【Vkei News】gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy 2nd album “In incontinence” released!

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gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy (読み:ギブキーギブキーギブキー)
(From L to R Ba kazu / Gt.aie / Dr. sakura / Vo. Kazuma)

gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy released their 2nd album “In incontinence” on August 9!!
A tumultuous year from their impulsive debut, the band embedded their firm existence in the music scene and upon further strive to aim higher goals they have newly presented an album with sharper words and sounds.

[L to R Ba.kazu (カズ) Gt.aie (アイエ) (サクラ) Vo.kazuma (カズマ)]

(gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy 待望の2nd album “In incontinence” 8月9日発売決定!! 衝撃の登場から激動の一年を経て、 シーンに確固たる存在感を示した4人がさらなる高みを 目指し、 より研ぎ澄まされた言葉とサウンドを新たに表明する一枚の完成である。)

pmgg004_jkt【Album information】
On sale:2017/8/9
Title:In incontinence

Price:3,000円(tax out)

Product number: PMGG-004

Distributor:praying mantis records

01 無中無 02 血と宙の完03 愛という、変態  04 とある澄んだ春の朝に  05 告白 06 だらりと垂れる  07 頭蓋、紛い  08 straitjacket 09 suspend 10 淫乱分子


タイトル:In incontinence


品番: PMGG-004

発売元:praying mantis records

01 無中無 02 血と宙の完結 03 愛という、変態 04 とある澄んだ春の朝に 05 告白 06 だらりと垂れる 07 頭蓋、紛い 08 straitjacket 09 suspend 10 淫乱分子

After their activities in highfashionparalyze、HIGH FASHION PARALYZE, predecessor of gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy, the band officially started their activity in 2016. In February of 2016, the band released their 1st Album “Fujori Shugeki” and embark on a national 12 city tour. They made a huge success in their tour final which was their first one-man. As they actively gone on their national tour, in September, they participated in L’Arc~en~Ciel Ken’s “PARTY ZOO”. The band also had their 2nd one-man in end of the 2016. Also, vocalist kazuma participated in JACK IN THE BOX 2016 which was held in Nihon Budokan.
gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy will continue to embark on lives and produce songs as they further develop and deepen themselves in this 2nd year, 2017. Expectation are high for gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy in the days ahead!

(前身となる、highfashionparalyze、HIGH FASHION PARALYZEでの活動を経て、 2016年 gibkiy gibkiy gibkiyとして活動開始。 2月には1stAlbum「不条理種劇」 をリリース、 国内12カ所でのツアー敢行。 ファイナル公演は初となるワンマンライブを開催し、大成功を収める。 その後も精力的に国内ツアーを行い9月には、L’Arc~en~Ciel Ken 主催「PARTY ZOO」 へ出演。 年末に二度目となるワンマンライブ開催。 Vo.kazumaはJACK IN THE BOX 2016@日本武道館への 出演を果たした。 2年目となる2017年もライヴや楽曲制作と更なる進化と深化を遂げ、 目の離せない 存在である。)


official site :


gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy 2nd album “In incontinence” release tour “ dyeing ”

08.08(tue) Tokyo Ikebukuro Chop cast:ZIZ / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

08.09(wed) Tokyo Ikebukuro Chop cast: Kuroyuri to kage / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

08.24(thu) Aichi Nagoya HeartLand【one-man】 “avantgarde barbarian Ⅲ”

08.25(fri) Kanagawa Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’【event】 “CHAIN THE ROCK FES.2017” 08.28(mon) Ibaragi Mito LIGHT

HOUSE cast: Kuroyuri to kage / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

08.30(wed) Miyagi Sendai LIVE HOUSE enn 3rd cast: Kuryuri to kage / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

09.01(fri) Hokaido Sapporo DUCE cast: Kuroyuri to kage / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

09.08(fri) Osaka Umeda Zeela cast:ZIZ / revenge my LOST / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

09.12(tue) Fukuoka Fukuoka DRUM SON cast:ZIZ / Kuroyuri to kage / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

09.13(wed) Hiroshima Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH cast:ZIZ / Kuroyuri to kage / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

09.15(fri) Ishikawa Kanazawa vanvanV4 cast:ZIZ / Kuroyuri to kage / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

09.16(sat) Niigata Niigata GOLDEN PIGS BLACK STAGE cast:ZIZ / Kuroyuri to kage/ gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

09.26(tue) Tokyo Shibuya Glad【 TOUR FINAL one-man】 “avantgarde barbarian Ⅳ”

Tickets now on sale


Translation by: M.Kawaguchi (VG)