Kaya news photo1 0314 【Vkei-News】Kaya’s 17th Anniversary Solo Tour revealed!
TK22_16-1P_ver2 【Vkei-News】Singer Kaya celebrates 15th solo anniversary with 4th album “ROSE”!
Kaya2021_11 up 【Vkei News】Kaya to challenge crowdfunding to produce first full-length album in eight and a half years!
Schwarz Stein  Hora Birthday Live  『UNHOLY』   会場:渋谷REX  開場:18:00  開演:18:30  出演:Schwarz Stein  前売:4,500(税込/Dr代別)  当日:5,500(税込/Dr代別) 【VG】LIVE REPORT +SHORT INTERVIEW|Schwarz Stein Kaya Birthday Live JULY 20 「Queen Leech」
SS_width top pic 【Vkei-News】Decadence unit Schwarz Stein will release their first best albums on November 15!
SchwarzStein 【Vkei-News】Schwarz Stein: Additional one-man in Osaka and Nagoya announced! (with Special guests!)
Schwarz Stein Oneman LIVE wIncubus Gardenx  ‰ïêFa’JREX  ŠJêF18:30  ŠJ‰‰F19:00   “–“úF4,500‰~iDr‘ã•Êj Solo artist Kaya’s decadence unit Schwarz Stein will release their best album in autumn!