公佑 Birthday Event

「ハムハム超会議 EPISODE Ⅳ~新たなる希望~」


開場 17:00 / 開演 17:30

前売 ¥3,500 / 当日 ¥4,000(D代別)


■Live information

July 10 (Sun): SHIBUYA REX

July 30 (Sat): Shinjuku RUIDO K4

August 1 (Mon): 【beauty;tricker】~Shibuya ga Taihen 2016~

August 28 (Sun): Osaka STUDIO PARTITA



7/30(土) 新宿RUIDO K4

8/1(月) 【beauty;tricker】~渋谷が大変2016~



Translated by Chika Yoshizawa