【Vkei-News】Commemorative project for MUCC’s Tokyo International Forum concert! Poster jacking at the streets of Shibuya in cooperation with I-O Data!

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【Vkei-News】Commemorative project for MUCC’s Tokyo International Forum concert! Poster jacking at the streets of Shibuya in cooperation with I-O Data!

MUCC_ア-写_11.19~MUCC celebrating their 25th anniversary, is now in the midst of its raging 25th anniversary year.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary year’s grand final performance at the Tokyo International Forum on December 28 (Thu), MUCC will be holding a poster jack-up event in the Shibuya area from December 16 (Sat)-29 (Fri).

In addition, a collaborative campaign with I-O Data, a comprehensive manufacturer of smartphones, TVs, and computer peripherals, has been revealed.

I-O Data and MUCC held a project to commemorate MUCC Day on June 9 this year, giving away a USB memory stick with MUCC Sanskrit characters and an autograph board.

In October, to commemorate the “MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR ‘Timeless’ ~Zekuu, Kuchiki no Tomoshibi~”, a CD recorder for smartphones “CD Recorder” will be released.

Miya has been closely involved with the company, including providing equipment for Miya’s home studio and distributing commercials featuring the collaboration between Tatsuro and Dancho of NoGoD.

This campaign will be held in Shibuya, where the main visual for “GONER/WORLD,” MUCC’s first single under the current organization, was taken.
From December 16 (Sat)-19 (Tue), you can take a picture of several large posters of MUCC posted around Shibuya Station and send it to I-O DATA and MUCC’s official X account, follow I-O Data and the official MUCC X account, and post your photo to X with “#MUCC International Forum” and “#MUCC Poster みっけ” to be entered into a lottery.
The winner will receive a USB memory stick with a message written by the members!

You can submit as many large posters as you find, so enter as many times as you like.

In addition, another project has also started.
During the same period, those who post messages of encouragement for MUCC, celebrating their 25th anniversary, with “#MUCC International Forum” and “#Happy 25th MUCC Anniversary” will be selected by lottery.

Three winners will receive the SSD featured in the I-O DATA commercial starring Tatsuro.

You can enter as many times as you want to give encouragement to MUCC, so please submit as many thoughts as you have for MUCC!

The grand finale of the 25th anniversary tour is just two weeks away.

On the official SNS of MUCC, a part of the rehearsal video has been uploaded, and people are getting excited for the Tokyo International Forum concert.
It is sure to be a memorable show created by MUCC and 夢鳥.

Tickets are now on sale to the general public.
Please get your tickets and come to the venue!


<“Supported by I-O Data & 夢鳥” will be held!>


Period: December 16 – 19

Required: Follow I-O Data X account (@io_data ) and MUCC official X account (@muccofficial)

(1) Take a photo of multiple MUCC large-size posters displayed around Shibuya Station during the period,

(2) During the period, 20 winners will be selected by drawing from among those who take photos of multiple MUCC large-size posters posted around Shibuya Station and post them with “#MUCC International Forum” or “#MUCC Poster みっけ”!

You can apply only for the number of large posters you find!

Lottery present: USB memory stick USBF series
USB memory stick


Please avoid obstructing traffic (e.g., standing on sidewalks, taking up space, taking pictures in the roadway, etc.).
Please refrain from contacting the building facilities or the management company regarding the display.
Please note that the product lineup is subject to change without prior notice.

2) From among those who post messages of encouragement to MUCC on its 25th anniversary with “#MUCC International Forum” and “#Happy 25th MUCC Anniversary” during the period
SSD and an autograph board signed by the members will be given to three winners by lottery!

*You can enter as many times as the number of messages of encouragement to MUCC!

