V-Kei Feature

Tenku Togijo 6 【Live Memo】Tenku Togijyo No.6 Amaterase VS DASEIN 2022.10.29
22-09-28-18-49-04-551_deco 【Live Memo】V.K GIGS at Zepp Haneda 2022.09.28
A 【Live Memo】DIAMOND FES2022-V・K SELECTION – at Zepp Haneda 2022.09.27
VS 2022 all 【Live Memo】VOCAL SUMMIT 2022 at EX THEATER ROPPONGI 2022.09.24
NicoriLightTours_メインアーティスト写真_小 【Vkei-News】Nicori Light Tours announces the release of 1st Full Album “II – Parallel” and one-man live tour!
Vocal summit 0905 【Vkei News】Vocal Summit Classical & Vocal Summit 2021 to be held in September!
配信ライブ告知画像 vk 【Vkei News】Rayflower to hold live broadcast “RemoteFlower vol.1” on December 9!
TK-24_jacket4P_4-1P 【Vkei-News】Kaya to release a newly arranged version of『Hannya』!!
Schwarz Stein  Hora Birthday Live  『UNHOLY』   会場:渋谷REX  開場:18:00  開演:18:30  出演:Schwarz Stein  前売:4,500(税込/Dr代別)  当日:5,500(税込/Dr代別) 【VG】LIVE REPORT +SHORT INTERVIEW|Schwarz Stein Kaya Birthday Live JULY 20 「Queen Leech」
Nimo3 【VG】Nimo 1st Solo Single “Silent Lark” Release Interview