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1.WEB(web) 【VG】Soan Project New Mini Album Release E-mail Interview
the third place Additional live schedule for 3-man live 『the third place』 starring Takayuki Tazawa, Yuki Sakurai, and Kaya announced!
Henmi_1 Kaya ONE MAN TOUR 2017 “Dream after Dream” at Shinjuku ReNY
Session LIVE REPORT | DAISHI’s Birthday Two-man Live “AMATERASE & Brother”
0303session LIVE REPORT |“Memories of Blue” wyse/LAID Two-man Live
DSC_1382 LIVE REPORT | umbrella one-man “FUMIDASU” 2017/03/14 Zirco Tokyo
WEB_FLYER cut ex. girugamesh ShuU produced personified artist “MR.8” music video revealed!
TNB_NO30037 LIVE REPORT | the GazettE 15th anniversary DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA「BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA」successful performance
RIR-rc-all1up 【VG】Rides In ReVellion “Reincarnation” E-mail Interview
WEB_FLYER small 【Vkei-News】 Personified artist “MR.8”will start initial digital release of its songs to 183 countries worldwide!!