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【Vkei-News】Kaya 19th Single “VILLAINS” new artwork & details unveiled!

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【Vkei-News】Kaya 19th Single “VILLAINS” new artwork & details unveiled!
Kaya 19th Single『VILLAINS』新アー写&詳細決定!

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Kaya, a solo singer whose songs and dresses brilliantly transcend gender and genre barriers, will release his 19th single “VILLAINS” on his own birthday, July 17!As the title suggests, “Villains” is the concept of the album, with lyrics written by Haru Aoi (Hitotonari/ex Minus Life Orchestra) and guitar by Majolica Majorca Magical Himori (Jin-Machine).

The double A-side single “Malefica”, which vividly expresses love and conflict with a catchy sound, and “Villain”, which shows the strength of Kaya as he confronts himself and forges a path he believes in!
This double A-side single, “Villain,” is filled with the strength to face oneself and carve out a path that one believes in.
The coupling songs “Aware na hitobito (Poor People)” (from the movie “The Little Mermaid”) and “Call me Cruella” (from the movie “Cruella”), a cover of popular Disney villains, will be included respectively.
The music video will be directed by Tsuyoshi Shoji, writer/director of the critically acclaimed film “Old Narcissus” (winner of the Best Feature Film Award at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival).
After last year’s full album “ROSE”, which was rich in variety, you can feel Kaya evolving even further in this ambitious work.
In addition to the preliminary unveiling at the venue of his current solo 17th anniversary tour, an in-store event at Tower Records will also be held!

Kaya 19th Single “VILLAINS
July 17, 2023 Release


Part Number: TK-28
Included songs
1. Malefica
2. Villain
3. Call me Cruella(cover)

TK29 small

Part Number:TK-29
Included songs
1. Villain
2. Malefica
3. Aware na hitobito (poor people(cover))

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<Kaya solo 17th Anniversary TOUR>

May 29 (Mon) Nagoya ELM
June 2 (Fri) Nagoya Music Farm
June 3 (Sat) Osaka CLOCK HANDS
June 16 (Fri) Fukuoka DRUM SON
June 18 (Sun) Fukuoka SQUARE GARDEN
June 23 (Fri) Higashi-Koenji 20,000 Voltage
June 25 (Sun) Shinjuku PetitMOA

<Kaya’s Birthday Live>
July 17 (Mon) Shibuya REX

<In-store events>
July 22(Sat) 15:00 Out Store Event (at stores in Tokyo)
August 5(Sat) Tower Records Nagoya Parco
August 12 (Sat) Tower Records Umeda NU Chayamachi Store
August 26 (Sat) Tower Records Sapporo Parco

Note: Details will be announced later.
Please refrain from inquiring directly to the facilities or stores.

Purchase at Tower Records
MALEFICA type → MALEFICA postcard with autograph & MALEFICA can badge
VILLAIN type → VILLAIN postcard with autograph & VILLAIN can badge

Purchase at Official mail order SHOP KFS
MALEFICA type → Malefica Remix CD(Hora Remix)
VILLAIN type → Villain RemixCD(Hora Remix)

Purchase at Venue benefit
Otogirisou RemixCD

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◆Kaya Profile
Kaya is a solo singer who transcends gender and genre barriers with his songs and dresses.
In 2002, he started his career as a vocalist for unit “Schwarz Stein” produced by Mana of MALICE MIZER. He began his solo career in 2006 and made his major debut in 2008 with the single “Chocolat”.
He has established his own worldview with songs that combine aesthetic lyrics and dance music, and has performed in the United States, South America, Europe, and many other countries.
He is also active as a chanson singer and is also the producer of the “New Year Chanson Show,” which welcomes unique singers as guests every year gaining popularity.
In May 2022, Kaya released his first full original album “ROSE” in 8.5 years and, successfully held a one-man live concert at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in June 2022.

Kaya Official Site:http://kaya-rose.com/