【VG】Live Report | A9 <TRUTH IN LIGHT AND DARKNESS> @品川ステラボール

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Can they keep going? Finally, the first day has come…-

On April 16, A9 TOUR 2016 “TRUTH IN LIGHT AND DARKNESS” began at Shinagawa Stellar Ball.

(まだやれるか?やっと辿り着いた初日だ…- 4月16日、品川ステラボールにてA9 TOUR 2016「TRUTH IN LIGHT AND DARKNESS」はスタートした。)



The stage was set up a bit differently from usual.

The drumset was in the far corner on the right of the stage.

(いつもと違う位置にセッティングされた機材たち。 ドラムセットは、直角にステージ右を向いている。)


Drummer Nao walked on to the soundless, lit stage and began drumming by himself.



Ba. Saga entered on the left and added his own sound to the mix.

Gt. Hiroto stood on the far right, while Tora took his place more to the center.

A galaxy-like image filled the backscreen, but it also appeared as if you were looking at a small world through a microscope. That’s when Vo. Show made his entrance.



All instrumentalists came together and the audience added their own voices to the din.

Everyone faced Show at the center.

They looked like they were just musicians having a good time in the studio.




Fans have been curious about this 2-part show that includes one part based on “light” and the other on “darkness.” When the curtain rose again for Part 2, the instruments and members were in the same place as before.

They played songs that hadn’t been played live in years, making Part 2 just as hot as the first.(「光」と「影」をコンセプトにした二部構成が、どのようなライブになるのか期待されていた同ツアー。


During the encore, they played the original version of songs that had been previously rearranged. Fans couldn’t get enough.

During the MC, a video that Gt. Tora made played in the background. He talked about their decision to try out a 2-part show for the first time, how the members’ hair color accidentally matched, and an anecdote of Tora’s fear of insects.

Gt. Hiroto used his own smartphone to record the audience at one point.



When the performance ended, they announced Saga and Show’s birthday lives, as well as their 12th anniversary live <A9 XII ANNIVERSARY LIVE [NO NAME] –名前は未だ無い-> (Namae wa Mada Nai). It gave the audience one last treat.

A9 left fans even more eager for the band’s next move with the mysterious announcement “2004-2005 only.” Details have yet to be released.

(終演後に、沙我と将の誕生日ライブ開催と、12周年記念ライブ<A9 XII ANNIVERSARY LIVE 「NO NAME」-名前は未だ無い->の開催が発表され、最後まで会場を沸かせていた。
「2004 – 2005 only」と映し出され、詳細は発表されなかったものの、ファンの期待を裏切らないライブになることは間違いなさそうだ。)