V-Kei News

Versailles 【Vkei News】Versailles new album distribution to start on Dec 25! KAMIJO to serve as the Project Ambassador for Pop culture exchange project of Japan and France!
Rayflower2019A写_Main 0820 【Vkei News】Rayflower to release Rayflower 2010-2020 10th Anniversary Best Album 『~One Side & One Side~』!
wyse_atom 【Vkei-News】wyse fully charged to resume activities:important news announced through Tezuka animation.
KAMI_2002_SoTD_Banner_06 2019 【Vkei News】KAMIJO(Versailles)’s 2nd single “Symbol of The Dragon” for his trilogy masterpiece to be out on February 26th!
EDGE-Ikebukuro�o���S�o���h-���C�u�ʐ^ 【Vkei-News】“Ikebukuro Triangle 2019” Held
コラボアー写1 【Vkei-News】New information of burning collaboration two-man tour of Raku X Gaki & Kakato-otoshi.
kamijo_1007 【Vkei News】KAMIJO’s first single of trilogy 「PERSONA」artwork and details revealed!!
190914解禁_NICOLAS 【Vkei-News】NICOLAS New Artist Photo Unveiled!
201910141015 S.T.G presents 【Vkei-News】Visual-kei event in Kyushu district to be held!
20190902解禁MEIDARA全体UP 【Vkei-News】MEIDARA New Artist Photo & Details of Oneman Live to be held on December 24 Revealed!