【Vkei-News】 RAVE latest MV SPOT revealed!!

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A few days ago, RAVE revealed some impacting artist pictures of all the members dressed with women clothes to the public, drawing attention on themselves.


Their latest work, the NEW SINGLE『ナミダヒロイン』, will be on sale from the 7/13 (Wednesday), meanwhile a MV SPOT for the single was revealed!

Before they hold their 4 years anniversary oneman on Saturday 8/13, at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM, they started a challenge, doing something musically  unusual for them, by emphasizing the singing.

See the『ナミダヒロイン』 (namida hiroin) MV SPOT.

(そんな彼らの最新作である7/13(水)発売NEW SINGLE『ナミダヒロイン』のMV SPOTが到着!


『ナミダヒロイン』 MV SPOT)

They announced  during their live at Meguro Shikanakan on the 6/4 (Saturday), their first oneman in Osaka and Nagoya on October, a yearly Halloween public event custom, and at the end of the year, becoming their third show, a performance at Takadanobaba AREA.

It seems like nothing will stop the vigor of them, who just celebrated their 4 years anniversary.



Translated by Alice Perrat

Release information

NEW SINGLE『ナミダヒロイン』

07/13/2016(Wednesday) RELEASE

Limited disk A(CDDVD)

PSIM-30051 / ¥1,800(taxes)


01.ナミダヒロイン 02.鬱悶の情


ナミダヒロインMVMV off shot

Limited disk B(CDDVD)

PSIM-30052 / ¥1,800(taxes)


01.ナミダヒロイン 02.(uso)


ナミダヒロインMVOff shot artist pictures


PSIM-20042 / ¥1,500(taxes)


01.ナミダヒロイン 02.鬱悶の情 03.

Recorded song M1coupling track M2+coupling track M3

Live information

PS COMPANY PRESENTS RAVE 4 years anniversary ONEMAN「サディスティックヒロイン~同情するなら愛をくれ~」



HoursOPEN17:00 / START17:30

Pricespre-sale ¥3,300 / venue: ¥3,800 (D代¥500別・ticket needed for people older than 3 y.o.)

InquiryDISK GARAGE TEL050-5533-0888(weekdays 12:0019:00)

Regular tickets now on sale

[Ticket sales websites]


Ticket piahttp://ticket.pia.jp/pia/ticketInformation.do?eventCd=1560379&rlsCd=001&lotRlsCd= (Pコード: 286-685)

RAVE official website