【Vkei-News】 Additional live in Tokyo announced for Rayflower’s TOUR 2019!! Sept 14(Sun) EX THEATER ROPPONGI

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【Vkei-News】Sept 14(Sun) EX THEATER ROPPONGI : Additional live in Tokyo announced for Rayflower’s TOUR 2019!!


Rayflower whom just finished their 2MAN live with BAROQUE today ( BAROQUE x Rayflower 2MAN LIVE 「kiss the sky Ⅰ」), announced an additional one-man live scheduled for September 14, 2019 (Sun) at EX THEATER ROPPONGI.
In the nationwide tour that will start from May 21st(tue) at HEAVEN’S ROCK SAITAMA ShintoshinVJ-3, each of the venue will have different setlists which will cover all songs from their debut to recent releases. Tickets are already SOLD OUT for the first day of the tour, Saitama and the tour final in Tokyo (May 29 (wed))! Full speed ahead for Rayflower! Don’t miss out on Rayflower’s future activities!!

<<Rayflower LIVE 2019>>

Time : 5:00p.m open / 6:00p.m. start
Adv Ticket:All reserved seats 5,500yen(tax included, drink fee not included)
*Entry of preschool children strictly prohibited.

・Official Fan Club “Shining GARDEN” member advanced ticket lottery registration
Registration from 3/27(wed) 10:00p.m to 4/8(mon)11:59p.m.
※Registration applied for members who have entered or renewed their fan club membership by Feb 28.
(i/o member as of March 1st)

・Official Fan Club “Shining GARDEN” member ticket lottery registration
Registration from 5/20(mon)10:00p.m. to 5/29(wed) 11:59p.m.
※By signing up for membership of Rayflower’s official fan club ”Shining GARDEN” by 5/5(holiday/sun)11:59p.m.
(=registration and payment for membership done), you will be able to register for the ticket lottery that will start from 5/20 (mon).

・Official site pre-order ticket reservation starts on 4/12 (fri)!

Check Rayflower’s official website for further details on the pre-order ticket reservation!


Rayflower TOUR 2019~Re:EndlessJourney~
Different setlist for each day, covering songs from their debut to their recent releases!

◆5/21(tue)6:30p.m. open / 7:00p.m. start@ Saitama・HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3
◆5/23(thu)6:15p.m. open / 7:00p.m. start@Aichi・Nagoya E.L.L
◆5/24(fri) 6:15p.m. open / 7:00p.m. start@Osaka・Misono Universe
◆5/28(tue)6:00p.m. open / 7:00p.m. start@Tokyo・Tokyo Cinema Club
◆5/29(wed)6:00p.m.open / 7:00p.m. start@Tokyo・Tokyo Cinema Club

Advanced ticket 5,500yen(including tax、drink fee not included)
<More Info> http://www.rayflower.net/tour2019spring/
*Tickets now on sale. Check out their official site for further details on the tickets.


Rayflower profile

Rayflower was formed in 2009 by Keiichi Miyako(Key), Sakura (Dri), IKUO (B), YUKI (Gt), and Takayuki Tazawa (Vo). They made their major debut with their first single “Uragiri no nai Sekai made” which was a theme song for anime 『裏切りは僕の名前を知っている(Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru)』on May 2010.
The band gained attention for their highly appraised performances and remarkable song arrangements.
They officially started their activities in 2014 and, successfully held their one-man at Shibuya Koukaido on May 2015. On October of the same year, they release their first full album “Color & Play” and embarked on their substantial nationwide tour at 10 cities (11 lives). In 2016, they released their first LIVE ALBUM, and with it they held a nationwide tour at 12 cities.
On July 2017, Rayflower released single “Bloom Moment” and in September, they released their 2nd full album “Brilliant Anthology”. With the long-awaited album, the band held their nationwide tour 【TOUR2017〜2018″Brilliant Place”】starting from October 2017 to Feb 2018 at 21 cities ending the tour successfully at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on February 2018 .
And from October 2018, Rayflower embarked on another 21-city tour which included first time places. On entering 2019, the band is yet to slow down, and they are set to make great strides in the future ahead!

