LIVE REPORT | the GazettE 15th anniversary DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA「BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA」successful performance

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For their 15th anniversary, the worldwide popular band the GazettE held a unique performance retracing their history till their period DAINIPPON ITANGEISHABOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA, at YOYOGI National Gymnasium. Basically cherry blossoms season is more about the end of March, but, on March 10th 2017,some cherry tree already started to bloom, showing up little sakura in Tokyo, like a sweet wink to this years theme,  make us feel this day even more special.


While fans started to clap their hands, a pure white light showed up thousands of sakuras petals falling down from the ceiling, reaching the audiences hands. The illusion was so pretty that you didnt notice it was made from paper. As expected from the GazettE, the huge venue was sold out, and the volume of the voice raised by the 13 000 persons, coming not only from the whole county, but also from overseas, at the same time, when the members appeared in their white costume on stage was very impressive.
Uruha kicked off the live with Anata no tame no kono inochi, a symbolic song of the GazettE very much appreciated for its addictive rhythm. Also, the title can be interpreted as
this life, Im living for you, so the band might want to first, show their gratitude by choosing this one as the beginning.
The hall already started to shake with fans
motion, while pink lights like sakura brighten the whole venue. Next, Kais robust beats started Zetsu, surprising already the audience, Ruki shouted outLets go Yoyogi! Jump!!” and show his skills at rapping on the little break of the song.
Then it was
 Reitas turn to launch next song, with the loud and low bass notes of Juuyon Sai no Knife. Uruha was already running out from his place to go to see the fans on the extremity of the stage. He captivated everyone with his solo, before Reita was called at the center to execute his jazzy solo, followed by Ruki and fans handclapping in harmony with the guitar riffs.
the GazettE actually created amazement with the unusual
Sentimental na Onigokko, one of the first song they released on Wakaremichi single 15 years ago! Surrounded by green lights, Ruki drive the venue into the murky world of the song, with his languishing voice, pointing out some words in the song with powerful notes before he shouted to the audience Yoyogi!! Are you having fun???Tonight is a festival!!! Let’s celebrate it together!! Come on!! Let’s do it!!!

The particularity of Reitas bass notes announced again an uncommon song, Back drop Junkie [Nancy] Once Ruki started to sing delicately, with smooth but full of puissance notes, making the fans swoon. The begging of the song is knew for its sudden aggressive part, where fans head bangs wildly following the speed of the rhythm, along with Rukis robust growl.

As red spot lighten up Aoi, he started acting silly while playing striking long notes for the start of Sugar Pain, delicately blowing a kiss to the audience. Next, the unexpected Toguro followed the dark atmosphere with flames faintly on. Before the last chorus, the super hard fast beats from Kai melted with the softness of Aois acoustic song,plus Rukis well-balanced use of his vibrato, hypnotized the whole audience. When Kai started the next song with soft beats on the cymbal, a huge amount of screams raised out from the audience as Kawareta Haru Kawarenu Haru filled the place with enthusiasm. The particularity of the song was definitely the fact that Ruki was singing with more intensity, reaching high and low notes in a raw, giving all his heart in the hard parts, plus Aois taping play which was rare at this period from them.
Once the song over, Ruki started with an admiring performance A cappella for
Last Bouquet, the bright song marked clearly a contrast to the past ones, and the live followed with heartening songs.
Just by the vision of Ruki turning back with his guitar provoked screams of excitements, all the audience clearly understood Cassis would be the next, even before the first notes of the emblematic song were played by Aoi. The love song which marked a tournament into their career,followed quickly by their major debut, still moved everybody
s heart no matter how many years passed from its released. You could notice some little change into the English lyrics part on that day, with Ruki singing we keep fighting together, maybe as a subtle message related to their accomplishment and the members devotion.
Red and green laser were shining into the place for
Zakurogata no Yuutsu. The combination of Kais soft rhythm with the gentle sound created by Aois acoustic play were revealing even more Rukis singing on the cheerful song. Colorful lights were also showing up the lovely movements of the fans dancing in the live house.
Ruki took the time to talk to the audience after: 
Yeah Yoyogi!! Are you having fun??!! Today we are doing different songs than our habit, so you dont really know the dance movement and such right? Haha, well anyway let’s use your head!! Let’s do it!!! Come on and crush it!!!
Cockroach, a song which is very often played, so as much appreciated one, turned the whole place into a majestic chaos. It was like the 13
 000 persons heart was beating at the same rhythm, and each person was on perfect sync while Reita relentlessly slapped his bass with force. Ruki screamed out “Let’s become one Yoyogi “and the venue shook thanks to the audience incredible energy on Wife.

