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VISUMAL has activities for the purpose of dissemination of animal protection activities and social contribution activities by Visual-kei bands and fans.

Inaugurated February 24, 2014.


By activities taking advantage of a unique genre of Visual Kei,

More people know the animals of the current situation, and VISUMAL will be resolving this problem.


VISUMAL performs animal protection activities through events, and want to be aimed at establishment and operation of the facility (shelter) within 5 years

that can protect old dog、old cat、dogs and cats(have a illness or disorder)

that is accommodated in the health center and culled by the revenue of goods sale etc.


The shelter is aimed at where we can think about social contribution through experience of volunteer, and recruited volunteers from Visual-kei band and bangay(Visual-kei fan), and is healed by touching the animal.

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