【VG】Live Report |THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S 5th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2016 “Hoshizora ni kakeru Koe” ZERO Birthday Live July 31

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On July 31, ZERO’s birthday live was held during 5th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2016 “Hoshizora ni kakeru Koe”at HEAVEN’S ROCK Kumagaya VJ-1, located in Kumagaya in Saitama, one of the hottest cities in Japan. Saitama is ZERO’s home prefecture, and Kumagaya is a special place for him, where he used to perform shows when he was young. Lots of fans were gathered to celebrate his birthday at the place filled with his memories.

(2016年7月31日、日本で最も熱い場所の1つとされる埼玉県熊谷市にあるライブハウス、HEAVEN’S ROCK 熊谷VJ-1で5周年ツアー「星空ニカケル声」として行われたTHE MICRO HEAD 4N’SのZEROバースデーライブ。埼玉はZEROの出身地でもあり、熊谷でよくライブをしていたというZEROにとって思い出の地。そんな思い出深い場所にたくさんのファンがお祝いに駆けつけた。)


The opening music started in the blue lights, and soon the audience started clapping after the music changed to an up-tempo beat and the stage became colorful. The members, wearing white costumes with some black parts, hit the stage to big cheers from the fans, and “Ima = Subete” which was a sweet number among their songs began first. As Nimo sang firmly, holding a stand mic with both his hands, the fans clapped to the rhythm created by TSUKASA. In “BREAKING & SHOUT OUT”, the birthday boy ZERO pulled in the fans from the front of the stage, raising his hand, then put his hand on his ear as if to say “Let me hear your voices!”, which triggered the fans’ loud shouts. The members heated the audience up by making them headbanging, double over, and perform call and response in a burst.

(青いライトの中SEが始まり、次第にアップテンポになるとステージはカラフルになり手拍子が始まった。白を基調にブラックがアクセントになる衣装をまとったメンバーたちが歓声の中、一気に登場すると、まずはTHE MICRO HEAD 4N’Sの曲の中でも聞かせる1曲、「「今」=「全テ」」でスタート。TSUKASAの刻むリズムに合わせ手拍子をするファン、そして両手でスタンドマイクを握り締めNimoがしっかりと歌い上げる。「BREAKING & SHOUT OUT」ではバースデーボーイのZEROがフロントで手を挙げファンを煽り、声を聞かせろと伝えるかのように耳に手を当てると会場から大きな声が湧きあがった。ヘドバン、折りたたみ、コール&レスポンスで一気に会場を熱くした。)




In “Fall Into Darkness” which got heavy in the chorus but started with a dark sound and slower mood, Nimo sang with sexual charm, as kazuya and SHUN. strummed their guitars in fast and thick notes. In the heaviness, ZERO supported the deep sound, smiling mysteriously in a calm way. kazuya played the guitar for “Hoshi ni Negai wo” sweetly, putting his soul into each note, illuminated by the spotlight in the night sky created by the mirror ball as if it became an introduction for the next song, the latest number “Nocturne” which gave the impression of night.

(ダークなサウンドでゆったりとした雰囲気からサビで一気に激しくなる「Fall Into Darkness」では、怪しい色気をまとい歌うNimo、そしてkazuyaとSHUN.は激しくギターをかき鳴らす。その激しさの中、ZEROは冷静に怪しい笑みを浮かべ低音を支える。最新曲の「Nocturne」は夜がイメージされており、その序章になるかのようにkazuyaはソロでスポットライトを浴び、ミラーボールにより夜空が作りだされる中、「星に願いを」を一音一音に想いを込めるように大切に弾きあげた。)

IMG_3537 IMG_3548IMG_3223

In “Vanilla,” the heartache was touching, and Nimo’s sweet vocals matched the gentle melody perfectly. The venue was filled with the feeling of gentleness as if the audience was absorbed in the band’s world view. For the drum solo, TSUKASA drew the fans’ attention by playing the drums keenly but calmly in his distinctive style, a Japanese sound suitable for TSUKASA who is also active as an enka singer. Nimo taught the choreography to the audience before “MOON & BUTTERFLY” started, and thanks to his dance instruction, the live house became a high-voltage dance hall.

