【Vkei-News】wyse announced their major debut for the first time in 16 years

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On March 2nd 2017, during their fan club limited live 『Thank U -TSUKIMORI Project Night-』 at Aoyama RizM,  wyse announced they will make their major debut this summer!

Wyse made their first debut on December 12th 2001 with their full album『the Answer in the Answers』
Then sadly they broke up on 2005.
6 years later, they announced suddenly their reformation.

After continuing their activities for the next 6 years, wyse announced during their fan club limited live 『Unexisted Stage』on February 12th that they’re taking apart from the music company they were active and left it.
The fans were also having hope but fears, and with this bright announcement for the first time in 16 years the band offered to them the best present ever with such a nice future.
For the moment the only informations transmitted are, first, a full album and band’s major debut for this summer, then a countrywide tour once the album will be released!!
Look forward to see more details about their activities and be sure to keep an eye on wyse, who are, step by step, working hard to reach a bright future!


wyse 16年振りのメジャーデビューを発表

2017年3月2日、wyseが、青山RizMにて開催されたファンクラブ限定ライブ『Thank U -月森 Project Night-』にて、今夏、メジャーデビューすることを発表した。

wyseは、2001年12月12日、1st Full Album『the Answer in the Answers』でメジャーデビュー。

その後、6年間活動を続けてきたwyseは、先月2月12日に開催されたワンマンライブ『Unexisted Stage』にて、長年共に歩んできた事務所からの独立を発表。



03/03(金) wyse / LAID『Memories Of Blue』 (Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE)
03/05(日)『Crazy Monsters ~春の祭典 2017 東名阪TOUR~』(TSUTAYA O-EAST)
04/16(日) wyse × GOTCHAROCKA Coupling Tour 2017『to link』(高田馬場CLUB PHASE)
05/06(土) wyse × GOTCHAROCKA Coupling Tour 2017『to link』(OSAKA RUIDO)
05/07(日) wyse × GOTCHAROCKA Coupling Tour 2017『to link』(名古屋・大須RAD HALL)

[wyse Official Site] http://wyse-official.com/

Translated by: Seka