【Vkei-News】Gossip’s comments on the show to be held at O-WEST
the third place 【Vkei-News】3-man live “the third place” to be held in August starring talented vocalists Takayuki Tazawa, Yuki Sakurai, and Kaya!
UP用 【Vkei-News】Grieva New Artist Photo Unveiled!! & Live Information
image1 【V-kei News】Soan Project Mid-summer 2days Oneman Live to be held on Aug 22nd &23rd!
defspiral_201704アップ用 【Vkei-News】defspiral 14th Single 『PHANTOM』 to be Released on June 7
4.Soan_project_FIX_WEB(web用) 【Vkei-News】Soan Project: To Precious One For You.
WEB_FLYER cut ex. girugamesh ShuU produced personified artist “MR.8” music video revealed!
簡易フライヤー0701 闇市 【Vkei-News】Grieva’s 5th anniversary event “Yamiichi-Shi-Kyoudaigenka” & haru and Roku’s birthday oneman shows to be held!
flyer-MASSIVE2 【Vkei-News】“Yamiikusa!!!2017” to be held & Gekokujo (the spirit of ‘lower overthrowing the upper’) event for which opening acts will be recruited for all of the shows this year decided!!
WEB_FLYER small 【Vkei-News】 Personified artist “MR.8”will start initial digital release of its songs to 183 countries worldwide!!
Henmi_1 Kaya ONE MAN TOUR 2017 “Dream after Dream” at Shinjuku ReNY
Session LIVE REPORT | DAISHI’s Birthday Two-man Live “AMATERASE & Brother”
0303session LIVE REPORT |“Memories of Blue” wyse/LAID Two-man Live
DSC_1382 LIVE REPORT | umbrella one-man “FUMIDASU” 2017/03/14 Zirco Tokyo
TNB_NO30037 LIVE REPORT | the GazettE 15th anniversary DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA「BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA」successful performance
RIR-rc-all1up 【VG】Rides In ReVellion “Reincarnation” E-mail Interview
FV_BREAK 【VG】FEST VAINQUEUR New Album “BREAK!!” E-mail Interview
CC1I7890 【VG】LIVE REPORT | Mix Speaker’s,Inc. 10th Anniversary Live “Mix Speaker’s,Inc.”
CC1I7851 【VG】LIVE REPORT | HOLLOWGRAM ~3 rd anniversary~2-days one-man Jan 21&22 at Hatsudai DOORS
5171 Locker | Kichijoji Station North Exit
IMG_0090 Kagurazaka, a hanamachi (geisha district) from Edo era
thumb_shinjuku Hotels | Shinjuku Station
宝海大空4枚組-724x1024 Ozora Takami is a young star of Taishu Engeki !!
2016-06-16 22.33.57 Tabelog -Let’s search a good restaurant through a review site!
13327399_1067197916684710_6541949017815529862_n Ingredients Check Application “OKASHI Checker”
7d168928 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Collaboration Train running on Seibu Ikebukuro Line in Tokyo! (6/4 – 9/29)
bcb405ab Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi (available 13 languages)
20160611_3238 Sanrio Puroland (Indoor Theme Park) Where You Can Meet Hello Kitty and My Melody
seibu tourist information Tourist Information Center at Ikebukuro Station
live-house-report-saitama-urawa-urawa-narciss-01 Venue | Urawa Narciss (浦和ナルシス)
IMG_0065 Venue | Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE
clubseata28176 Venue | Kichijoji CLUB SEATA
IMG_0200 Venue | Pacifico Yokohama
Cjc7FoIUoAE10_Y.jpg_large Venue | Ikebukuro Chop (池袋手刀)
1277955_330731830404700_1412846026_o Venue| Otsuka Hearts+
img_0308 Venue | Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
enterance Venue | Ikebukuro CYBER

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