【Vkei-News】 200 000 sales recorded Acid Black Cherry「L-エル-」to be made into a film this autumn! Main role by Alice Hirose!

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About Janne Da Arc’s singer, yasu solo project Acid Black Cherry…

Last year on February he released his 4th album,L-エル-」. It was decided that the original work would be adapted into a movie by Toho film producer Ten Shimoyma.

The movie was finished in May 2016 and will be displayed in Japan this autumn.

Janne Da ArcのボーカルyasuのソロプロジェクトAcid Black Cherry。

昨年2月にリリースした自身4 枚目のアルバム「L-エル-」を原作とした実写映画化が


撮影は2016 年5 月下旬にクランクアップしており、今秋全国公開との事。)


L-エル-」is the story of L, a girl who is seeking for love but lives in isolation, the concept of the album is to intertwine the story with Acid Black Cherry songs.

On February of this year theCD shop big prize 2016was given as an award after a total of more than 200 000 sales were made for the CD.


Acid Black Cherry の音楽が絡み合う壮大なコンセプトアルバム。

今年の2月には【CD ショップ大賞2016】の入賞作品に選出され、総計20 万枚以上のセールスを記録するなど大きな反響を呼んでいた。)

Last autumn, some parts of the story of the album were displayed by the publisher company KADOKAWA. There were 5 videos including music scenes which showed a singular development. However, this sad, beautiful and fantastic L’s world outlook has recently been used freely to be made into a complete movie.

Alice Hirose is playing the role of L, from when she is an innocent 15 y.o. young lady to the time when she gets old. She performs the role of this woman whose life is filled with sorrow and troubles.

昨年秋にはアルバムの物語部分が大手出版社KADOKAWAより書籍化され、5 刷されるなどミュージックシーンでも異例の展開をみせてきたが、


広瀬アリスはエル役として、あどけない15 歳の少女時代から老婆姿まで、悲哀と波乱に満ちた女の人生を見事に演じきっている。)

Playing the main role Ms Hirose saidThe costume, the make up, nothing is from this epoch so it makes it a very unique universe, which accompany L’s life. I think Her life which is like a roller coaster and the universe of the story are a very enjoyable work for me.

Then yasu from Acid Black Cherry stated that “It was difficult to createL-エル-』but the way this work became can reach anyone’s heart. After the new project got going we watched it and before we knew it L became splendid.…) I and ABC staff leave it to the production and are curious to see the results, me too, I’m looking forward to it from now on.” about the movie. His work has crossed the music album border to a new field and it will soon be shown.




またAcid Black Cherry・yasu は「難産だった『L-エル-』


いつのまにか立派に巣立っていったんだな、と感じます。(中略)僕、ABC スタッフの手元を離れ今度はどんな



Acid Black Cherryyasu’s comment

Toho’s producer who really likedL-エル-」said heabsolutelywanted to make a film out of this album concept .

Also during last year nationwide tour he came to the shows a lot and talked about with enthusiasm about making the film every time.

It was difficult to createL-エル-』but the way this work became can reach anyone’s heart. After the new project got going we watched it and before we knew it L became splendid

L-エル-」‘s parents is certainly Acid Black Cherry but, I and ABC are leaving it to Toho, the director Shimoyama and Alice Hirose who is the main actress, we are curious to see the results and I’m looking forward to it.




「L-エル-」の産みの親は確かにAcid Black Cherryですが、僕、そしてABCスタッフの手元を離れて、東宝さんや監督の下山さん、主演の広瀬アリスさんの元で今度はどんなふうに育っていくのか、僕も今から楽しみにしています。)


Main actressHirose Alice’s comment

My brother likes Acid Black Cherry’s music very much so I often listened to it.

When I tried to listen to theL-エル-」album, I came to understand that there are a lot of good musics in this world. When I got the chance to be in the movie, the happiest one was my brother.

As the original story  contains a lot of fantasy I was wondering how the movie shooting would be.

We shot the film with a 360° Green screen, so we, I too, do not know what the final work will look like. The costume and the make up, nothing is from this epoch so it makes it a very unique universe which accompanies L’s life.I think Her life which is like a roller coaster and the universe of the story is a very enjoyable work for me.




DirectorTen Shimoyama’s comment

We linked the splendid musical composition delicately with the movie, it was a big challenge to turn this story into a film and we had serial difficulties. However, the original work universe will be made from the shot setted movie and from matte paint (1) which was used in a lot of film adaptations. Soon it will cross Japan borderline and be a worldwide new film.

The film is in harmony with Acid Black Cherry’s musical compositionsthe music story is fine cut making it analbum to readbut the movie completion made the work move to arock album to watchwith some progress made, I believe it opens a new door for Japanese music and films.

We talked together about this L-エル-」work with Miss Hirose who could see the form of love a lot of people put into it. Then, the first day of filming the one standing in front of the camera was “L”. After that, she went through different situations as L everyday, chasing after these days, that was the best we could do. During her performance I noticed the staff crying many times. Actually, I cried too.

1.matte paint)=a VFX method to draw the background  . It was used for Pixar and other animations such as”StarWarsthe Force awakens”.


その映像がAcid Black Cherryの楽曲と融合することで、音楽の歴史に刻まれた【読むロックアルバム】が、この映画の完成によって【観るロックアルバム】へと進化を遂げることで、日本の音楽と映画の新たな扉が開かれると確信しています。


※1.マット画(matte paint)=VFXの手法の一つで、背景や舞台を描く技術。ピクサーなどのアニメーションのほか、『スター・ウォーズ/フォースの覚醒』など実写作品にも採用されている。)

ProducerKouji Azuma’sTohocomment

In February 2015, Acid Black Cherry’s albumL-エル-」has been listened to by numerous people.

When experiencing the story with the music, the idea of making it into a movie naturally came to my mind, then I went to listen to ABC’s live a lot of times and I got yasu to meet me. A lot of fans are waiting for the adaptation of this charismatic albumuntil now there is no example of scene music adapted, this is an unprecedented crazy challenge. I got the chance to receive the approval of the movie director Ten Shimoyama and the main actress Alice Hirose for this challenge and based on the great staff team work which has been done we peacefully finished filming.

Miss Hirose played the splendid role of L, throwing down the gauntlet. She was really like L!

I have the conviction that this work became splendid. Please, be ready to expect the movie!

プロデューサー:東幸司(東宝) コメント

2015年2月、人に勧められて聴いたAcid Black Cherryのアルバム「L-エル-」。





L-エル-』 movie coming on autumn 2016

Main actress: Alice Hirose

Original work: Acid Black Cherry 4th ALBUML-エル-」

DirectorTen Shimoyama

Film productionAOI Pro.


c2016movieL-エル-」production board

official website

映画『L-エル-』 2016年秋公開


原作 Acid Black Cherry 4th ALBUM「L-エル-」


制作プロダクション:AOI Pro.



Translated by Alice Parrat