【Vkei-News】RAZOR is ready to visit Thailand for the First time at J-Rockaholic PARTY Vol.3

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RAZOR is ready to visit Thailand for the First time at J-Rockaholic PARTY Vol.3

Tickets available from March 28th onward!

The J-Rock event that everyone awaiting is back! J-Rockaholic PARTY Vol.3 has been arranged by J-Rock Encryption with the promise of more and more fun every year. This year, the hottest line-up band is RAZOR, the upcoming famous Visual-Kei band in Japan. This will be their first visit in ThailandJ-Rockaholic PARTY Vol.3 will be held on Sunday 8th September 2019 at RockademyThailand.

RAZOR will be the Head Line Up of J-Rockaholic PARTY Vol.3RAZOR is the group of talented musician members from various well-known bands; Ryoga (Vocal) Ex. BORN, Tsurugi (Guitarist) Ex. Sadie, Kouryu (Guitarist), IZA (Bassist) Ex. DOWNER and Tetsuya (Drummer) Ex. My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND. The band was formed in 2016 and on 30th November of the same year the band held its first live and released the first mini-album called REDINVISIBLE, they received good feedback from their fans by the uniqueness of the lead vocal and the music which could guarantee their skills.

This year they will meet their Thai fans at J-Rockaholic PARTY Vol.3 Event on Sunday 8th September 2019 at Rockademy Thailand. Apart from RAZOR, there will be lots of talented cover bands such as CRUX, MELONO, KNO and SCARLETTE join this event as well. J-Rockaholic PARTY Vol.3tickets will be available to grab onThursday 28th March 2019 at 10.00 AM onwardGet the ticket at Ticket Prices; GOLD TICKET: 1,500 THB (Live Session Only) and PLATINUM TICKET: 2,500 THB (Live Session and Fan Meeting). All tickets are Standing Only. For more information please visit