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Diva Kaya to release a refreshing Summer Single『Monday Monday』on July 18th!

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Diva Kaya to release a refreshing Summer Single『Monday Monday』on July 18th!

Kaya_Main new photo 0314

Diva Kaya who has recently released danceable club tune 『FABULOUS』is already on the way to bring out another release! Song written by Yume Suzuki, and arranged by ik (a.k.a. “the FABULOUS TEAM”), this song will be Kaya’s first challenge to sing a pop and refreshing summer song!!
While inheriting the EDM sound presented in『FABULOUS』, Kaya brings about a new appeal with the catchy melody and lyrics.
Also check out Kaya’s new glamourous costume designed by HOSSY who Is one of Japan’s charismatic drag queen! A soft and nostalgic chilled-out song, also a new song, is included as a coupling song for this release.

In September, Schwarz Stein is also scheduled to release a dark and aesthetic mini album. This mini album will be a gothic-aesthetic which is Kaya’s potential. Check out Kaya this summer and witness the diva in full bloom!

9月にはSchwarz Steinでの名義でのダークで耽美なミニアルバムも決定、こちらはKayaの真骨頂であるゴシック耽美な様式美が炸裂する作品となっている。

▼Kaya single 『Monday Monday』
Release date: July 18, 2018 (wed)

▼Original Version
Tracks:1.Monday Monday 2. No Title (Pending)

▼Limited Version
Tracks:1.Monday Monday 2. No Title (Pending)
DVD Tracks:1.Monday Monday -MusicVideo- 2.Monday Monday -MusicVideo Making-
Price (tax out):¥2,000

※The details of stores and purchase privilege will be announced later.

★Recent release『FABULOUS』
Online shop (domestic):http://traumerei.theshop.jp/
Online shop (overseas):http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/person/100020185
Official Music Video:https://youtu.be/X80X_VIWsJQ

June 22 (fri) Kaya Solo 12th anniversary one-man『HARLEM』@Takadanobaba AREA
July 16 (mon) Kaya Birthday Event『Sodom no Bansan 2018』@Shibuya REX
July 22 (sun) WORLD POP FESTIVAL Guest appearance@Brazil
Aug 11 (sat) 『Hiroko Tokumine Grand Collection Show 2018』@Saitama Culture Center Large Hall

【Kaya Profile】
A noble solo singer who elegantly leaps the wall of gender and genre, through his songs and fashion. Kaya started his solo career in 2006, and made his major debut with single “Chocolat” in 2008. With the fusion of aesthetic lyrics and dance music, Kaya established his one and only world in the music scene. Kaya has performed worldwide in such places as United States, South America, and Europe.
Also, Kaya is active as a chanson singer, and is the producer of a chanson event, “Shin-shun Chanson Show” starring unique guests such as, Kenji Otsuki, ROLLY, and Charan Po Rantan.


★Schwarz Stein★


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