Kagurazaka, a hanamachi (geisha district) from Edo era

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Kagurazaka is one of the famous area for fashionable shopping and dining. A slope street leads you from Iidabashi station to Kagurazaka station. There are lot of shops and restaurants along the street, and many of them have old atmosphere from Edo era. Turn at a corner of a road, and you’ll find narrow streets. Amazingly, more traditional style restaurants are there. Kagurazaka was used to be one of the big hanamachi (geisha district), and still geisha lives there.

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If you turn at a corner, you might feel you went into a different world.

IMG_0077 IMG_0076


“Kagurazaka Oishinbo”

IMG_0078 IMG_0083

Another street has the Western atmosphere.



And another street has Japanese atmosphere.



There are some temples in Kagurazaka, and sometimes markets and festivals are held.

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An interesting souvenir shop where you can buy crystal healing stones, Japanese style accessories and smartphone cases.



Night in Kagurazaka.

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