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【Live Memo】New Year’s Chanson Show 2023 at Spotify O-EAST 2023.01.24

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【Live Memo】New Year’s Chanson Show 2023 at Spotify O-EAST 2023.01.24


Photo via Kaya(@Kaya_rose)さん / Twitter

The annual New Year’s Chanson Show has been held yesterday, January 24th at Spotify O-East. Since the venue will be changed from next year, this will be the last chanson show at this venue. The show is in its 16th year and, this year, the show welcomed first time artists such as SONO(Matenrou Opera) and first as a trio “Ginza de Chanson”.

The show started with an opening instrumental by Tetsuya Kuwano and Barairo Chanson Orchestra, an invitation to the world of chanson. Then, a medley of chanson songs “Paris medley” by the casts were presented as the show warmed up for the main event starting from ROLLY with guitar in hand, a striking performance unveiled gripping the hearts of the audience with a notable song “Last Dance wo Watashi ni” which is a Christmas song. A regular at the show, it was his 11th appearance. Next to take the stage was the first timer SONO(Matenrou Opera). With his high tone voice, he had sung up three songs ending with a high tone version of “My Way” with a breathtaking vibrato that resounded the venue.  For the following trio consisting of Soiree, Meili Mu and, KyanHitomi “Ginza de Chanson”, it was their first and last show since their trio name had changed to “a la chanson” on the day. For Soiree who is the co-organizer of the show, it was his 16th appearance. The harmonious trio entertained the audience with four songs ending with a playful “Rokudenashi”.

The latter half started with an instrumental “Kareha” by the beautiful sound of the accordion of Tetsuya Kuwayama whom also warmed up the audience with his talks for the next performer Ricky who sang the vibrant “Watashi no Jinsei” to the remorseful “Da Capo”. Also, the notable “Ricky call” was present since cheers were allowed at this show. Charan po Lantern consisting of vocalist Momo and accordion Koharu took to the stage with a glittering retro attire which seemed afar from chanson though the fusion of the visual and music brought a one and only atmosphere to the venue. Notable was “San Twa Mami” which had the accordion session of Koharu and Tetsuya Kuwayama. PANTA, a rock legend, with a husky voice, sung songs that inspired him in his teens such as “Caripso” and “Kuroi Washi(Black Eagle)”. Last but not least, for Kaya who is the co-organizer of the show, this was his 13th appearance. Notable was “Yurei(Ghost)”, which was thriving and passionate contrary to the song title. Kaya entertained the audience with his vibrant vocal as well as his hallmark entertaining emcees.

For the finale all casts showed up on stage for the last song, “Dare ni demo, Anatadake no Uta ga aru”. Ending the New Years Chanson Show 2023. The setlists were given to all on the day. (Below)

New Years Chanson Show 2023 archive available at twitcasting !→



New Year’s Chanson Show 2023
Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Venue: Spotify O-EAST
Open: 18:00p.m.
Start: 19:00p.m.


Chanson 2023 pic*Twitcasting (Live Streaming)      (Can be seen until Feb 7)

PANTA (Zuno Keisatsu/頭脳警察)
Twitter:PANTA頭脳警察オフィシャル(@pantazkofficial)さん / Twitter Offical HP:頭脳警察
Twitter: ROLLY(寺西一雄)本人(@RollyBocchan)さん / Twitter
Official HP: ROLLY Official
Twitter: Ricky.A.P(@Ricky_A_Prmkv)さん / Twitter
Official HP: Ricky Official Site
Charan po Lantern(チャラン・ポ・ランタン)
Twitter: チャラン・ポ・ランタン STAFF(@charanporantan)さん / Twitter Official HP: チャラン・ポ・ランタン Official Site
Sono (Matenrou Opera/ 摩天楼オペラ)
Twitter: 摩天楼オペラ 苑(@opera_sonoman)さん / Twitter
Official HP: Matenrou Opera Official
Twitter: Kaya(@Kaya_rose)さん / Twitter
Official Lit link:  Kaya lit link
Ginza de Chanson (銀座 de Chanson) → a la Chanson
Official HP: Ginza de Chanson  Twitter:ア・ラ・シャンソン / à la chanson STAFF(@ala_2023)さん / Twitter

きゃんひとみ@kyanpiii メイリー・ムー@meili_mu   ソワレ @soireetoile )


Accompaniment:  Tetsuya Kuwayama and the Rose Orchestra

Tetsuya Kuwayama (桑山哲也 Accordion) 
Official HP: Tetsuya Kuwayama HP     Twitter: 桑山哲也(ボタンアコーディオン奏者)(@KuwayamaT)さん / Twitter
Kei Okubo (おおくぼ けい Piano)
Twitter:おおくぼ けい(アーバンギャルド)(@keiookubo)さん / Twitter  Official HP: Keiokubo Official , UrbanGarde HP
Kajika (カジカ Violin) Twitter: カジカ(@kajika_musica)さん / Twitter
Seiji Nakabayashi(中林成爾 チェロ) Official HP: Nakabayashi Seiji HP
Shoji Uno (うのしょうじ ベース)Twitter:うのしょうじ(@uno_sholin)さん / Twitter Official HP: うのしょうじHP
Hajime Nakajima (中島肇 ドラム)Twitter:なかじまはじめ(@nakazzzy)さん / Twitter
Jyoji 2Go (情次2号 ギター) Twitter:情次2号(@george2nd)さん / Twitter


Host: Hirono Yamada (山田広野)Twitter:  山田広野(@yamadakatsuben)さん / Twitter