SchwarzStein 2019 【Vkei-News】Schwarz Stein : Two cosecutive release in May and July!
Kaya_Main new photo 0314 crop 【Vkei News】Update on diva Kaya’s crowdfunding for special cover album “DRESS”!
Kaya_Main new photo 0314 crop 【Vkei News】Diva Kaya to challenge in crowdfunding for DIVA special cover album “DRESS”!!
Kaya_201807_b artist photo 2-1 【Vkei News】Veils raised for diva Kaya’s new artist photo for the refreshing Summer single 『Monday Monday』!
Kaya_Main new photo 0314 crop Diva Kaya to release a refreshing Summer Single『Monday Monday』on July 18th!
Kaya Mexico 7 【Vkei-News】Solo singer Kaya’s performance at Japan Culture Festival 『J’fest2018』in Mexico ends in huge success!
KayaTeaParty 【Vkei-News】Moi-même-Moitié, Atelier Pierrot, Jrock Vault, and more Vending at Kaya’s Café Noir on 5/13!
Kaya_sab new photo 0314 rev for window 【Vkei News】MV revealed and worldwide online distribution for Kaya’s New Release『FABULOUS』starts!
Kaya_Main new photo 0314 crop Kaya New Single “FABULOUS” RELEASE!!
Kaya 0306 eyecatch 【Vkei News】Beauteous solo singer Kaya to hold a recitation drama “SALOME” on April 12 and 13!