【Vkei-News】Nicori Light Tours announces the release of 1st Full Album “II – Parallel” and one-man live tour!

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【Vkei-News】Nicori Light Tours announces the release of 1st Full Album “II – Parallel” and one-man live tour!

NicoriLightTours_メインアーティスト写真_小Rock band Nicori Light Tours held “It’s our 1st Anniversary! Nicori Light Tours” held an after party after their one-man live and announced the release of their first full album “II – Parallel” and a one-man live tour “Nicori Light Tours LIVE TOUR 2022 “II – Parallel”.

“It’s Our 1st Anniversary! Nicoler!”
Friday, August 12, 2022
OPEN 18:30 / START 19:15
Streaming (platform: ZAIKO) OPEN 19:00 / START 19:15
*Streaming archive viewing period: 3 days until 23:59, Monday, August 15, 2022

1. DATSU!!!
2. ダウナー (Downer)
3. パラサイター (Para-sider)
4. Re Do
5. コマンド疑似恋愛 (Command Giji renai)
6. white margaret
7. またね (Matane)
8. 砂漠の果実 (Sabaku no Kajitsu)
9. カリスマメイカー (Charisma Maker)
10. The Brand New World Destiny
11. サイハテ (Saihate)
12. 蜃気楼Girl (Shinkiro Girl)
13. Welcome to the Destiny

Nicori Light Tours live 1

Yesterday, the band had held their 1year anniversary event and after party. In the one-man event, the band played a total of 13 songs. During the emcee, the members of ex-Janne Da Arc, you(gt) and kiyo(key) had shared their episode of when they first met the two vocalists and, how the band was formed. Also, an interesting episode came up of the band name Nicori Light Tours. The band name was originally a different name and the logo is a remnant of it.
During this event, the band had announced the release of their first full album and tour which had the crowd in cheers.

Nicori Light Tours live 2

The 1st full album “II – Parallel” will be released on November 16, 2022 (Wed), exclusively through the official web store. It will have a total of 14 songs, including digital singles that have been released by digital distribution for seven consecutive months, as well as songs performed at last year’s live tour. The first limited edition includes a DVD of the first show at Tokyo WWW X, the final show of “Nicori Light Tours LIVE TOUR 2021 Trigger,” which was eagerly awaited by fans. It will also include a behind the scenes footage featuring the seven consecutive months of distribution releases and the recording of the album tracks, with interviews of the members.
Also with the album release ahead, the long-awaited one-man live tour “Nicori Light Tours LIVE TOUR 2022″Ⅱ-parallel” will be held in Aichi, Osaka, and Tokyo, with two days in Aichi and Osaka. Each day will consist of two parts: a live performance expressing the world view of the album and a talk live & photo session. Please look forward to the 1st full album and the tour!

Comment by Nicori Light Tours  (in order of summary)
ɑyumu (Vo.)
Last year, when we(w/ko-hei) joined you and kiyo in the start of the band, we sang with a lot of eyes looking at us and wondering who we were. Today, I felt we were embraced with a warm welcome. I know that we have lot to go, but we will continue to sing as hard as we can, so please continue to support us in our second year!
kiyo (Key.)
It was difficult to release an album and tour this year, but thanks to all of you, we were able to do so. I would like to repeat this, and next year, I would like to do something more, and repeat it all the way through my life.

ko-hei (Vo.)
We(w/ ɑyumu) started this band with a lot of anxiety, and we want to do our best to sing and be accepted as the frontman of Nicori Light Tours.
From the very first tour, I have dreamed of having a one-man show at Osaka-jo Hall, and sometimes there are nights when I feel like my big dream is crushing me. I am so happy that we managed to make an album and hold a tour in 2022. I will definitely fulfill my dream of Osaka-jo Hall, so I hope you will walk with me until that time.

you (Gt.)
It started with kiyo and me wanting to do this together, and a lot has happened up to this point. There were a lot of thoughts about whether or not people would enjoy what we had always wanted to do. Of course, we have done our best, but in doing Nicori Light Tours, we have been questioning ourselves every day, and of course, looking back over the past year, there are times when we think we could have done more.
However,thanks to everyone’s support, we have managed to make it through the year, and now that we are ready to enter the second year, the four of us are determined to give it our all every day and do our best. After working with everyone for the past year, I hope that we can continue Nicori Light Tours for as long as possible. I believe that by climbing up the stairs one by one, we will be able to repay our debts to various people and be recognized by them.

Nicori Light Tours – “Trigger II – Parallel”
November 16, 2022 (Wed)

Limited Edition (CD+DVD) price: \5,500}(+tax) Total 14 tracks
Nicori Light Tours LIVE TOUR 2021 Trigger” final performance at Tokyo WWW X
Behind the scenes recording footage

Normal Edition (CD only) price: $3,500 (+tax)
Total 14 tracks

★Nicori Light Tours LIVE TOUR 2022 “II – Parallel” ★

Nov 30 (Wed), [Aichi] ell.FITSALL 16:30/17:00p.m. *live
Nov 30 (Wed)[Aichi] ell.FITSALL 19:30/20:00 ※Talk Live & Photo Session
Dec.01(Thu)[Aichi] ell.FITSALL 16:30/17:00 *Live
Dec.01(Thu)[Aichi] ell.FITSALL 19:30/20:00 *Talk show & Photo session
Dec. 03 (Sat)[Osaka] OSAKA MUSE 16:30/17:00 *Live
Dec. 03 (Sat) [Osaka]OSAKA MUSE 19:30/20:00 *Talk show & Photo session
Dec. 04 (Sun) [Osaka]OSAKA MUSE 16:30/17:00 *Live
Dec. 04 (Sun) [Osaka]OSAKA MUSE 19:30/20:00 *Talk show & Photo session
Dec. 13 (Tue) [Tokyo] SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO 16:30/17:00 *Live
Dec. 13 (Tue)[Tokyo] SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO 19:30/20:00 *Talk show & photo session

Ticket prices
¥7,000 (all free) (tax included)
Talk live & photo session: ¥3,500(+ tax)
Up to 4 tickets per person
Ticket Order Information
Nicori Light Tours Official Fan Club” Advance Ticket Order
Application period: August 12, 2022 (Fri.) 21:00 – August 21, 2022 (Sun.) 23:59 *Selection by lottery
Apply here ⇨

 <ABOUT Nicori Light Tours>

NLT 2022

Nicori Light Tours was formed by you (Gt) and kiyo (Key), two former members of Janne Da Arc, a visual rock band that made its major debut in 1999 and had numerous hit songs including “Gekkoka”.With twin vocal, ɑyumu (Vo) who has a high reputation for singing skills with his high tone voice, and ko-hei (Vo) who charms everyone with his mellow voice, each with completely different character take the center stage, established a style of a new rock band.

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