【Vkei-News】Newly formed FAZ will perform revival oneman show 『Feel the PARADOX』 on 26th August and release their new album 『PARADOX』 on 30th August. What concepts will 『PARADOX』give us!?

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This summer, FAZ is returning to the scene. Bringing with them the concept of PARADOX.

“PARADOX” means 「矛盾 (mujun, contradiction.



FAZ’s revival oneman live is announced to have two parts; however, the title of the show and the illustration of the band name are different for each part.

Part 1’s title is Dougless and the name of the act is FAZ, while Part 2’s title is Etincelle and its name of act is spelled as faz.

In the preview video, with the message of Please imagine… you can gather keywords which are hints for what you should expect in each show.

Will we see two contradicting performances?

The true meaning of Feel the PARADOX may be revealed once we experience both parts of the show.


第一部のタイトルは「Dougless -ダグレス-」でACTは「FAZ」、第二部のタイトルは「Etincelle -エタンセル-」でACTは「faz」。



第一部と第二部の両方合わせて『Feel the PARADOX』の真相がわかるのかもしれない。)

Furthermore, their first Concept Album PARADOX (release on 30th August) will be pre-sold at the venue on 26th August in advance to its release date.

FAZ has been producing two Mini Albums and multiple Maxi Singles until now; however, it is an interesting attempt that they are releasing “first Concept Album”.

FAZ dares to describe it as “first” – alluding to the possibility of a new direction?

Their first Concept Album PARADOX is a set of two discs, containing 5 tracks each – FAZ will surely entertain us under the name of “Paradox” with this album.

また8月26日(土)の再始動単独公演では、8月30日(水)リリースの1st Concept Album『PARADOX』をいち早く入手することが出来る。

今までFAZはMini Albumが2枚、Maxi Singleも複数枚リリースしているが、ここに来て“1st Concept Album”との表記に興味が沸く。


1st Concept Album『PARADOX』は2枚組 各5曲入り (計10曲)となっており、このアルバムの中でも“矛盾”を楽しませてくれるのではないだろうか。)

Now, everyone must be wondering how they will reform the band.

The video introduces the bassist as Ba. ??? in addition to the original members – Vo. ToshiA, Gt. mitsuru and Gt. SHINYA.

Whether or not a new member will join! It is still a mystery.




The first announcement of their revival was made on 26th May. This second news was released on 26th June.

Will the next announcement be made on 26th July – exact a month prior to the comeback gig?

Let’s look forward to obtaining more hints from FAZ to unravel the mystery.





Live Information

FAZ / faz Revival Oneman Live Show Feel the PARADOX

26th August (Sat) Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE

Pre-sale of First Concept Album PARADOX  will be available

Part 1 Dougless –ダグレス


OPEN 15:30 / START 16:00

ADV 2,500 / DOOR 3,000

Part 2 Etincelle –エタンセル

ACT: faz

OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00

ADV 2,500 / DOOR 3,000

Ticket Information

A Ticket: Original Limited Ticket (27/06 Book at OFFICIAL WEB STORE)

B Ticket: Band-yoyaku (Booking with band management) (27/06  Book at OFFICIAL WEB SITE)

Door Ticket


FAZ / faz再始動単独公演『Feel the PARADOX』

8月26日(土)  高田馬場CLUB PHASE

※1st Concept Album 『PARADOX』先行リリース有り

第一部 Dougless -ダグレス-


OPEN 15:30 / START 16:00

ADV ¥2,500 / DOOR ¥3,000

第二部 Etincelle -エタンセル-

ACT: faz

OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00

ADV ¥2,500 / DOOR ¥3,000


・Aチケット: 限定オリジナルチケット(6/27~ OFFICIAL WEB STOREにて受付)

・Bチケット: バンド予約(6/27~  OFFICIAL WEB SITEにて受付)


Release Information

First Concept Album PARADOX

30th August (Wed) ON SALE!!

A set of 2 discs with 5 tracks each (10 tracks in total) 2,800-(tax-in)

Pre-sale will be available at the oneman gig on 26th August (Sat)

Available at CD stores, live venues and OFFICIAL WEB STORE

CD Store Original Bonus

Jishuban Club – Artist Photo (A type)

ZEALLINK – Artist Photo (B type)

littleHEARTS. – Artist Photo (C type)

Brand X – Comment DVD

FAZ OFFICIAL WEB STORE – Autographed Individual Artist Photo (Randomly distributed)

<In-store Event>

02/09 (Sat) 14:00 littleHEARTS. Shinjuku (Talk & 5-shot cheki photo session)

02/09 (Sat) 18:00 Jishuban Club (Talk & Autograph session (personal items OK))

08/09 (Fri) 19:00 BrandX (Talk & SHINYA’s choreography lesson & 2-shot cheki photo session)

10/09 (Sun) 13:00 ZEAL LINK Takadanobaba (Talk & Bingo game & Autograph session (personal items OK))

The details of In-store Event will be announced by each shop at a later date


1st Concept Album 『PARADOX』

8月30日(水) ON SALE!!

2枚組 各5曲入り (計10曲)  ¥2,800-(税込)


CDショップ、ライブ会場、 OFFICIAL WEB STOREにて販売


・自主盤倶楽部   アーティスト写真(Aタイプ)

・ZEALLINK    アーティスト写真(Bタイプ)

・littleHEARTS.   アーティスト写真(Cタイプ)

・Brand X メンバーコメントDVD

・FAZ OFFICIAL WEB STORE サイン入りアーティスト個人写真(ランダム)


9/2(土) 14:00~ littleHEARTS.  新宿店(トーク&5ショットチェキ撮影)

9/2(土) 18:00~ 自主盤倶楽部(トーク&サイン会(私物OK))

9/8(金) 19:00~ BrandX (トーク&SHINYAの振付講座&2ショットチェキ撮影会)

9/10(日) 13:00~ ZEAL LINK高田馬場店(トーク&ビンゴ大会&サイン会(私物OK))

※ イベントの受付方法詳細等は各ショップからの発表をお待ちください。)


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Translated by Kaoru Nagata