wyse,JURASSIC,CARESS!! 90’s soft event 「Earliest Memories2017」announced !!

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If you already heard about the wild performance in the 90s with their audience and their specific raw sound but never had the chance to see such a live!
Don’t miss the opportunity to go to this event and feel it “Like a dream”, with this event.
Last year, the event was sold out and all the tickets were bought in only 2 minutes.
On March 3rd, during the festival event 「wyse×LAID」 at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE, the artists who will perform at 「Earliest Memories2017」 were announced!
When the name of the bands appeared on the screen :「wyse/JURASSIC/CARESS …and more」, fan’s screams of excitement rise up in the live house.

「wyse」was formed on 1999, and being very active starting their major debut only 1 year after. Even if they broke up 5 years after, they reform the band 11 years later once again.
Recently, on the 2 days concept « 新たな歩み (a new road) » wyse touched their fans, so the band announced their participation.

Next, 「JURASSIC」. Last year, the also performed on the event by bringing back the band only for that day. Formed in 1998 in Nagasaki, the band, famous for their white costume and their hard-melodious sound with their audience were very popular.
They started their major debut 2 years after and sadly broke up on their 4th anniversary year. In order to respond to fan’s hopes, it has been decided they will participate this year.

Last, 「CARESS」, was formed in 1995. The band started their activities in the Kansai area as a main start before being active in the whole country. The band was well known for their high tone vocalist and the high sense of music from the musicians. 。
At that time, the CD which was distributed for free「equal/Cloudy Life」was famous as « the one CD that each family has in their house », even if their audience was in a big number they broke up only at the 2nd year of their activities… But, after 15 years the band is finally back on stage!
With the reunion of such 3 bands, it’s pretty sure there will be a lots of nostalgic fans.
Then the 「and more」is also very important. There must be one or two more bands to participate too.
On the twitter’s account of the event, the date of the sales for the tickets is already announced so look forward to it!

Date : August 11th 2017
Bands to perform wyse JURASSIC CARESS
Tickets will be on sale from April 1st

translated by Seka