【V-kei News】 「VisUnite Fest Special Edition Vol. 3」 presented by the vertical mobile platform app 「VisUnite」 has been announced!!

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The pioneering vertical mobile platform app VisUnite has announced it will hold their 3rd music festival event VisUnite Fest Special Edition. 

After the success of their 2nd event, the upcoming 3rd event will be at a larger venue and certainly more exciting!!

As is conventionally done, non-music industries will be collaborating by setting up booths, distributing product samples and so on to entertain the visitors coming to the live event.

LM.C, A9, D=OUT and CHIYU (ex. SuG) have already been confirmed to perform on the day.

Moreover, VisUnite Special Session band will be formed by members selected by VisUnite.

More details of the session band will be revealed later on.

業界初のバーティカルプラットフォームアプリ「VisUnite」主催のフェスイベント「VisUnite Fest Special Edition」の第3弾の開催が決定した。





またVisUniteが選別したメンバーで構成されたスペシャルセッションバンド「VisUnite Special Session」も出演。

VisUnite Special Session」構成メンバーは、後日公開となる。)

The true allure of VisUnite event is not only the headlining acts. But also, the chance for young bands registered to VisUnite app to be given a dream opportunity to be lined up alongside with them.

There will be two chances to win the places.

One will be the winner of the VisUnite in-app ranking event, which will start from 15th March 00:00.

The other victor will be the band who gathered the most audience at the VisUnite Fest Vol. 09 scheduled on 17th May at Shibuya REX.

Entry for the competition will be admitted from 28th February.



まずは、3/15 0:00からVisUniteのアプリ内で開催される出演枠をかけたランキングイベントの予選を勝ち抜いたバンドに出演枠を。

そして5/17@渋谷REXに開催されるVisUnite Fest Vol.09」にて動員1位のバンドに出演枠が用意されている。


Pre-order of the tickets will be available from 15th March.

Please come and see this innovative V-kei music event VisUnite Fest Special Edition.

Look out for the online video messages for VisUnite Fest Special Edition from each band.


ヴィジュアル系シーンに新しい風を吹かせる「VisUnite Fest Special Edition」に是非、足を運んでほしい。

また各出演バンドの「VisUnite Fest Special Edition」へのコメントムービーも配信予定なので、そちらも是非チェックしてほしい。)

■ In-app ranking event to win the place forVisUnite Fest Special Edition Vol.3

<First Round>

Time Period15/03 (Thu) 00:00 19/04 (Thu) 23:59

ConditionQualify for the second round by collecting 80,000 or more LOU in total

* Bands can join after the start date, no limit for the number of bands going through the first round

<Second Round>

Time Period24/04 (Tue) 00:00 08/05 (Tue) 23:59

ConditionTop 3 bands with highest number of LOU earned will qualify for the final round

<Final Round>

Time Period11/05 (Fri) 00:00 17/05 (Thu) 23:59

ConditionThe winner will be the top band that earned the most LOU out of the 3 bands remaining in the competition

<How to Vote>

You can vote by clicking LOVE for the articles posted by the VisUnite registered bands.

* Bands are required to post articles to join the competition

* In order to vote, please install VisUnite app from the following link

VisUniteiOS Version

VisUniteAndroid Version

VisUnite Fest Special Edition Vol.3」出演枠をかけたアプリ内ランキングイベント


期間:3/15(Thu.) 0:00 4/19(Thu.)23:59

内容:バンドの合計LOU 80,000以上で1次予選通過



期間:4/24(Tue.) 0:00 5/8(Tue.) 23:59

内容:バンドの合計LOU 上位3バンド が2次予選通過


期間:5/11(Fri.) 0:00 5/17(Thu.) 23:59



VisUnite 登録 アーティストの記事にLOVEを押すことで投票となります。



VisUniteiOS 版ダウンロード URL

VisUniteAndroid 版ダウンロード URL

■ Event Information

Event VisUnite PRESENTS VisUnite Fest Special Edition Vol. 3

Date 20th June 2018 (Tue)


Time Open 16:00 / Start 16:45

Prices ADV 5,500 yen (+ drink fee) / DOOR 6,000 yen (+ drink fee)

Artists LM.C (Guest) / A9 / D=OUT / CHIYU / VisUnite Special Session / + OA 2 bands

                    * OA will be the winners of VisUnite in-app / live event ranking

Ticket Sale e+

         * Pre-order will start from 15th March (Sat) 10:00

Organiser VisUnite (UNITED DREAM Inc.)

Production Com agent / Glitterbest.LLC


Sponsors WWS channel / TENGA Co., Ltd / and more

InformationTSUTAYA-O-EAST 03-5458-4681

Event Website

■ Related Event

Event VisUnite PRESENTSVisUnite Fest Vol.09 ROAD TO EAST

Date 17th May 2018 (Thu)

Venue Shibuya REX

Time Open 16:00Start 16:30

Prices ADV 3,500 yen (+ drink fee)DOOR 4,000 yen (+ drink fee)

Artists TBC      * Band entry will be open from 28/02 22:00

Ticket Sale e+       * Pre-order will start from 7th April (Sat)

Organiser VisUnite

Production VisUnite / RINethics Inc

Information Shibuya REX 03-5728-4911

Entry Information

Translated by Kaoru Nagata