◆ Rayflower Official Site: http://www.rayflower.net
◆ Rayflower Channel・http://www.youtube.com/RayflowerChannel

o 都 啓一( Keiichi Miyako )/KEYBOARD/SOUND PRODUCE
Made his major debut as the keyboardist for SOPHIA in 1995. Aside his band activities, he is widely active, sound producing, provide songs, and support lives for various artists along with produce of soundtracks for movies, drama and, theatrical stages.
o Sakura/DRUMS
Made his major debut as the drummer for L’Arc~en~Ciel in 1994(left the band in1997).
In recordings, he also participates as a sound producer alongside with the drum, as he is widely active in the music scene. With his superb drum technique and sharp groove he has many fans among musicians.
After his activities in ex-iT and,Lapis Lazuli, he is the member of BULL ZEICHEN88 and is presently active as support bassist for T.M.Revolution, and TETSUYA. With his highly appraised bass technique, he is known to be one of the popular artisan bassists in bassist magazines.
YUKI,with his shred guitar, and impressive guitar techniques, he is known as one of the prominent guitarist in the Visual kei scene.
Presently YUKI resides as a support guitarist for Acid Black Cherry, and SOUND HORIZON.
o田澤孝介(Takayuki Tazawa)/VOCAL
After residing in Waive、Strobe, he is presently active as a solo vocalist apart from the vocalist of Rayflower. With his entertaining emcees at lives and radio programs and he is also a talented vocalist with a powerful high tone vocal. As for his solo work, on May 16th 2018, he released mini album『Soen Nostalgia』sound produced by Keiichi Miyako.



Rayflower TOUR 2019“Re:~Endless Journey~を開催するRayflower

2019年9月14日(土)EX THEATER ROPPONGI公演、開催決定!

BAROQUE×Rayflower 2MAN LIVE 「kiss the sky Ⅰ」 へ出演したRayflowerが
2019年9月14日(土)EX THEATER ROPPONGIでのワンマンライブ開催を発表した。
5月21日(火)HEAVEN’S ROCK さいたま新都心VJ-3を皮切りにスタートする全国ツアーでは
初日のさいたま公演、そしてツアーファイナル5/29(水)東京公演のチケットもSOLD OUT!

Rayflower LIVE 2019
日時:2019年9月14日(土)17:00open18:00start 会場:EX THEATER ROPPONGI

・Official Fan Club “Shining GARDEN”会員チケット最速先行抽選受付
受付期間・3/27日(水)22:00 ~ 4/8(月)23:59

・Official Fan Club “Shining GARDEN”会員チケット先行抽選受付
受付期間・5/20(月)22:00 ~ 5/29(水)23:59
※5/5(祝/日)23:59までに”Shining GARDEN”へご入会 (=お申込、入会金・年会費のご入金完了)いただくと、
5/20(月)より受付、”Shining GARDEN”会員チケット先行抽選予約にお申込みいただけます。



―――TOUR 情報―――

Rayflower TOUR 2019~Re:EndlessJourney~

05/21(火)18:30open19:00start@HEAVEN’S ROCKさいたま新都心VJ-3<SOLD OUT!>
05/29(水)18:00open19:00start@東京キネマ倶楽部<SOLD OUT!>

詳細はオフィシャルサイトをCheck! http://www.rayflower.net/

2015年 秋、1stフルアルバム『Color & Play』をリリース。2016年、特別公演を含む計14公演の全国ツアーを実施。
2017年7月Singleリリース、9月には待望の2nd Full Album「Brilliant Anthology」をリリースし、バンド史上最大規模の全国21都市にてツアーを開催。2018年2月新木場STUDIO COAST公演をもって大盛況のうちに幕を下ろした。

◆ Rayflower Official Site・http://www.rayflower.net
◆ Rayflower Channel配信中・http://www.youtube.com/RayflowerChannel

◎都 啓一(みやこ けいいち) / Keyboard / Sound Produce

◎Sakura / Drums
L’Arc~en~Ciel のドラマーとして1994年メジャーデビュー(1997年脱退)。デビューの頃より“歌うドラム”とも評される卓越した

◎IKUO / Bass
Ex-iT、Lapis Lazuli、を経て BULL ZEICHEN 88 でも活動しているほか、T. M. Revolution、TETSUYAなどの

◎YUKI / Guitar
Λucifer のギタリストとしてデビュー。Acid Black Cherry、Sound Horizonのサポートも務める。

◎田澤孝介(たざわ たかゆき) / Vocal