(切なさが胸を打つ「Vanilla」では、Nimoの甘い歌声が優しいメロディーと見事にマッチし、ファンはその世界観に吸い込まれたかのように優しい空気が会場を包み込んだ。演歌歌手としても活躍中のTSUKASAのドラムソロではそのイメージにぴったりの和テイストのサウンドに合わせ、激しいドラミングにも冷静に叩くというTSUKASA独特のスタイルでファンの視線を独占そしてMOON & BUTTERFLY」では、直前にNimoによる振り付けのレクチャーが入り、その効果もあって、熱狂した会場はライブハウスというよりもダンス会場と化した。)

In the emcee, Nimo imitated SHUN., and ZERO who was naughty played pranks on Nimo with his toys. Meanwhile, TSUKASA, ZERO’s long-term musical partner, delivered a birthday message to ZERO with his usual peculiar atmosphere, and the venue was full of laughter as usual.



I SURRENDER” began with Nimo’s cry, “Dance with me!” ZERO threw beach balls to the audience as if he was playing a prank on them, not Nimo. When the balls came to the stage, the members kicked them to the audience, and when the balls came back to the audience, they threw the balls back to the stage. The members seemed to enjoy communicating with the fans in the unprecedented play. SHUN. and kazuya created distorted guitar sounds, standing face-to-face in the bridge, and kazuya played SHUN.’s guitar happily. It could be probably said that such amusing time was created thanks to the characteristics of this dance tune. At the end of the main set, the voltage was maximized by the vigorous song, “Curtain Call”.

そして「Dance with me!」とNimoが叫び始まったのは「I SURRENDER」。ZEROはここではNimoではなく、ファンへいたずらをするかのようにビーチボールを会場に投げ、ボールがステージに来ればメンバーが蹴り、ファンに届けばステージに投げ、メンバーたちは今までにないファンとのコミュニケーションを楽しんでいるようだった。間奏ではSHUN.とkazuyaが向かい合い歪んだ音を作りだし、SHUN.のギターをkazuyaが楽しそうに弾く、そんな楽しい一時を作れるのはこのダンスチューンの特徴ともいえるだろう。そしてラストは勢いのある「Curtain Call」でこの日最大の盛り上がりを見せた。)

Only ZERO came back to the stage after the fans sang a birthday song. “Thank you very much. I am ZERO, unlucky these days, but it is a good day today because I am having fun. I was told I can call if I have any trouble…” ZERO took his mobile phone and shouted, “Hello! I am already in trouble! SHUN. san! Nimo!” Then, the other members came back to the stage to help ZERO. After everyone celebrated by singing the birthday song to TSUKASA’s improvised rhythm, ZERO thanked everyone with his own calm style, but showed robustness in the subsequent songs to respond to the fans’ feelings like his usual self.




ZERO’s song, “SEVENTH COLOR” was performed as the last song in the encore. As Nimo shouted, “I want to give ZERO the best birthday present last, so please sing together with us!”, ZERO received the feeling and came to the front of the stage to play the bass as if he expressed his gratitude to the fans, and Nimo sang the gentle melody happily, conveying his love in this song. The venue, full of love, was also filled with lots of smiles. At the end of the show, ZERO stayed on the stage alone and shared his thoughts, “Thank you very much for today. I really appreciate you that you came to meet us. I am playing the bass, taking the feelings included in “SEVENTH COLOR” to my heart. Please feel my feelings and support us from now on. I will be back! Bye!” When ZERO left the stage to a big cheer, his birthday live was ended.

(アンコールの最後に演奏されたのはZEROが作詞した「SEVENTH COLOR」。Nimoは「最後に最高のバースデープレゼントをしたいので一緒に歌って下さい。」と伝えると、その思いを受け取ったZEROはファンに感謝するかのように前に出てベースを弾き、Nimoはこの曲への愛を伝えるように幸せそうに優しいメロディーを歌い上げた。そんな愛溢れる空間はたくさんの笑顔で満たされ最後までステージに残ったZEROは、「今日は本当にありがとう。俺たちに出会ってくれたことに感謝します。そして俺はSEVENTH COLORに込めた思いを噛みしめながらベースを弾いています。それを感じ取ってこれからも応援お願いします。また来るぜ!バイバイ!」と熱い思いを伝え、歓声が止まぬ中ZEROがステージを去ると、ZEROバースデーライブの幕が閉じた。)

TEXT: Chika Yoshizawa

PHOTO: Makoto Tsuchiya (Official)

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5th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2016 “Hoshizora ni kakeru Koe”

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August 27, 2016 (Sat)


OPEN 5:30p.m./START 6:00p.m.

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