Then, Rukis devilish laugh marked the beginning of Ruder where the members run all over the stage.  Reitas slapping solo was on point, but Uruha solo at the center marked even more the audience with Aois coming right next to him, acting friendly and provoking screams of excitement from the fans when he gave a little kiss on Uruhas cheek at the last note. After rising such a high tension, the band went even farther with THE $OCIAL RIOT MACHINE$. The song was followed by Let’s go for the last!! Lets do our best till death, let’s go to hell shouted by Ruki launched Kantou dogeza kumiai, turning the hall into a fervent disorder before the members left the stage once. 
Kai appears first, followed quickly by Reita, Uruha and Aoi. Kai took the micro:
Are you having fun? It looks like you are having fun on your face but your body doesn’t move a lot right?! Ha-ha. But the main show will start from now I know, let’s go!!! Come on!!!
Doro Darake no Seishun surprised again the audience with its energy! Fast beats from Kai and Reita long implosive notes created a catchy tempo while Ruki was dancing on it, followed by Aoi later. Fans continued to jump and dance in sync also on the next one,Akai one piece before Ruki took the micro:
Ruki: Are you having fun?
  Today, it is our 15th anniversary, it is so so much fun, it had been a long time since we announced today live. I was so nervous. There are songs we didn’t do in 10 years. I am sure you didn’t hear some songs we did (fans yes we did!!! ) Ruki: no way!!! It was in our old days!!! (Fans: but we did!!)ooh that’s cool! In the request part there were song we didn’t think about at all so we panicked a bit, some were even so old it was only on tape or vhs, not on digital records. Honestly there weren’t an occasion to play those songs recently, but when we did it here, in such a huge place, I thought the songs are pretty amazing!! Let’s go!!!

The dynamic rampage continued with the very famous Haru ni Chirikeri, Mi wa Kareru de Gozaimasu knew for its energetic dance movements executed by Ruki and followed by all the fans. He asked the fans to rise their hands before announcing ” BEST FRIENDS Rukis sweet attention to change the lyrics into “kimi ga iru kara”(because You are here) while pointing the audience to thanks them, melt everyone heart. Plus, the harmony of all the membersvoice singing together the last part spread happiness to the whole place. Last, Linda closed the show in a festive atmosphere as the GazettE promised us sooner.

After a highly request encore, the members came back on stage, acting as friendly as ever, Aois teasing Reita, he ended by giving him a kick back, before Ruki took the micro.
We are very thankful we could be active in 15 years. I could see so many horizon in the GazettEs life. We are very proud of the name DAINIPPON ITANGEISHABOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA.No matter what, we will continue as a visual kei band. The fact that we could be there, and do our band it is really thank to all your support, and all of you being there for us. Even now we still have dreams we want to accomplish! We won’t never let you down so you can feel relieve! Last, I love you!!
Silver tapes felt down from the ceiling right after Rukis words announced Miseinen on a sentimental note. The song is often played as the last one for important live since it communicates a lot of emotion both to the audience and the band. On the last chorus you could hear the difference in Rukis voice affected by the emotional feelings, while some tears started to show up into members eyes. But as expected from them, the performance ended up beautifully with the same little ritual with the delicate flow of blossoms petal throwing down around the whole live house, to mark and end to the period of DAINIPPON ITANGEISHABOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA. But since it was a special occasion Ruki gave the micro to the members in order to express themselves.

Uruha: Good job guys, it is such a beautiful view. Thank you so much!
Kai: I was so much looking forward to it since the announcement was made. I really think the period
DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA is related to what we are now, and of course, it is also thanks to everyone power that we are here. I really want to continue to protect the GazettE as the same we did in the future too!
Aoi: yeahhh! No, I am not crying. I really love our members. I am the most happy to be there with them. Thank you for those 15 years… I
m not crying!! (Even if being moved is sometimes nothing but beautiful, lets say the light must have been too bright, or maybe it is because of some dust, but some tears were going down his face…)
Reita; Really
.. (Starts crying) sorry I can’t talk, thank you so much!!!
Ruki: Ah, my heart step a beat!  Well he was acting strange, right? Ah he is so cute… Honestly, I think there are not a lots of bands like us, ha-ha, we didn’t change at the end… (Means they never stop being themselves, as the first day) is it already 15 years? No, it is only 15 years, we still have a lots to do from now, thank you so much. I love you!!!

Ruki, as Reitas request, asked the fans to take the hands to the person next to them, since as he said in the GazettE audience, each person near to you is you friend, and both fans and members jumped all together in a perfect harmony. the GazettEs show ended up in a nostalgically passionate note. You could notice that most of the song played tonight were related to the cherry blossom (sakura) or spring (haru) so everything was decided with a lots of precision and vigor as we can expect from the band. Even if this perfectionist side is often related to a rigid image, its clearly not the case for the GazettE. Their 15th anniversary must have been one of their most touching performance, where everybody was truly having fun, acting friendly and moreover pushing their own limits to just being themselves. It was definitely a marvelous show full of surprise where you could feel the deep ties and the love between the members, but also their infinite gratitude to the fans to its pick.

Talking about pick, if you still didnt have the chance to see one of the highest mountain of Japan; Mt Fuji, dont miss the opportunity to take altitude for an explosive show from the GazettE on August 19th at Fujikyu Highland conifer forest!! More details can be found on this page so check it out!

The band will also have a little Fan club limited tour in continuation of the DAINIPPON ITANGEISHABOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA theme this spring, which will start on April 12th at ZEPP TOKYO so be sure to check it out too!

Text by Jallais Anastasia


01 Anata No Tame No Kono Inochi 
02 Zetsu
Juuyon Sai no Knife 
04 Sentimental na Onigokko
05 Back drop Junkie [Nancy]
06 Sugar Pain
07 Toguro
Kawareta Haru Kawarenu Haru 
09 Last Bouquet

10 Cassis
Zakurogata no Yuutsu 
12 Cockroach
13 Wife
14 Ruder
16 Kantou Dogeza Kumiai


17 Doro Darake no Seishun
18 Akai one Piece
Haru ni Chirikeri, Mi wa Kareru de Gozaimasu
21 LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~

22 Miseinen