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【Vkei-News】VAMPS 2016.06.29 Release LIVE DVD & Blu-ray “MTV Unplugged: VAMPS ” Official Interview Released!

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Official interview has been released for VAMPSs new LIVE DVD & Blu-ray “MTV Unplugged: VAMPS” out on 29.06.2016.

In this official interview, HYDE has spoken about plenty of things including what lead VAMPS to appear on the MTV Unplugged, their live stage production, guest artists as well as their upcoming tour.

Check his interview out before watching their video!

2016.6.29 発売のLIVE DVD & Blu-ray「MTV Unplugged: VAMPS」リリースに際して、オフィシャルインタビューを発表いたしました。

今回のMTV Unplugged出演のきっかけから、ライヴ演出、ゲストアーティスト、今後のツアーのことなど、オフィシャルならではのボリュームでHYDEが余すところなくインタビューにこたえています。


Product Information

2016.06.29 New Release LIVE DVD & Blu-ray “MTV Unplugged: VAMPS”

Their live recorded performance at MTV Unplugged: VAMPS (on 19th January 2016 at Tokyo Shinagawa Stellar Ball) has been packaged in complete format and will be released with all 11 songs played on the day including 2 songs not broadcast on TV!

The stage is just like an evening party at mansion of vampires by the musicians turned into vampires with dark & gothic stage, which is reminiscent of black mass, and mysterious & glamorous acoustic session. Enjoy their one and only best unplugged live in full version.


2016.6.29 New Release LIVE DVD & Blu-ray「MTV Unplugged: VAMPS」


2016年1月19日、東京・品川ステラボールで公開収録されたMTV Unplugged: VAMPSを完全パッケージ化、TVオンエアされなかった2曲を含む、全11曲のパフォーマンスを収録した映像作品のリリースが決定!


LIVE DVD & Blu-ray 「MTV Unplugged: VAMPS」

29.06.2016 Release

Product Editions


Limited Edition BD+SHM CD ¥7,500(tax out) / ¥8,100(tax-included)

UIXV-90012 *Digipak


Limited Edition DVD+SHM CD ¥6,500(tax out) / ¥7,020(tax-included)

UIBV-90014 *Digipak


Regular Edition DVD ¥4,000(tax out) / ¥4,320(tax-included)





Live movie of all 11 songs played at the live recording day


Live CD of MTV Unplugged: VAMPS

It may differ from the video, such as MC parts

Bonus footage for Limited Edition


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LIVE DVD & Blu-ray 「MTV Unplugged: VAMPS」



■初回限定盤BD+SHM CD ¥7,500(税抜) / ¥8,100(税込)

UIXV-90012 *デジパック仕様

■初回限定盤DVD+SHM CD ¥6,500(税抜) / ¥7,020(税込)

UIBV-90014 *デジパック仕様

■通常盤DVD ¥4,000(税抜) / ¥4,320(税込)




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VAMPS LIVE 2016 will be taking place! This tour will be ‘the besieged type’ with a variety of themes every day. Starting on Wednesday 6th July at ZEPP NAGOYA, running through 20 lives in 4 cities! Tickets are now on sale!

VAMPS LIVE 2016 開催決定!今ツアーは、日ごとにテーマのあるバラエティ型籠城。7月6日(水) ZEPP NAGOYA公演を皮切りに、全国4ヵ所20公演を駆け抜ける!ただいまチケット一般発売中!)



July 2016

6th (Wednesday) ※ACOUSTIC DAY

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12th (Tuesday)

13th (Wednesday)



July 2016

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17th (Sunday) ※ACOUSTIC DAY

20th (Wednesday) ※STUDENTS ONLY DAY

21st (Thursday) ※BEAUTY & THE BEAST

23rd (Saturday)

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16th (Friday) ※Supporting Act: In This Moment / Apocalyptica

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Saturday 18th June 2016 AM 10:00~

























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10日(土) ※サポート・アクト In This Moment

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VAMPS LIVE 2016 ZEPP TOKYOにサポート・アクトとして参加する2バンド、In This Moment

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Free admission for children under 6 years of age (1 child per 1 adult with ticket, full priced ticket is required for children of 6 and over)

Ticket on saleSaturday 23rd July 2016 AM10:00


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FOOD Area / GOODS Sale / LOGOS Tent Area / Cloak / Mini Stage etc


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開場 16:00 / 開演 17:30

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チケット:スタンディングブロック指定 9,200円(税込)


