Rayflower 0320 live

【LIVE MEMO】Rayflower TOUR 2024 “FORCES” at Shinjuku BLAZE 2024.03.20

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【LIVE MEMO】Rayflower TOUR 2024 “FORCES” at Shinjuku BLAZE 2024.03.20
Rayflower 0320 live
Photo via Rayflower Official X:  Rayflower_Official(@RayflowerSTAFF)さん / X (twitter.com)

Rayflower kick started Rayflower TOUR 2024 “FORCES” at Shinjuku BLAZE.
Attired in their new costume the band had revealed earlier this year, the band played a total of nineteen songs including their new song “FORCES” which will be distributed online from March 21. From uplifting to head-thrashing songs to jazzy tunes and ballads, the band has always entertained and mesmerized the audience with their colorful array of songs.

Rayflower will be performing at Nagoya (March 28) and, Osaka (March 29) for this tour.
Though they have not been active for a while, with the new song distribution,
anticipation is high for their activities ahead!

Rayflower TOUR 2024 “FORCES”
Tour tickets now on sale‼️

March 20 (Wed) at Shinjuku BLAZE, Tokyo
March 28 (Thu) Nagoya Electric Lady Land, Aichi
March 29 (Fri) Osaka UMEDA CLUB QUATTRO

advance tickets 7,500 yen (tax included) *D fee not included
Lawson Ticket : https://l-tike.com/rayflower/
Ticket Pia: https://t.pia.jp/pia/artist/artists.do?artistsCd=C1230080


Forces jacket

New Single “FORCES” released for distribution on March 21!
“FORCES” was performed for the first time tonight at BLAZE.
Lyrics by Takayuki Tazawa/ Music by IKUO
◆Rayflower “FORCES” distribution site


◆ Rayflower Official Site: http://www.rayflower.net

◆ Rayflower Official X : Rayflower_Official(@RayflowerSTAFF)さん / X (twitter.com)

◆ Rayflower Channel: http://www.youtube.com/RayflowerChannel


Rayflower are: (L to R) IKUO(Ba),Keiichi Miyako(Key), Takayuki Tazawa(Vo),Sakura(Dr), YUKI(Gu)

Rayflower new photo 22024

o 都 啓一( Keiichi Miyako )/KEYBOARD/SOUND PRODUCE
Made his major debut as the keyboardist for SOPHIA in 1995. Aside his band activities, he is widely active, sound producing, provide songs, and support lives for various artists along with produce of soundtracks for movies, drama and, theatrical stages. SOPHIA will resume activities in fall of 2022.
Official X: 都 啓一(@Rockparty71)さん / X (twitter.com)

o Sakura/DRUMS 
Made his major debut as the drummer for L’Arc~en~Ciel in 1994(left the band in1997).
In recordings, he also participates as a sound producer alongside with the drum, as he is widely active in the music scene. With his superb drum technique and sharp groove he has many fans among musicians.
Official X: Sakura 櫻澤泰徳 Yasunori Sakurazawa(@sakurazawa)さん / X (twitter.com)

After his activities in ex-iT and,Lapis Lazuli, he is presently the member of BULL ZEICHEN88 and is also active as support bassist for T.M.Revolution, and TETSUYA. With his highly appraised bass technique, he is known to be one of the popular artisan bassists in bassist magazines.
Official X :  IKUO(@IKUObass190)さん / X (twitter.com)

YUKI,with his shred guitar, and impressive guitar techniques, he is known as one of the prominent guitarist in the Visual kei scene.
Presently YUKI resides as a support guitarist for Acid Black Cherry, and SOUND HORIZON.
Official X :  YUKI(@YUKI_Snowman_XX)さん / X (twitter.com)

o田澤孝介(Takayuki Tazawa)/VOCAL
After residing in Waive、Strobe, he is presently active as a solo vocalist apart from the vocalist of Rayflower. With his entertaining emcees at lives and radio programs, he is also a talented vocalist with a powerful high tone voice. As for his solo work, on May 16th 2018, he has released mini album『Soen Nostalgia』sound produced by Keiichi Miyako. In 2021 he has formed a unit fuzzy knot with Shinji of SID.
Official X : 田澤孝介(@takayuki_tazawa)さん / X (twitter.com)