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【Vkei-News】7 years of conception and preparation! The「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE 最期ノ月 -LAST MOON- supported by Nestlé」final which will mobilize 10 000 people will finally happen on the 7/3(Sunday)at Saitama Super-arena!

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New message from GACKT about the 07/03!!

We are finally heading to the final live in Saitama Super-arena on July, 3rd

The message started with those words.

On the 03/19 the Bunka kaikan (cultural hall)GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE 最期ノ月 -LAST MOON- supported by Nestlé」started in Misato. The 42 lives of the tour, currently taking place, will be held in 30 different places.



3月19日、三郷市文化会館からスタートした「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE 最期ノ月 -LAST MOON- supported by Nestlé」。現在行われているライブも含め全30箇所、42公演にもおよぶ今ツアー。)


During this tour it is also the first time a new album is released after 6 yearsLAST MOON. During the surprise live in Shinjuku station square which happened in spite of the tour busy schedule and all the other lives, fans let their voices be heard saying things such asI’ve been moved」「that was the best 」「I won’t forget itetc.. The admiration in the fans’ voices never stopped. These voicesshould also being anticipating the last date in Saitama Super-arena which will mobilize a total of 10 000 people.

You can check the message GACKT left about thelast liveonGACKT OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL(https://www.youtube.com/user/GACKTofficial)」、

WEB DIGAhttp://diskgarage.com/)」、

DIGA ONLINE http://digaonline.jp/)」!

Look forward the best livehe said after receiving “strength” during the 5 months tour from his fans which he will use for the “Saitama Super-arena”? This is the impression we have…

After watching his message, people who will gather to the “Saitama Super-Arena” on the 3rd really want to experiencethe best final.

このツアーの間にも6年ぶりのアルバム「LAST MOON」のリリース、新宿ステーションスクエアーで行なれたゲリラライブなど、過密スケジュールの中で行われたツアーにもかかわらず、各地たくさんのファンからの声は「感動」「最高」「忘れられない」など、このライブに対する讃美の声が後を絶たない。その声もあり、最終日のさいたまスーパーアリーナでは総数10万人を超える動員が予想される。

そんなGACKTからこの「最期のライブ」に向けてのメッセージが「GACKT OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL(https://www.youtube.com/user/GACKTofficial)」、「WEB DIGA(http://diskgarage.com/)」、「DIGA ONLINE (http://digaonline.jp/)」、などで配信された。




GACKT message

Translated by Alice Parrat

<Release information>

The last MOON project spinned by GACKT is this one

2016.4.27 Out New AlbumLAST MOON

It is the newest album after 6 years long. On this spring, on marchLAST VISUALIVE TOUR, the ARROWsingle was announced , containing 13 songs.

(6年ぶりのオリジナルニューアルバム。今春3月から始まった「LAST VISUALIVE TOUR」でも披露されている最新シングル「ARROW」を含む13曲が収録。)

premium edition》 ▪Price:16,800+taxes item code number:GLCD-00014

CD+DVD》 ▪Price: 4,800+taxes Product code number:GLCD-00015included in the DVD 5 songs MUSIC CLIP and the new song「傀儡が如く」MUSIC CLIP can be listened and watched with a serial code

CD only》 ▪Price: 3,800+taxes  Product code number:GLCD-00016 Sales agency:G&LOVERS (G-PRO)

songs compilation

CD1. ARROW 2. 花も散ゆ 3. RETURNER ~闇の終焉~ 4. RIDE OR DIE 5. 暁月夜 -DAY BREAKERS- 6. 斬 ~ZAN7. 傀儡が如く 8. ONE MORE KISS 9. 舞哈BABY!! -WooHa- 10. 恋のFRIDAY!!! 11. キミだけのボクでいるから 12. P.S. I LOVE U 13. 雪月花 -The end of silence-CD+DVDCDは同様。1. ARROW 2. RETURNER ~闇の終焉~ 3. 暁月夜 -DAY BREAKERS-  4. P.S. I LOVE U 5. 雪月花 -The end of silence- new song「傀儡が如く」MUSIC CLIP to watch with the included code

Tour details

GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE 最期ノ月 -LAST MOON- supported by Nestlé

On the 06/21/2016Tuesdayin the hall 1 of the cultural hall Kagoshima, Kagoshima prefecture

Ichimari group presents GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE 最期ノ月 -LAST MOON- in Kagoshima

On the 06/25/2016SaturdayOkinawa 民会館 大ホール

06/26/2016SundayOkinawa 民会館 大ホール

07/02/2016SaturdaySaitama Super-arena

07/03/2016SundaySaitama Super-arena

Ticket information for the 07/03


Designed seat ¥8,640(taxes included) / ¥8,000(without tax)

Openingstart 15:00 16:00

A ticket is needed for children over 4 y.o. It is inadvisable to bring children under 3 y.o.


This is not a day nursery.

For wheelchair seats, after purchasing the ticket and before the live starts, please contact disk garage (ディスクガレージ). There is no barrier free inside of the venue so someone will be in charge of to help during the ascending and descending times. Please be aware of this.

Precautions for the premium seats

The premium seats are limited to thej G&LOVERSfan club

Goods are included and restricted to the Premium seats

A memorial limited ticket will be issued for the premium seats.

In case you apply for two tickets, the applicant member number and his full name identity have to be printed. Thank you for being understanding beforehand.

At the entrance, the number of the membership and the full name on the ticket will be verified.

For the companions, they can enter even if they are not a part oh G&LOVERS but they always to enter the venue together with the person who bought the ticket and is a member of the fan club. It’s not possible to enter separately.

There is no special emplacement for wheelchairs so it is not possible to purchase a ticket to go with a wheelchair. Apologize in the case people bought this ticket because the money will not be refund. Please, be extremely cautious.





CollaborationSaitama Super-arena

Enquiry  DISK GARAGEweekdays 12:0019:00050-5533-0888