一般発売日:2016年7月23日(土) AM10:00



開場 10:00 / 終了 22:30 (予定)

FOODエリア / GOODS販売 / LOGOS テントエリア / クローク / ミニステージ






【BEAST PARTY 宿泊プラン・交通】


会場からほど近いシティリゾートホテル「ハイアット リージェンシー 大阪」を利用するラグジュアリーな宿泊プランをご提供します。



●コスモスクエア駅特設乗降場~会場 シャトルバス



■プレイガイド2次先行受付 チケットぴあ

2016年6月29日(水) 12:00 ~ 7月3日(日) 23:59




                      【Special Interview】

Truly this is a special live DVD/BD. 『MTV Unplugged: VAMPS』- live recorded on 19th January 2016 and broadcast on 19th March, has been packaged in complete format and released on 29th June. The gorgeous acoustic session by VAMPS and 12 musicians including string quartet, live piano, percussion, female chorus and others; the gothic & horror world reminiscent of vampires’ evening party; the glamorous and elaborate stage set; all of them will surely overturn your image of unplugged live. It contains many highlights including the fantastic duet of「MILK with guest vocal Chara, 「SIN IN JUSTICE」 with APOCALYPTICA, Finnish cello rock band and they are also friends of VAMPS, as well as 「GHOST」played by only 2 members of VAMPS that was not broadcast on TV. We have interviewed HYDE who plays a role as a producer of VAMPS live and asked him about their stage and this product.

実にスペシャルなライヴ映像作品だ。2016年1月19日に公開収録され、3月19日にオンエアされた『MTV Unplugged: VAMPS』が完全パッケージ化されて6月29日にリリースされる。ストリングスのカルテットを始め、生ピアノにパーカッション、女性コーラスなど総勢12名のミュージシャンとVAMPSによる豪華なアコースティック・セッション、ヴァンパイアたちの夜会を彷彿させるゴシック&ホラーな世界観、それを具現化して妖艶かつ緻密に構築されたステージ・セットはこれまでに思い描かれてきたアンプラグド・ライヴのイメージを覆すだろう。Charaをゲストに迎え、ファンタジックなデュエットを披露した「ミルク」や、フィンランドのチェロ・ロックバンドでありVAMPSの盟友でもあるAPOCALYPTICAとの「SIN IN JUSTICE」、さらに番組では放映されなかったVAMPSの2人だけで奏でられた「GHOST」と見どころも満載。VAMPSライヴのプロデューサー的役割を担うHYDEにこのステージと今作品についてたっぷりと聞いた。)

—— First of all, when did the idea of unplugged live come up?

I remember it was in November or December last year when we had an offer. However, at first we were not too positive about it as our schedule was quite filled at that time and it was also when APOCALYPTICA was visiting Japan for our tour as a guest act. We wrote a song called SIN IN JUSTICE together with them but we did not record a MV, so I thought it would not be a bad idea to record a video of our performance on this occasion.


「去年の11月か12月くらいだったかな、先方からオファーをいただいて。ただ、スケジュールがけっこうカツカツだったので、最初はあまり前向きではなかったんですけど、ちょうどAPOCALYPTICAが僕らのツアーのゲストアクトで来日してる時期だったしね。彼らと一緒に「SIN IN JUSTICE」っていう曲を作ったんですけどMVは撮ってなかったので、この機会に一緒に演奏して映像として残しておくのは悪くないなと」)

——It was certainly reckless timing as VAMPS was in the middle of the tour.

It was two days after the live in Nagoya and that was for 6 days in a row (laugh). It could have been a disaster if I lost my voice.



——You were saying at live that “I bet I would not have done it if I didn’t get offered this kind of opportunity”; does that mean you were not really thinking of performing unplugged live as VAMPS before?

I have done something similar before just for fun but I never expected to be serious about like this time. But I was always thinking that it must improve our skills as a band if we experience it. So I did not mean that I was not keen on, as long as I get a chance.



——Performance and the stage set were totally amazing. Did the specific image of live come off the top of your head?

Not really, it only came up bit by bit once we decided to do as it was such a circumstance at first. I was watching videos of various unplugged live and wondering what I would do if I were to do it, then my own world view has grown. For example VAMPS is aiming to the vampiric atmosphere, so I thought we could pursue that kind of gothic concept with the acoustic live also. If so I thought our performance would be something interesting nobody has ever seen before. Then I started feeling so excited about (laugh). Setlist was made by selecting songs with a spiritual taste to create atmosphere.


