Even while battling with lymphoma, Synk;yet’s Shiori still puts on a great performance.

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Even while battling an onset of lymphoma, Synk;yet’s Shiori has devoted his time equally to both band activities and medical treatment. It seemed like he was on the path to full recovery, but the cursed illness made its reappearance.

That’s when Shiori had to make a decision, and that decision was this: “I’ve been undergoing treatment for lymphoma for some time now, but it’s come to the point where I won’t be able to make a full recovery with my current course of treatment. I’ve decided to undergo treatment at the hospital for a long period of time. Due to this, I will take a break from band activities after our one-man at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on May 3.”

Synk;yet will continue activities, awaiting Shiori’s return. By the time you read this, though, there will be very few chances left to see him before his final one-man at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on May 3.

On April 12 at Takadanobaba AREA, “Synk;yet Shiori’s Cancer Battle Charity Event” was held. Many of the band’s comrades made appearances and brought their support with them as well.

Synk;yet’s set began with “[Re]:birth,” a song that holds a lot of Shiori’s personal feelings. Their performance was both loud and thrilling. The members bared their souls from the beginning and the fans responded with vigor. They gave it their all from start to end, headbanging. It was an insane exchange of energy. Synk;yet deserves it.

The sound that followed was heavy and symphonic storm of sound. “An die Freude,” with its gothic and mellow air, made the live even hotter with its uplifting lyrics and performance.

“midnight masquerade” enchanted the audience with its mystical, Romanesque, and dark sound. Liki sang expressively enough to pull in the audience’s attention. The gothic symphonic world that Synk;yet plays is powerful enough you lose all sense of reason. But that’s exactly what makes you stay enchanted.


現在行っている通院治療では完治ができないと分かり、長期の入院治療が必要になりました。              そのため、5月3日(火・祝)恵比寿LIQUIDROOMワンマンを最後にライブ活動を休止し、

「Synk;yet 栞-shiori-癌闘病制圧チャリティーイベント」が開催になった。

An die Freude』に気持ちが打ち震えずにはいれない、昂揚した歌と演奏へ熱く傾づかずにはいられない。幻想的でロマネスクな、ダークで重厚な『midNight masquerad』が会場中を包みだした。


“I’m so happy that so many people that I respect are thinking of me. I currently suffer from a form of cancer called malignant lymphoma. That cancer has resurfaced. I love playing in this band and I want to keep going on, but my body isn’t listening to what my heart says…

I decided that our one-man show at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on May 3 would be the start of my break from Synk;yet. Fate is a merciless thing. I worried over this so much and even considered quitting the band. But every time I play a show and see your faces, I realize how much there is I can do here that I can’t do in everyday life…I really feel all of your support. It has brought me so much happiness. That’s why I keep working hard.

I won’t be around for a while after May 3, though. But thanks to the support of my band members and label president—who are patiently waiting for my return—and the support of our fans and fellow bandmen, I really believe that I can come back here.

I love shows, and I love this band. I play with the strength given to me by my former teacher that passed away a few years ago. I want to use that strength to surpass that person. I don’t know how long it will take, but I will return as Synk;yet’s Shiori again. Please continue to support Synk;yet. I love this band, and I love you all. I want to see you all again. Please come see me again when I come back.” (Shiori)




“Let’s give it our all until May 3. We’ll always have a space open for you. Everyone is waiting for you.” Liki said these words and then moved into “Yumehitotachi no Senritsu,” a song that seemed like it was made for Shiori. It was played as if a gift to Shiori to aid him in the battle he would face with himself.

Then the wild part of the show began. “Claire,” full of feeling, made the temperature in the venue rise even more. The fans threw their fists, blood pumping, and feelings soaring into headbanging with the 5 performers.

“Right here, right now, we’ll be your guiding light.” The band moved into their last song, “Messiah,” a song meant to bring fans and band together as one. All hearts merged into one and seemed to bring meaning to life. The passion Shiori will need to fight his upcoming battle kept coming.

Synk;yet answered the crowd’s ceaseless cries for an encore with “Unlimited Crucio.” The raging, hard symphonic sound made everyone shake their heads as if they’d gone crazy. This is another trademark of Synk;yet lives. In the final segment, members and friends that had performed along with them that day came out and they brought even more light to the stage. That light and that energy was the perfect present to give to Shiori.

“I’ve been on a fairly low dose of medication. As long as there weren’t any extreme side effects that day, I felt fine. But it feels like the medicine isn’t working as well – like I have a cramp. I have ways to continue on with the band as I am now, but in order to keep going for a long time, I need to recover in a hospital setting for a while.

I honestly don’t know when I’ll be able to return. All I know for now is that I’ll soon be facing our one-man show on May 3 at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM, an important place for our band. That’s where I’ve decided to put a halt to my music career for now. All in order to continue to paint Synk;yet’s dreams with all of you…

There aren’t that many shows left. Please come and witness it for yourself.”



止まないアンコールの声を受けて演奏した『Unlimited Crucio』。猛り狂うシンフォニッ



Synk;yet’s show on May 3 at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM is fast approaching. It will be Shiori’s last show before his departure. How will he face his next battles? Surely, he’ll arm himself with all of the support he’s received in Synk;yet.