V-Kei News

you DEAD END resize 【Vkei-News】DEAD END guitarist Yuji “YOU” Adachi passed away on June 16
Rayflower_組み合わせアー写 small 【Vkei-News】Rayflower announces cancellation of their fan club “Shining GARDEN” limited acoustic live.
Rayflower_集合アー写small 3 【Vkei-News】Rayflower reveals their new artist photo and, past live DVD footages!
10thロゴ1 【Vkei-News】Rayflower reveals full version of their past music videos on their Official YouTube Channel!
10thロゴ1 【Vkei-News】Rayflower announces postponement of their 10th Anniversary LIVE “Amazing Road”. Substitute date also announced.
10thロゴ1 【Vkei-News】Rayflower to hold “Shining GARDEN” limited acoustic live tour in July!
10thロゴ1 【Vkei News】Rayflower’s 10th Anniversary to kick off at TOKYO EX THEATER ROPPONGI !
KAMI8112_main_up 【Vkei-News】KAMIJO(Versailles)-Last of the trilogy, the third single 「PERSONA GRATA」to be released on April 29!!
Versailles 【Vkei News】Versailles new album distribution to start on Dec 25! KAMIJO to serve as the Project Ambassador for Pop culture exchange project of Japan and France!
Rayflower2019A写_Main 0820 【Vkei News】Rayflower to release Rayflower 2010-2020 10th Anniversary Best Album 『~One Side & One Side~』!