【Vkei-News】D is recruiting people to sing “HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY” from the new full album “Wonderland Savior”, which goes on sale on 26th October!

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Would you like to join the recording for D’s new song as a chorus?!


Let’s record your voice for “HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY live ver. (bonus track)” that will be recorded for New Album “Wonderland Savior” normal edition ‘C-TYPE’ and it will be on sale 26th October.

(10月26日リリースのDのCDのNew Album「Wonderland Savior」通常盤C-TYPE(VBCJ-60004)に収録予定の「HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY live.ver(ボーナストラック)」にあなたの声を収録しよう!)

D needs your voice (recorded data) for the chorus “Yeah!” and “Boo!.” for “HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY”.

(HAPPY UNBIRTHDAYのコーラス部分「Yeah!」と「Boo!」に収録する為のあなたの声(録音データ)を募集いたします。)

Also, They will record all the people’s voice who come to the gig that held on 29th August 2015 “HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY” at Akasaka BLITZ”, or “D Tour 2016 Wonderland Savior 〜太陽の歯車〜Taiyou no Haguruma” in Nagoya, Osaka, and at tour final, TSUTAYA O-EAST.
If you participated this project at those venues, please send your name or a nickname  to the following email address. They will put your name on the  special page.

(また、2015.8.29 D復活ワンマンHAPPY UNBIRTHDAY at 赤坂BLITZ、D Tour 2016 Wonderland Savior〜太陽の歯車〜 名古屋公演、大阪公演、ツアーファイナルTSUTAYA O-EAST公演にご来場いただいた皆様の声も収録いたします。ご参加された方はお名前・ニックネームをお送りください。Web特設ページクレジットに掲載させて頂きます。)

●[How to send]
Attach your voice data to E-mail.

・Title:D recruitment chorus
・Text:Name  (Your name is put on the web special page as a credit. / Either real name or nick name is available.)
※Applications will be accepted until 11:59PM in Japan time on Sep, 7th, 2016 (Wed).
※Record method: whatever is fine. (Voice memo of smart phone is fine.)
※Music file form: whatever is fine.   (MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, WMA and more)
※Please recording only your voice. Don’t put BGM in a recorded data.
※Group participation is OK.

Further details:

・件名:D コーラス募集