【V-kei NEWS】KEEL:Venue limited album “UNDEAD BEAUTY”will be sold from their upcoming “UNDEAD BEAUTIES” tour!

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【V-kei NEWS】KEEL:Venue limited album “UNDEAD BEAUTY”will be sold from their upcoming “UNDEAD BEAUTIES” tour

KEEL:「UNDEAD BEAUTY」会場限定盤、2016年最後のワンマンツアーにて発売!

(w/information on tour goods ワンマンツアーの物販情報あり)


After the continuous releases of “Ugly duckling” and “Raison d’etre et de sang” in 2016, KEEL will release their last album of the year starting from their one-man tour which will start on Dec 23rd.

(2016年「Ugly duckling」、「Raison d’etre et de sang」続々とリリースしたKEEL


“UNDEAD BEAUTY” will be their 4th release and will be an album of total 5 songs, which will include new tracks as well as songs from their live CD “Float of R’lyeh” released last year.

(4枚目のリリースとなる「UNDEAD BEAUTY」は、昨年のライブCDFloat of R’lyeh」にて収録された曲と書き下ろしの新曲を含めた合計5曲収録されたアルバムのこと。)



1.人型 (hitokata)

2.接吻 (KISS)

3.bring me reason

4.禁忌 (TABOO)

5.水辺の君に ( mizube no kimini)


KEEL-005 5songs include 2500Yen+TAX


With the new album, KEEL will go on a 3-city tour “UNDEAD BEAUTIES”, which will start on December 23rd (fri/holiday) Nagoya ell. SIZE, 24th (sat)Osaka RUIDO, and the tour final on 26th(mon) at Shimokitazawa GARDEN which is bassist Shu’s birthday.

(本作の発売と共に、「UNDEAD BEAUTIES」東名阪ツアー開始し、1223日(金・祝)名古屋ell. SIZE24日(土)大阪 RUIDO、そしてファイナルをベースの愁の誕生日である26日(月)下北沢GARDENにて開催される。)




UNDEAD BEAUTIES Toumeihan tour (Three-city tour)


12/23(fri/ holiday) Nagoya ell SIZE

12/24(sat) Osaka RUIDO

12/26(mon) Shimokitazawa GARDEN


 OPEN 6:30 p.m. START 7:00 p.m.

TICKETS: adv 4,000yen / day 4,500yen


Tickets on sale9/24(sat)10:00


Ticket Pia

Lawson Ticket


Also don’t miss out on KEEL’s tour goods sold at the venue! Past releases will be available and not only that, new goods and Xmas limited goods will also be sold during the tour.



New Band goods

1.Venue-limited album(会場盤) UNDEAD BEAUTY

      Documentary DVD(記録映像DVD Migration bootleg 2

2.WristbandBlack with 2 tone embroidery(リストバンド・黒 (2色・刺繍))

3.Muffler Towel (マフラータオル)


Special Xmas limited set

A special Xmas limited set will be sold throughout the “UNDEAD BEAUTIES” tour.

The set will include all the new goods above, with a special tote bag, Xmas card autographed by the members, and memorial goods prepared by one of the member randomly included. (The memorial goods are things such as: autographed drumheads, special CD, used guitar chords, and ryo’s hand-made necklace with a pendant etc)




 Each member prepared their memorial goods, and we were able to take a peek at how ryo’s hand-made necklace with a special pendant was made.



①Medical Bolt/ボルト(※Note:Sterilized at an medical facility医療機関にて滅菌洗浄済)






 ryo prepared the necklace chains and tried to cut the bolt but seems that the bolt was titanium and not medical stainless steel. This is just part of his episode.During the tour, ryo may talk about the special hand-made pendant in the  live emcee!



For those who are reading this sentence, if you feel interested in the band KEEL, why not stop by one of the live of their upcoming tour!



Or if you are not yet in Japan, check them out on their website.


KEEL Official site

   Official Twitter


News written and translated by:M.Kawaguchi(Vkei-Guide)