【Vkei-News】‘TAKA’ Lead Vocal of ‘defspiral’ invites you to join the event of J-Rock lover, J-Rockaholic PARTY

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‘TAKA’ Lead Vocal of ‘defspiral’ invites you to join the event of J-Rock lover, J-Rockaholic PARTY 

Big surprised when TAKA, Lead Vocal of a very talented band call ‘defspiral’ flew to Thailand and arranged the press interview with Thai Press Medias as well as gave an incredible acoustic live show as an invitation to all Thai fans to join J-Rockaholic PARTY, a special event for J-Rock lover in Thailand.


There are many activities in this event such as meet and talk about Japanese music blooming time in Thailand with DJ Eddy Sutthitum Sujittanont former well-known Japanese Music Host, Make-up and Hair Tutorial workshop with ‘HAJI’, Make-up Artist specialize in J-Rock Style, Cosplay Fashion Show from J-Rock layers, the cover live session from ‘KNO’, ‘Scarlette’ and ‘CRUX’, new young blood Thai bands to cover the best hit and famous J-Rock songs from 1990-2000. Also DO NOT MISSED special live session of ‘defspiral’ well-known J-Rock band from Japan.


J-Rock lover be ready for this exclusive event, J-Rockaholic PARTY to be held on 23rd September 2017 at Rockademy Thailand

Ticket Price (All Standing): Silver Ticket 500 THB / Gold Ticket 1000 THB / Platinum Ticket 2000 THB

Purchase Ticket Now At : http://go.eventpop.me/JRockaholicparty

For More Information: https://www.facebook.com/JROCKAHOLICPARTY/