「いや、最初はそういう状況だったので、やると決めてから少しずつですね。自分ならどうするかな? って、過去のいろんなアンプラグドのライヴ映像を観ていくうちに、どんどん自分の世界観が出来上がってきて。例えばVAMPSはふだんからヴァンパイアの雰囲気を目指してるんだけど、さらにアコースティックのライヴでもそういったゴシックな要素を追求できるんじゃないかなと思ったんですよね、世界観として。だとしたらこれまでにない面白い映像作品になりそうだなと。そのへんからです、ときめいてきたのは(笑)。選曲も宗教的なテイストの曲というか、そういうものを選んで雰囲気作りをしていきました」)

——I see. So you had an image of gothic and spiritual atmosphere…

And horror too. I guess I am a kind of person who wants to create stuff like as if the audiences can step into wonderland.



——Basically, you did not want to end up with just another acoustic live.

No, unplugged live as we say is usually a “non-complicated style” isn’t it? So I thought it would be interesting and original if we elaborate it contrary to the norm.



——In the footage from the making of (Bonus for the Limited Edition), I saw you were telling the crew about your image of the stage by saying “I want a little bit of something comical, not just a horror”, what did you mean by “comical” in this instance?

I meant it not to be serious. In other words, just like the horror films of Tim Burton. Not by pursuing a real horror but I thought some cuteness within horror would more suit with my aesthetic sense. Didn’t want to go too far but still wanted to do it right in earnest.



——The tower of candles especially drawn my attention on the stage set.

「I usually put some objects of candles on the stage at my solo event called “Kuro-Missa (Black Mass)” which is a smaller-scale acoustic live. So this time was more authentic than that and I wanted to use something symbolic just like a real black mass to summon up the devils.



——Maybe there were real devils there (laugh). Well, it was a wonderful stage indeed; your aesthetic sense was in every detail.

But we kept running around until just before the show on the day. VAMPS was proud of our punctuality and always started our stage promptly on time for years. Every time I hear the story of how many hours some other artists delayed their stage or whatever, I was saying “That’s because of a poor preparation. Look at us, have we ever been late for even one second? ”, but we were 2 hours behind schedule on this day (laugh).


「でも当日は開演直前までかなりドタバタで。VAMPSはもう何年も定刻スタートでライヴを毎回やってきてて、それが自慢だったんですよ。よく何時間押したとか言ってるアーティストがいるけど、そういうのは準備不足だ、俺たちを見ろ、と。俺たちがかつて1秒でも遅れたことがあるか? って言ってたのに、この日は2時間押しましたからね(笑)」)

——For VAMPS it was an unprecedented scandal (laugh).

I was really sorry about making the audiences wait but I was relieved that our show was presentable somehow. If I wasn’t much interested in stage direction, we could have done as it was, but I did not want people to believe that the incomplete stage was my concept. I felt my personal responsibility as well.



——Audiences must be able to recognise what you achieved on DVD. Now, what about the songs played? I guess it must have been a difficult job to rearrange songs to unplugged version.

Yes it was. We asked 3 arrangers who have got skills at arranging strings to work on each part, then I took part in judging afterwards.



——What did you put the most importance on?

I think it’s comparatively easier to arrange ballad tunes. So it was a challenge for me to transform the other parts of our music such as rock to acoustic. Directing that point efficiently was a hard job. If I didn’t tell exactly how I wanted, something didn’t feel quite right when I listened to the completed arrangement. For example how to express the rhythm part or something like that. Strings arrangement can be made neatly but I was often asking them to play strings in more different ways like percussion instruments.



——Selection of songs was very aggressive I thought. I was surprised by the idea of playing DAMNED unplugged! (laugh)

That’s indeed with the black-mass-ish image (laugh). I thought it didn’t have to be just soft and gentle songs when summoning up the devils, some sensual elements must be still needed even if it’s an acoustic live. So I selected the songs also in that kind of point of view.

——選曲もかなりアグレッシヴですよね。「DAMNED」をアンプラグドでやっちゃうんだ! ってビックリしました(笑)。


——The lineup of guest artists was so special too, Chara and APOCALYPTCA. Did you and Chara know each other?

No. But I wanted to sing a duet with female artist and someone I like, so I offered her.



——What do you like about Chara?

