【Vkei-News】BugLug – Issei (Vo) has been discharged from the hospital after having an emergency operation. The rest of BugLug members will be carrying out the free gig scheduled on 9th August at Tokyo Yoyogi Park!

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Visual-kei rock band, BugLug’s vocalist Issei has been discharged from the hospital and moved onto rehabilitation on an outpatient basis going forward. Issei suffered a severe head injury and underwent surgery on 7th May 2016.

Continuous treatment in ICU was required after surgery as he was at a fatal risk for a while, not fully regaining consciousness. However, he has recovered gradually and recently been released from the hospital. It will be announced later as to when Issei to resume band activities by considering his condition and progress of rehabilitation.




The rest of members of BugLug, such as Kazuki, Yuu, Tsubame and Masaumi, are currently going on a tour “Resistar Records PRESENTS「治外法権 (Chigai houken) VOL.6”, which was organised by their record label.

On 9th August,89の日 (Bug’s day), above four members will carry out their “89’s day midsummer free one-man gig「自由~ASOVIVA~区域 (JiyuuASOVIVAKuiki)” at Yoyogi Park special outdoor stage.

We want to do the coolest performance on the stage that Issei would wish if he was there. Our challenge must become a great asset for BugLug to grow for the future.– The rest of members made this decision to carry on their precious89’s daygig as well as the Chigai houken VOL.6 tour. It will certainly be an unmissable important stage.

BugLugは、現在、所属レーベルResistar Recordsのツアー“Resistar Records PRESENTS「治外法権VOL.6」”のツアー中で、一樹、優、燕、将海の4人でライブをおこなっている。

さらに、8月9日の「89の日」におこなわれる、代々木公園野外ステージ“89の日 真夏の野外フリーワンマンライブ「自由~ASOVIVA~区域」”も、ボーカル一聖以外のメンバー4人で開催されることとなった。


Official Announcement

Thank you for supporting BugLug.

We would like to inform that vocalist Issei has been discharged from the hospital after having an emergency operation for severe head injury on 7th May 2016.

Going forward, Issei will undergo rehabilitation.

We will announce the time when Issei to resume band activities by considering his condition and progress of rehabilitation.

We have decided to carry out “89’s day midsummer free one-one gig JiyuuASOVIVAKuiki” scheduled on 9th August at Yoyogi Park special outdoor stage by the BugLug members except Issei after consultation with the members and staff.

Please visit the following website for the details of 89’s day free event.


We sincerely apologise to the fans and all those concerned for the great anxiety caused. Thank you for your understanding.

26 July 2016

Resistar Records






現在予定されております、2016年8月9日 代々木公園野外ステージ 89の日 真夏の野外フリーワンマンライブ「自由~ASOVIVA~区域」は、メンバー、スタッフと協議を重ね一聖以外のメンバー4人で開催することとなりました。





Resistar Records)

89’s day information


9th August 2016 (Tue) Yoyogi Park Special Outdoor Stage

89’s day Midsummer Free One-man Gig 「自由~ASOVIVA~区域 (JiyuuASOVIVAKuiki)

Open 17:30 / Start 18:00

Free Admission

Important Notice

・「Priority Area Ticket will be required to enter the priority area. The ticket was distributed in exchange for “Nazo no card A” on Sunday 9th April at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo.

The event is free admission, however, the priority area is limited to above ticket holders only.

No admission with resold tickets under any circumstances. Resale of priority area ticket via Twitter or any SNS is strictly prohibited.

The venue is all standing. Please be careful of heatstroke by ensuring adequate hydration.

Entry will be instructed by the venue staff in numerical number on the ticket.

You may be barred from entering the venue if you do not follow the instructions of the staff.

The numbered ticket will be invalid if you are late for open. You may not be admitted to enter the venue in some situations.

One person is admitted per one priority area ticket. (Ticket is required for children of 6 and over.)

Bringing any recording equipments, alcoholic beverage and dangerous goods is strictly prohibited.

We shall not be responsible for any accidents caused by not following the instructions of the staff.

The contents of the event may be changed or cancelled in accordance with certain circumstances.

Although the event will still be held in rain, use of umbrellas is prohibited in the audience area. Please prepare raincoats. The event will be cancelled in case of extreme weather.

(Information) NEXTROAD 03-5114-7444 (Weekday14:0018:00)

BugLug オフィシャルサイト


BugLug オフィシャルTwitter


BugLug Official Site


BugLug Official Twitter


【89の日 information】


2016年8月9日(火) 代々木公園野外ステージ

89の日 真夏の野外フリーワンマンライブ「自由~ASOVIVA~区域」

開場 17:30 / 開演 18:00















(問)NEXTROAD 03-5114-7444(平日14:00~18:00))

Translated by Kaoru Nagata