Lottery present:SSD SSPS-US series

アイ・オー・データ(IO DATA)HP

【MUCC Tatsuro × NoGoD Dancho collaboration CM 】





MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR Grand Final Bring the End to “Timeless” & “WORLD”

December 28 (Thu) Tokyo International Forum Hall A
OPEN 17:00 START 18:00

Sakura(gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy / Rayflower / THE MADCAP

Ticket prices
夢鳥 Seats 7,800 yen (tax in) *Normal reserved seats
Oiwai Seat 5,569 yen(tax in) *Rear seats on 1F or 2F
All seats reserved.

Tickets on sale now!
e plus


December 16(Sat)Kyoto Pulse Plaza 京都パルスプラザ


December 31 (Sun) Mito LIGHT HOUSE

Performances (in no particular order)

OPEN 13:15/START 14:00 MUCC/HIROTO(Alice No. 9) /NoGoD/the god and death

OPEN 19:00/START 19:45 MUCC/DISCO VOLANTE/THE crown/Merry/ΛrlequiΩ

Separate tickets are required for Part 1 and Part 2 due to the complete changeover system.

No admission for under 18 years old for Part 2 only.
The 2nd part is scheduled to end at 00:30.

Ticket price: Advance 8,500 yen (tax included)

Tickets go on sale December 16th(Sat) 10:00~.



NEW ALBUM “Timeless” (Limited Edition)


Release date: December 28, 2023 (Thu)

1.サイレン 2.G.G. -Timeless Ver.- 3.under the moonlight 4.99 5.リブラ
-Timeless Ver.- 6.想 -so- 7.ガーベラ -Timeless Ver.- 8.死の産声 9.耀 -yo- 10.路地裏 僕と君へ -Timeless
Ver.- 11.Timeless 12.空 -ku- (JaQwa Remix)

Special Edition (朱ゥノ吐 + Members Only Production Edition)] 6,900 yen (including tax)
* Shipping cost is not included.

Now accepting

This will be a limited edition for 朱ゥノ吐 + members only.

Please note that the order will be closed as soon as the number of orders reaches the limit.

(1) MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR

*MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR “Timeless” – Karma Shangri-La – Official
Bootleg- (2023.11.05 Nagoya Bottom Line)

「Chemical Parade ~フォーリングダウン」~「ケミカルパレードブルーデイ」~「零色」~「サイレン」~「under the
moonlight」~「A.」~「楽園」~「終着の鐘」~「アイアムコンピュータ」~「堕落」~「月の夜」~「ポラリス」~「羽」~「約束 -Original Lyric ver.-」~「ライオン」~「フリージア」

*The Making of Timeless *Blu-ray
A documentary on the production of the album, including recording and music video shooting.
The documentary includes behind-the-scenes footage of the production of the venue-only single and re-recorded songs that took place simultaneously with the tour.

*Booklet (68 pages in total, including new photos taken for the “Timeless” tour and other cuts of each artist photo taken for the “Timeless” tour.

Normal Version 3,520円(Tax included)


“Timeless” Music Video

[Instore Event]

“Timeless” release commemorative in-store event “MUCC Santa presents big handing over party!

December 24(Sun) 17:00 – Enterba Akiba (YUKKE participating)

December 30 (Sat) 16:00- Ishioka City Hall Melodious Hall (All participants)

[Video work]
“MUCC Live Chronicle 5 25TH ANNIVERSARY Upper Volume” to be released
Note: Order for the member limited edition has been closed.

A regular disc containing only the main performances will also be released.
Details will be announced at a later date.


MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR Grand Final Bring the End to “Timeless” & “WORLD
Commemorative YouTube Special Week

Premiere on MUCC official YouTube channel

Dec. 17 (Sun) 21:00 “Timeless” – Shion, Kubotai” live performance at Mito Shimin Kaikan

Dec. 24 (Sun) 21:00 “Timeless” – Karma Shangri-La” live performance at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO


■25th Anniversary Special Edition “MUCC 不朽”

On sale December 28 3,960 yen (tax included)

Tower Records exclusive sales

Now accepting reservations:


MUCC 25th anniversary special site :

MUCC official HP:

X official:

Instagram official:

Facebook official:
YouTube official:

Weibo official: