【VG】Rides In ReVellion “Reincarnation” E-mail Interview

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Rides In ReVellion Reincarnation E-mail Interview

Rides In ReVellion「リインカーネーション」メールインタビュー




Q1: Vkei-Guide is a web magazine that guides Japan through Visual-kei to the people living overseas. First of all, please tell us your name, part in the band and a place where you recommend for the readers to visit in Japan.

(Kuro): I am the vocalist, Kuro. Pleased to meet you. The place I would recommend to visit is definitely Osaka. It is an interesting city where you can feel their unique vibe.

TaJI: I am the guitarist, TaJI. I recommend Tōjinbō and Nishiyama Park in Fukui Prefecture!

(Nagisa): I am the bassist, Nagisa. Where I recommend in Japan is Akihabara in Tokyo. It is a leading area of Japanese Anime culture, so please try to visit there if you are interested in Anime!

(Ame): I am the drummer, Ame. I would suggest you to tour around various temples in Kyoto! Personally my favourite ones are the Kiyomizu-dera temple and Kinkaku-ji temple. Great places where you can appreciate Japanese soul!


Q2: Rides In ReVellion’s music is a fusion of 90’s Visual-kei taste and modern digital sound. Do you have the same sort of concept for your costumes?

Kuro: When we produce our costumes we put more importance on featuring each individual’s personality, so we are wearing what each one want to wear.


Q3: Please tell us the meanings or messages you put into your new single リインカーネーション (Reincarnation).

Kuro: 「リインカーネーション (Reincarnation)」 is 「輪廻転生 (Rinne-tenshou)」 in Japanese. This entire single is based on the concept of 「輪廻転生 (Rinne-tenshou)」 and put our wish that 「we will meet again after reincarnation」 into each song in three different shapes.


Q4: Please describe the highlight of each track.

Kuro: It all started with the idea that 『Let’s cover 「Rusty Nail」 from X JAPAN』. As we thought that transforming this 90’s masterpiece in 2017 is 「輪廻転生 (Rinne-tenshou)」, we decided the title of the single to be 「リインカーネーション (Reincarnation)」 then started to compose other tracks. We would like you to think of life with 「F.A.T.E.」 with its complex and dazzling musical structure. And also want you to feel the fleetingness of meetings and partings from the lyrics of 「Daydream」 on its tender melody. Finally we would be delighted if you can share our respect for X JAPAN with 「Rusty Nail」.


Q5: Please tell us which artist you respect the most and why?

Kuro: I cannot choose one person as I am inspired and influenced by many artists.

TaJI: X JAPAN. Because they are the pioneer of the Visual-kei culture and they also have amazing stories and dramas that no other bands can ever go through.

Nagisa: OKP san, the bassist from Aqua Timez. I am totally fascinated by his wonderful bass technique. His bass line is of course sustaining the rhythm but the way he adds obbligato to harmonise with the vocal melody is truly impressive.

Ame: Angela Aki san. Her expression while singing and playing the piano is absolutely stunning. It’s gentle and majestic so I often listen to her music when I am walking outside!


Q6: If you were to describe Visual-kei in one kanji letter, which one would you choose? Please also tell us the reason.

Kuro: “衝” (means shock/impact). I believe that Visual-kei should always give a shock (“衝”撃 (“shou”geki)) to the audience visually and audially all through the ages.

TaJI: “結” (means connection/knot). As I think this genre is made by the great connections of music, fashion, culture, notion and other various things.

Nagisa: Could be a typical answer but I think I choose “美” (means beauty)… (laugh). I am sure every Visual-kei musician is caring about and keeping beauty in mind for both their music and appearance.

Ame: “暴” (means violent/fierce)! Visual-kei’s gig is all about being violent and aggressive to enjoy, isn’t it!!


Q7: Finally, please send a message to overseas readers.

Kuro: Thank you for reading our interview until the end. Take this opportunity to check Rides In ReVellion. One day we will certainly come to see you so please look forward to it. See you soon!

TaJI: We will by all means visit overseas to see you in various countries. To make that day happen, please keep giving us your undying support!

Nagisa: Thank you for supporting us from abroad. We will keep trying our best to become a big band and someday tour around the world!

Ame: Thank you so much for reading our page! We truly wish to go abroad. It would be a pleasure if you could check us out! I love you!


Interview by Chika Yoshizawa, Maya Kawaguchi

Translated by Kaoru Nagata


Q1: Vkei-Guideはヴィジュアル系を通して海外に日本をガイドするというコンセプトのウェブマガジンです。まずはお名前とパートと外国人にお勧めしたい日本のスポットを教えてください。






Q2: 90年代のヴィジュアル系音楽と近代的なデジタルサウンドを融合させた音楽を取り入れていますが、衣装にも同様のコンセプトを掲げているのでしょうか。



Q3: 今回の「リーインカーネーション」に込められた意味を教えてください。



Q4: それぞれの曲の聴きどころを教えてください。

黎:まずは、『X JAPANさんの「Rusty Nail」をカヴァーしよう。』と考えたのが始まりでした。90年代に生まれた名曲「Rusty Nail」がこの2017年に生まれ変わるのは、まさに「輪廻転生」だと思ったので「リインカーネーション」というシングルタイトルに決め、その他の楽曲を制作するに至りました。「F.A.T.E.」は目まぐるしく変化していく楽曲の展開に人生を、「Daydream」は優しい旋律に乗せた詩に出逢いと別れの儚さを、「Rusty Nail」は楽曲全体を通して僕らのリスペクトを感じてくれると嬉しいです。


Q5: 一番尊敬しているアーティストは誰でしょうか。どんなところを尊敬していますか。


TaJIX JAPANさん。ヴィジュアル系というカルチャーを作り上げたバンドであり、他のバンドには決して真似出来ないストーリーやドラマを持っているバンドだから。

 渚:Aqua Timezのベーシスト、OKPさんですね。リズムをしっかりと支えつつも、ボーカルのメロディーをハモるようなオブリガードを要所で加えてくるベースラインが本当にかっこ良くて惚れ惚れしてしまいます。



Q6: 皆さんにとって「ヴィジュアル系」を一文字で例えるなら何になりますか。またその一文字を選んだ理由を教えてください。


TaJI結 です。音楽、ファッション、文化、思考、様々な物が色々な形で結びつき、出来上がっていったジャンルだと思うからです。

 渚:ありがちかもしれませんが”美”ですかね…。笑 ルックス面でも音楽面でもヴィジュアル系の皆さんは美を意識してると思います。



Q7: 最後に海外の皆さんにメッセージをお願いします。

黎:最後まで読んでくれてありがとう。この機会にぜひRides In ReVellionをチェックしてくれ。いつの日か必ず会いに行くから、待っていてください。See you soon!



飴:ここまで読んでくれてありがとうございました!海外にも行ってみたいですし僕たちのことをチェックしてくれたら嬉しいです!I love you!