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【Vkei-News】Solo singer Kaya’s performance at Japan Culture Festival 『J’fest2018』in Mexico ends in huge success!

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Solo singer Kaya’s performance at Japan Culture Festival 『J’fest2018』in Mexico ends in huge success!

Kaya Mexico 7Solo singer Kaya whom elegantly leaps the walls of gender with his voice and dress, held a live as the main act for the Japan Culture Festival『J’fest2018』in Mexico. The live started with「Transmigration」, as it was Kaya’s appearance in six years, the venue was showered with fervent shouts and cheers of excited fans. Kaya performed a total of 14 songs including the recent single 『FABULOUS』『NUOVO』 released on April 1st and staple songs at lives such as『Epicurean』『Dance Macabre』. Fans erupted in cheers when the popular song 『Chocolat』was sung in Spanish and, there was a scene where everybody sung in harmony to the surprise version of the song. Capturing the hearts of the audience in Mexico, 『J’fest2018』ended successfully.
Kaya will join 『DragCon』this weekend, a festival where drag queens from all over the world participate. There will be a handshake event as well as autograph event at this festival. On Friday, Kaya will appear as a main act for a club event in West Hollywood and on Sunday a Lolita tea party event will be held at Hilton Hotel. Also at the Lolita tea party, goods of Japan’s top Lolita brands such as BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, Moi-même-Moitié, and ATELIER-PIERROT will be sold at the tea party. Moreover, Kaya will hold a live in Brazil, and in Japan, on August 11th, Kaya will participate as a witch in a musical style fashion show 「桜姫と魔法の本~ミュージカルで綴る~ Hiroko Tokumine Grand Collection Show 2018」. Don’t miss out on the globally active diva’s future activities!
(歌とドレスで性別やジャンルの壁をあざやかに飛び越えるソロシンガーKayaが先日メキシコで開催されたジャパンカルチャーフェス『J’fest2018』メインアクトとしてライブを開催した。ライブは「Transmigration」からスタート、6年振りのKayaの登場に会場は絶叫にも似た声援に包まれた。4月1日に発売したニューシングル『FABULOUS』『NUOVO』や、ライブでの定番曲『Epicurean』『Dance Macabre』など14曲を披露。人気曲『ショコラ』をスペイン語で歌う演出では大歓声が起こり、全員で合唱する一幕も。会場につめかけたメキシコのオーディエンスを魅了し、大盛況で『J’fest2018』は終幕した。今週末は世界中からドラァグクイーンが集まるドラァグクイーンの祭典『DragCon』に参加、握手会やサイン会を開催。金曜日にはウエストハリウッドでのクラブにメインアクトとして出演、日曜にはヒルトンホテルでのロリータティーパーティーも開催する。ロリータティーパーティーではBABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT、Moi-même-Moitié、ATELIER-PIERROTなど日本が世界に誇るトップロリータブランドのグッズ販売も行われる。7月にはブラジルでのライブが決定、日本では8月11日にミュージカル仕立てのファッションショー『Hiroko Tokumineファッションショー「桜姫と魔法の本~ミュージカルで綴る~ Hiroko Tokumine Grand Collection Show 2018」』へ魔女役での参加が決定。日本・海外とワールドワイドに活躍する歌姫Kayaの動向に今後も要注目!)

Kaya Mexico 1Kaya Mexico 2Kaya Mexico 3Kaya Mexico 4Kaya Mexico 5Kaya Mexico 6Kaya Mexico 8【J’fest2018 Kaya SetList】
1. Transmigration
3. Sorcière
5. Marionette
7 .ショコラ(Chocolat)
8. Traumerei
9. 夢路 (Yumeji)


11. Epicurean
12. Dance Macabre

13. Glitter Arch
14. Rose Jail

Photo:Rafa Vázquez / Mihoko Hatanaka
Hair&Make-up:Mihoko Hatanaka

★FABULOUS(Official Music Video)

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May 20th Kaya Acoustic live『喫茶黒猫(Kissa Kuroneko)』@SARAVAH TOKYO
May 26th 『眩く歯車 -月と黒猫と太陽の虜達-』@NAGOYA MusicFarm
June 22nd Kaya solo 12th anniversary one-man『HARLEM』@Takadanobaba AREA
July 16th Kaya Birthday Event『ソドムの晩餐2018』@Shibuya REX

【Kaya Profile】
A noble solo singer who elegantly leaps the wall of gender and genre, through his songs and fashion. Kaya started his solo career in 2006, and made his major debut with single “Chocolat” in 2008. With the fusion of aesthetic lyrics and dance music, Kaya established his one and only world in the music scene. Kaya has performed worldwide in such places as United States, South America, and Europe.
Also, Kaya is active as a chanson singer, and is the producer of a chanson event, “Shin-shun Chanson Show” starring unique guests such as, Kenji Otsuki, ROLLY, and Charan Po Rantan.
【Kaya Profile】


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