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glamscure reveal their new artist photo along with their venue limited single “Que Sera Sera”!!

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glamscure revealed their new costume with announcement of their venue limited single which was released on Dec 9th.

Check out the MV spot and come on by their live to experience their atmosphere that will definitely draw you into their mesmerizing world!


thumbnail_image GLAMSCURE

thumbnail_image CHAOS

Vo. CHAOS (ケイオス)


thumbnail_image HARUI

Gu. HARUI(ハルイ)


thumbnail_image INORIN

Ba. INORI (祈~いのり~)


Venue limited single “Que Sera Sera”
Item number: FSCD-008 / Price 1,000yen

1. Que Sera Sera
2. Que Sera Sera (Instrumental)

品番: FSCD-008 / 価格: ¥1,000

1. ケ・セラ・セラ
2. ケ・セラ・セラ (Instrumental)

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