V-Kei Feature

wyse_newphoto 【Vkei-News】wyse tie-up songs is decided & unveiled their new artist photo!
2017_12_16_TMH4Ns-5141 【VG】LIVE REPORT | THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S WINTER TOUR 2017 Jougen no Tsuki no Orchestra Final
defspiral_201711_new 【VG】defspiral New Album ‘TO THE GALAXY” Release E-mail Interview
全体 【VG】DIAURA New Album ‘VERSUS” Release E-mail Interview
THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S UP 【VG】THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S New Single “Jogen no Tsuki no Orchestra –Stella Note Magic-“ Release E-mail Interview
アー写1_ITA1345 【VG】Tsukasa Mogamigawa “Golden☆Best Mogamigawa Tsukasa” Release E-mail Interview
シド20171027__N2_5217 LIVE REPORT | SID TOUR 2017 「NOMAD」 -2017.10.27(fri) Tokyo International Forum Hall A
the third place 【VG】LIVE REPORT | The third place 3-man live at Hatsudai DOORS
17 LIVE REPORT | THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S 2nd anniversary after Nimo’s joining
RUIDOxREX_top 【Vkei-News】RUIDO×REX SPECIAL NIGHT2018: 「Ishizuki Tsutomu(ex:FANATIC◇CRISIS)× wyse」in Tokyo and 「CARESS × wyse」in Osaka announced!