Where she is using words as a musical instrument, I would say. That’s something I also want to follow her skill. And especially her lyrics get to my heart; even if the text itself does not make sense, those words still drive through my heart, that’s what I like about so much. Of course I like her melody as well. Though, Chara’s songs are mainly cute and pop, aren’t they? So I was a bit worried if it could be not matching with our concepts, “live of vampires” and “call of devils”. But I chose MILK as I thought its mystified arrangement might match well with her.



——Mystified arrangement?

If we arrange it in horror tune, it became completely opposite to her image so we thought it was a little funny. Earlier I mentioned “Tim Burton-like”, but I thought we needed some strange or mystified parts as well as scary horror parts, cute and comical parts; so I asked her to play that part.



——It was quite rare to see you singing only the chorus part.

I felt different from usual when I was singing chorus. When I am singing main melody, I feel like being a leader so I’d say “everyone, come with me”, but when I am dedicating to chorus, I feel like I am following someone in contract, so it was an interesting experience for me.



——How wasSIN IN JUSTICEplayed with APOCALYPTICA? Was the performance different from the time when you accompanied with their UK tour or when they played with you in Nagoya at the VAMPS Japan tour?

Nothing was different about singing but I did feel the difference if I listen to the whole sound. Because it is not a song where the audiences make noise in standing venue and it is closer to the image of call of devils, that atmosphere was going very well with their cello; I would say it was a highlight, the most magnificent part, of this live. We started this whole thing with this song anyway.

——APOCALYPTICAとの「SIN IN JUSTICE」はいかがでした? 昨年、彼らのUKツアーに帯同したときや、VAMPSのツアーに彼らが来日して共演した名古屋公演での演奏とは違いましたか。


——I think definitely the must-see part is GHOST played with K.A.Z. Is it right that this was the first time for you two to perform alone in live?

Maybe, I believe so. We were avoiding this to happen until now (laugh). I guess both of us don’t think that kind of style is cool, K.A.Z was quite reluctant to do it either. But it was still a good chance and I thought it is another highlight that we played just by ourselves, so we dared.


「たぶん、そうですね。今まで避けてきてたんですよ(笑)。2人とも、そういうのをあんまりカッコいいと思ってないんでしょうね。K.A.Z君もけっこう嫌がってましたし。でも、せっかくの機会だし、2人っていうのもまたひとつのハイライトだなと思って、あえてやろうと」 )

——It surprised me the song you chose was GHOST.

At first we thought it would be boring if we play a song that can be simply arranged with the guitar. Also, we wanted to choose a song that has a power to convey the lyrics. This time was for Japanese audiences but if we were to perform acoustic live overseas as VAMPS, I would prefer the songs like that. For example if I were to show our own world view to the audiences in the US, GHOST must be the best I believe.



——Is there any plan to play again?

「Two of us? I’m not sure, we may not. Well, if K.A.Z says he wants to, then I will have to (laugh).

「2人で? どうかな〜、やらないかもね。ま、K.A.Z君がやるっていうなら、やりますけど(笑)」)

——I believe this video must be still rare for your fans who are following VAMPS for long time. VAMPS has been playing a huge number of live shows until now including your usual ‘the besieged’ style tour, from small venues to large arena, as well as overseas tour, outdoor events and Halloween events; it is just amazing that you are still performing in new style.

We have been doing various things so I feel like we have already done everything we can think of (laugh). But this time I think it was successful to present another aspect, of an acoustic style of VAMPS. In the beginning we were going to do it only once, but now I became aware that I’m wanting to show this to many more people. It is still exciting.



——There will already be “ACOUSTIC DAY” in tour “VAMPS LIVE 2016” starting from July. What do you think of fascination of VAMPS, precisely because of acoustic approach?

Acoustic music is basically for listening in quiet environment in general. So I would say that’s where you can feel the details of sound or instrument performing skills. How much we can fascinate our audiences by the sound is totally relying on our own ability so I am enjoining this challenge actually, as it could be impossible to do that if we are not confident.

——7月から始まる次のツアー“VAMPS LIVE 2016”でも早速“ACOUSTIC DAY”が設けられていますね。アコースティックだからこそ表現できるVAMPSの魅力って何でしょうか。


——We are looking forward to it. Finally, please can we have your message for the audiences who are getting this product?

As we are performing with such a large number of people, I would like you to enjoy the stage of VAMPS with many musicians. It is just like a group of monsters (laugh). I am delighted if you could watch it with feeling like a trip to wonderland.



Interview by yuko honma

Translated by Kaoru Nagata